Three easy ways out of the manipulation

Blessings Beautiful Heart,

Blessings Beautiful Heart, after writing my last article about the beginning of the Galactic Year on July 26 and the Lion's Gate on 8.8., I would like to address a completely different topic today due to the current occasion that seems to confuse many of us.

I will share about what happened with or to many of my clients worldwide during the last days, and about the results of the exchange with colleagues and friends based on these observations. I hope this can be helpful for you.

For details about the Lions Gate revisit the article: Cocktails with the Sirians

In the last few days the majority of my clients worldwide suddenly reported strong exhaustion, depression or even "I don't feel like doing ANYTHING anymore" as well as headaches and aching limbs and back pain.

It was surprising that even very active people with an always positive attitude who love their jobs or people on their long-awaited vacation, suddenly energetically "dropped like flies" and were unable to get up and actively participate in life.

For many, nothing made sense anymore.

These strange mood swings usually come out of nowhere, from one moment to the next, and have neither an identifiable cause nor an acute trigger in the respective life situations of those affected.

Furthermore, many report a strong sense of futility. This lies like a lid over them. Even if they have planned something beautiful and joyful, this joy cannot arise.

Overcome by the feeling of futility, they drop their plans all together. They prefer to just lie down in bed or on the sofa. Everything seems colorless, uninteresting and pointless, and they have to force themselves to do even the smallest activities.

A larger number of people also report quite sudden illnesses without any reason (a reason would be, for example, a cold due to infection or being outside in the cold with summer clothing).

They simply go outside and some time later they do not feel well. Stomach and intestinal problems occur as often as extreme physical weakness and dizziness.

In addition, I observe in the outside with strangers on the streets or in stores a very dimmed mood up to a behavior, which reminds me strongly of someone who seems like "remote controlled" and emotionless.



Based on my own research, exchange with colleagues and looking at the aura fields as well as the energy field around the earth, it seems to be a massive influence by the global Geo-Engineering Weather Program.

Here, besides this global network of antennas, Haarp, radar, NEXRAD, 4G and 5G, chemtrail spraying with aluminum/barium/strontium etc., especially CERN seems to play a major role.

Officially, the CERN particle collider in Geneva, Switzerland, was reactivated in April again at a power like never before (and without any empirical data). This power has now no longer only local effects (quakes etc. as we know it from earlier years already) but enough power for a WORLDWIDE influence.

While in April no effect was felt - this was surely intended in such a way, in order not to get too much public attention – it had now been noticed for the last 3 weeks very clearly by all sensitive humans and even by not so sensitive ones.

It feels as if a veritable bell has been placed over us, creating a depressed mood, as well as the symptoms described above.

Now that the global weather manipulation program combined with CERN has reached a completely new level, we will all have to look for solutions.

On the one hand, we need constant practical detox programs to get rid of the toxins we are permanently exposed to. But besides that, we also need support to re-harmonize our field.

Because according to my observations so far regarding the permanent massive irradiation, this cannot be dealt with by purely spiritual practices. None of us is that strong, because then we would not be in this density anymore.



We need a combination of

  1. Regular detox programs
  2. Constant energy work with techniques that raise and harmonize our vibrational field, and eliminate or balance interference fields
  3. Powerful crystals


And we need new technical devices that neutralize these new types of negative radiation fields.

Some of you will have your own techniques and crystals.

As detox methods I personally use especially zeolite and coriander tincture as well as liver treatments with castor oil. I take schungite (only the real one from the only mine in the world, which is in Russia), very large Quartz crystals and citrine against radiation.

I keep my aura clean on a regular basis and I find the monthly Global Energy Transmission helpful. I turn off the WIFI and cell phone as often as possible and also turn off the fuses at night in my house.

I don't know of any new technology that can protect us fully from the CERN and 5G activity at this time. I recommend each of you to get information and do research on your own.

Vermutlich muß so manches auch erst entwickelt werden, gab es doch zuvor die massive CERN- Strahlung noch nicht und auch mit 5G gibt es noch nicht so viele Erfahrungswerte. Bis dahin kann man nur versuchen, 5G zu meiden, so gut es denn geht.

Probably some things have to be developed first, because the massive CERN radiation did not exist before and also with 5G there is not so much empirical data yet. Until then, one can only try to avoid 5G as much as possible. Going into nature and especially in real forests (no artificially created forests and monocultures) quickly provides relief. Trees seem to block 5G radiation.

Is it a surprise that so many forests have recently been cut down or gone up in flames around the in various countries?



So let's summarize that the sudden and extreme mood swings, depression and exhaustion at the moment must have nothing to do with you personally (unless it results from your personal life situation), but are due to extreme radiation exposure.

If you are suffering from these symptoms, know that you are not alone and that it is most likely not your “fault”.

Share your experience with like-minded people and support each other. Try your own solutions or follow the recommendations above and see if you feel better.


I continue to research, channel, inform, exchange and apply. If I have new intel on that subject, I will inform you here in the Newsletter.

Maybe I will see you this Sunday in the Etheric Temple of Light, when we meet for 30 minutes in the cosmic spa to recharge, enjoy and recalibrate our whole system.

May the humor always be with you!



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