The Hot Phase

The Pleiadians say: 'You have entered the hot phase of 2020. Further very big surprises await you in the upcoming weeks. All Saints' Day and the Full Moon are just around the corner as well as some of the most important ritual days for the dark side.'

I call upon all the lightworkers: All hands on deck and draw your magic wands! Let's put our focus, skills and energy on the light and the peace. Each one of us is needed because the beings that create realities will brew even bigger ones. The new balancing energies that are available since September equinox support us to stabilize the collective field and ourselves.


Blue Moon & All Saints' Day

On Saturday, October 31, 2020, we have a full moon at 3:49:12 p.m. CET (Berlin time). This full moon is also a blue moon. The phenomenon known as “blue moon” occurs when a full moon phase happens twice within a month. At the same time it is All Saints' Day or Samhain.

Samhain is also known as the Celtic New Year's Eve. The ancestral festival always begins on the evening of October 31st and in Christianity refers to the night of All Saints' Day on November 1st. Gaia rests and prepares for the new life in spring. We let go of the old and sow the seeds for the new. In the Samhain tradition it means that through going into stillness we are able to draw in new and fresh energies. We reflect on our roots by commemorating the dead and asking for their blessings.

This is an ideal time to heal the karma with your ancestors as well as healing the karma of our planet.

Therefore, I am guided to do a special Global Energy Transmission on Sunday, November 1st. The Transmission will include:

        • Clearing
        • Recalibration
        • Liberation


With the healing frequencies at the end of the month, renewal is supported on all levels. Please do not pay any attention to 'Halloween' as it is manipulated by the Satanists to use the energy for their dark rituals. I am positive you are aware of this.


Dynamic changes


Mercury is still in retrograde until November 3rd. This is also Election Day in the USA. By then, more and more conflicts will become visible worldwide. The energies are shifting constantly and very quickly, so that it is helpful to remain calm and open and affirm: Only good things lie ahead of me. I'm always in the right place at the right time.

In my conversations with the Pleiadians they have clearly pointed out several times that we should pay attention to our belief-systems and thought forms. Especially in these weeks and months, as the collective beliefs getting more rigid and the huge amount of fear in the collective consciousness intensifies the effects.


        • “Be aware beloved ones: As you think so it shall be.... . The entire paradigm shift is so massive that you have to adapt to a completely new reality. Nothing is exactly as it appears to be. Don't be depressed and let yourself be drawn to fear. You are not incarnated just to survive. You are here to create and enjoy a high quality of life. Live in dignity and be noble.“ (Channeling of the Pleiadians - excerpt, October 2020)


Breathe deeply Beautiful Soul, go out into nature often, and tell your body to relax. Have faith in yourself. Listen to the wisdom of your body and remember the unlimited power of your consciousness.

Many Blessings