The world needs

you and your unique abilities!

The new earth frequencies support entrepreneures and companies who work for the highest good of all. An individual Business Mentoring with Solara provides:

Business Mentoring Solara Vision


and Structure

Receive clarity about your mission, your goals, services and a balanced structure.

Business Mentoring Solara Vision

New Ways of


Master challenges in a lighter and creative way.

Business Mentoring Solara Vision

Clearing of


Clear blocks and obstacles, so you can move forward with ease and grace.

You are already a successful entrepreneur and would like to apply spiritual principles in your work and generate an adequate energy exchange?


You want to help people with your service, but do not know how?


You need clarity about your strengths and your offers, in harmony with your Higher Self?


You need new ideas and inspirations?


Are you already working as a healer, coach, therapist, consultant or spiritual entrepreneur and are you blocked?


Your service work drains your energy. It is difficult for you to keep your aura field clear and your frequency high?


You sense that you have great potential, but do not know what the right form of expression is for you - in harmony with your Higher Self?


You're getting bogged down and feel like you need a clear direction and a structure?

A Businness Mentoring is the

perfect next step for you!

In the new frequencies, a company / activity with an old 3D structure needs a new foundation based on spiritual purposes.

This new spiritual foundation can be brought into your business at any time, regardless of which point of development it is (planning, foundation, one-year existence to long-term existence ...)


I have 25 years experience as an entrepreneur, first in PR and fashion design, and since 16 years in the spiritual field. With these experiences, combined with my abilities as a Channel, Catalyst of High Frequency Energy and Quantum Healer, I offer you support to operate your spiritual business successfully and for the benefit of all.


In a Business Mentoring we find the causes of your blockages and transform them. I help you to gain more clarity about your highest activities and coherent cooperation with partners and clients. I support you in developing and implementing structures that are right for you and in alignment with the new frequencies.



The world needs you

and your unique abilities!