April Energy Update

The weather during this month of April remind me of my childhood: it is literally real April weather again here in Germany ~ THANKS to the absence of chemtrails.

I hope you are enjoying the cloud spectacles, the thunderstorms, the warm sunshine, the sudden snowfall and the blooming flowers and trees as much as I am.

In all of this the nature beings, the fairies, elves and elementals are very present, and Gaia is revealing many new codes and insights for us.




Between recurring geomagnetic storms (see chart) and Schuman spikes, we have been bombarded with gamma rays since the end of March.

For detailed information about geomagnetic effects on the body and psyche revisit my previous article HERE.

It also contains links to websites for real-time charts so that you can prepare yourself at any time and react accordingly.

The powerful gamma rays that have been hitting the Earth since March are accelerating the rewriting and recoding of our DNA. They accumulate the inner power of all those who are already in the embodiment process of Christ~Consciousness.

Generally speaking, these rays electrify our light body, initiating and activating a clearing of our distortions from within. It is as if a mega spotlight is shone on all distortions and unresolved patterns, bringing them into focus ~ making us feel and see them clearly inside as well as on the outside. When we tune into these energies, we can use them as a catalyst for clearing our deepest programs and distortions, for they leave no shadow, no matter how hidden and dark, unlit.

The combination of a geomagnetic storm (KP index red, see chart above) with increased gamma radiation can affect the emotional body e.g. by sudden mood swings. Experienced lightworkers who have done their inner clearing work for many years may, for example, experience a sudden feeling of irritation or frustration or similar, which seems to come up out of the blue without any external trigger. It is pretty easy to identify and clear it.

This does not apply to the newly awakened and those who have not yet done much emotional clearing work. The first step here will be to clear and transform the deep unconscious programming and patterns which are active and 'still running the show'. Let go of the drama and the blaming game played on the outside for the sake of your inner state. To do this inner work needs time, patience, thoroughness and often the competent support of an experienced healer, because the control mechanisms of the ego are strong and can be difficult to identify.

We all have to do the work, there is no way around it.

Gamma rays also cause the collapse of old timelines and the breaking up and dissolving of the old in general. During the Special Energy Transmission on April 7th, many participants reported similar experiences ~ find more on this in the article below.

In terms of our brain, gamma~brain waves are measurable when we process information in both hemispheres of the brain simultaneously while awake. Whales and dolphins operate in these frequencies as well. (More about the cetaceans further down in the article).



In terms of our physical ascension process, gamma rays also represent six dimensional frequencies of the energy of our light body. They express themselves through the Divine~Male energy, in the form of pure love and inner power as action in the service of Light. Thus they represent a higher level of consciousness.

If we are already in the process of embodiment, this shows up in the creative implementation of completely new projects and ways of acting based on love, respect, kindness, creativity and a wide open heart.

However, those who still carry a lot of strong programs and distortions within themselves and consciously or unconsciously resist this catalytic energy have a hard time. This can express itself, for example, in abuse of power, patterns of self-destruction and destruction of others. We witness this big time on a global scale, especially on a social and political level.

Many lightworkers report that they are at the end of their rope. The constant deep transformational processes, the upheavals in the three-dimensional physical life and the effects of the unfolding collective madness around us are challenging and demand strength. Due to the restrictions of freedom, many experience financial losses or have even lost their jobs. Social contacts are falling away. Many are separated from friends and family or experience complete loss of relationships.

Numerous Lightworkers and Wayshowers change their place of residence or even the country in order to build up a new community with like-hearted people under freer and more humane conditions. All these upheavals put a strain on the nervous system, the psyche, the health and the wellbeing.

Therefore be gentle and kind to yourself, give enough space to your personal feelings and processes and allow yourself to accept competent help and support on your ascension path.



Gatekeepers and light grid keepers are in constant service to stabilize the universal energy field, which is massively distorted by the worldwide mass injections. These injections will still bring much suffering over mankind. From the intel I perceive, the effects on the energy bodies and the soul are cruel. The first big wave has already rolled in.

In spite of everything, it is necessary to respect the free will of those who choose the injections. This choice also expresses the drifting apart of timelines and worlds. I cannot say more about it at the moment for self-protection. Due to the censorship web pages are deleted more and more rigorously, accounts are closed, critical books are banned and people are denounced and arrested.

Many ask me when things will finally get easier and better? I do not like to be the oracle delivering the uncomfortable news in this incarnation, nor was I in previous. However, the truth is:


            • The transition situation is exhausting, and it will be for quite some time. As described in previous articles,the transformation, dissolution and clearing within and without continue, for eons of oppression and slavery are not transformed in a few months. This is also true on other levels and in other realms.


We are all exhausted, however I think it makes sense to remain realistic and not fall into the illusion of "everything will be just fine tomorrow". In many parts of the spiritual community this program of delusion is unfortunately still kept alive. If we see with open eyes and hearts what is yet to come, we will find a way through. And “through it” is the one and only way.


            • 'The world is not threatened by people who are evil, but by those who allow evil to take place.' Albert Einstein 


Let us therefore focus on our creative power and that which supports, nourishes and brings us joy in our transformation. Let us strengthen our trust in ourselves and in the wise guidance of our I Am Presence.

Let's keep looking at things from a higher perspective so that we can see the bigger picture even in moments of personal and collective crises. Let us give our best in every moment and create step by step the New World in which we want to live and love.



The whale and dolphin beings are now very present both, physically incarnated and etheric, assisting us in accessing and anchoring the higher realms. They are able to make them visible to you, even if you are not clairvoyant.

The Cetaceans are in direct contact with the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light.

Ask the beautiful Zetazeen beings of the light to work with you especially at night. The experience with their efficiency and loving power can change you in a deep way and the visions of the higher dimensions will still be very present to you even after you wake up.

The higher dimensional Cetacean beings help you to detach the old, expand your consciousness and let you wake up in the morning more relaxed, refueled and confident.

              • Take advantage of this wonderful support, because jumping between dimensions challenges us, and we should consistently disconnect from the low vibrational mass consciousness to keep our frequency as high as possible.



This disconnection from the mass consciousness during the Energy Transmission (this clearing is now standard in ET since March) was particularly powerful, as were the special clearings and activations. When I was asked by my team to offer this special ET because of the general situation, they obviously knew exactly why. The response of the participants was overwhelming.

The transformation of programs of victimhood and martyrdom in the etheric temple of light has been powerful. I was humbled to hold space especially for the clearing of ancient abuse patterns. A LOT has been released. So many programs are still active in people and it was beautiful to finally witness the dissolution of this in the participants.

We used the Gamma Ray Window described above as a catalyst for clearing these deepest and oldest programs and distortions, because they leave no shadow, however hidden and dark, unlit. Thank you to all who showed personal responsibility, participated and thus made a difference for all.

Here are two testimonials:


              • "At the beginning of the Energy Transmission I immediately saw the I Am presences of all the participants in the group. We connected through the heart center and through the strong increase in vibration from the transmission, we were taken directly to a higher level together. It was wonderful. The download was so powerful for me that I went very far out that I didn't wake up until later as if from a wonderful dream. I feel great since then and can clearly perceive the activation of my light body." Tom R., Austria


              • "I felt a great relief right at the beginning of the Energy Transmission when I was disconnected from the mass consciousness. Then I got in touch with very, very old issues and blocks. I felt the loving and strong clearing and purification and besides your presence, Solara, also that of many other light beings in the temple. I was weeping for the whole time. Finally I fell asleep due to this incredibly deep healing..." Claudia T., New Zealand



Although the energies appear turbulent now, they will even intensify further at the end of the month and all the way through May and June. On April 27 we have a full moon that also heralds a new phase of retrograde planets in 2021. Pluto is the first of the planets and will be retrograde from April 27 until October 6. Pluto holds the energy of transformation and power as well as destruction and regeneration.

Pluto supports us to go into the deepest areas of our inner world and the unconscious levels. As all supposed security structures break away on the outside, only on the inside we can find or strengthen our true integrity, our balance and our peace, as well as access to our primal power and our self-trust.

As all supposed security structures break away on the outside, only on the inside we can find or strengthen our true integrity, our balance and our peace, as well as access to our primal power and our self-trust.

Another topic of Pluto in retrograde is power and powerlessness as well as self-empowerment. If we put this again in the context of cosmic/magnetic shifts and gamma rays, then we can consciously prepare ourselves for what is coming and deal with it with more ease and grace.

During this phase we have to carefully pay attention to the shadow sides of retrograde Pluto and to deal with it in a self-responsible and adult way. We have to apply it to our personal state of being as well as to global and cosmic events and choose and act wisely.


            • Sudden and unforeseen revelations and painful changes can bring dissolution of the old as well as renewal, if we do not cling to the old. This applies to personal areas as well as to social and economic structures and systems.


            • Inner resistance to deal with one's own issues.


            • Suppression of deepest desires and needs.


            • Escape into coping mechanisms such as food, alcohol, drugs, medication, TV, cell phones, social media, etc.


            • Anger and aggression toward self as well as self-harm and self-hatred.


            •  Increase in aggression and arguments on the outside in a wide variety of scenarios.



So let's take a deep breath together!

From May on, the energies and revelations will intensify further, especially with the 5/5 portal and the total lunar eclipse on the 26th. More about this in the upcoming Energy Report May.

Enjoy the spring and gather strength, enjoy every moment in nature, connect with Gaia and the nature beings, pause and rebalance. I wish you a peaceful and joyful spring month wherever you are.

All is well,



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