Remember! December 17, 2013

Dear Friend,

When I met Amorah Quan Yin the first time, she looked into my eyes and said: „I usually give hugs!“ And we hugged. This Christmas we won’t be able to hug each other because Amorah has gone home. Yet she is still with us. Like other friends and exceptional human beings she has completed her transition this year.

Friends and exceptional human beings have transitioned from earth to another dimension or have become very ill. I will miss my dear friend Amorah Quan Yin.

This reminded me again of how fragile and limited in time our life on earth really is. It can be compared to the flap of a butterfly.


So I came to ask myself again:


      • What really matters in life?
      • Am I living in joy and love, according to my soul plan?
      • Am I speaking my truth in any given moment, telling people enough that I love them, and what I love them for?
      • Am I the best I can be?


Maybe you want to ask yourself the same questions, maybe you already did? Life is only short and limited if your focus is on short and limited. You can be a limitless being of light and become Christ Conscious if you stop believing in all limitation.

You are a God or Goddess embodied. You are blessed with the role of co-Creation of our existence.

On New Years Eve I usualy write a letter with my goals and wishes for the New Year and give it to the Carmic Board Members.

May be you would like to use this great opportunity to start 2014 with a clear focus on what really matters.

The Love and support from the Guides and Higher Dimensional Beeings is so strong and loving for each of us who decides to “ride this wave” of energy, willing to take the necessary steps into a sacret life of our True Selfs.

Real Christmas is not meant to be a commercial contest but a time of Christ Consciousness and awareness.

The birth of Jesus is like a symbol for our own re-birth into our True Selves.

Therefore it is the perfect time to anchor that very quality and energy in yourself: Give a smile, a laugh, give love and appreciation! Give a hug of unconditional love.

Live and embody Unitity in Diversity! Remember?

All is well ~ With love and appreciation