A Galactic Moment of Creation

Are you already feeling the strong frequency rise due to the Spring-Equinox ahead?

Although officially the passage to the Spring Equinox is supposed to open today, the energies have already been felt for several days.

Everything is intensifying, and we will experience a fundamental frequency increase at the equinox that will affect everyone and everything.

The biggest upgrade ever experienced is about to happen to this planet and its inhabitants!

The effects of this should be interesting....



One topic is especially illuminated during these days, that of self-worth, in all its facets.

The unredeemed programs come to light in various forms and shades.



          • What are you worth to yourself?


          • What are your fellow human beings worth to you?


          • Do you project your own value program onto others and interpret their actions through your filters?


          • Do you recognize the connection between self-worth and self-love?


          • Do you still carry the old conviction that there is a separation between: Serving yourself and serving others?


          • Do you still have an exaggerated self-worth (ego-driven) and everything revolves around you? Are you even aware of that?


The laser-illumination of these patterns is what drives us. How we deal with it is crucial and reflects the level of spiritual adulthood.



Self-reflection, self-knowledge, honesty towards yourself and of course towards your fellow human beings as well as a strong connection to the Higher Self and the I Am Presence carry us through these times when the light shines on everything, illuminates, brings out, stirs up and blow up everything.

Are you ready for that?

Or do you lash out and cling to everyone and everything, even trying to pull them down to your level?

I know that all these are uncomfortable questions.

If you haven't asked them yet, it's about time to do so..... as the magnetic field fluctuates and becomes weaker, so does our foundation.

Everyone is personally challenged to create a new base for himself now. This basis is like a raft on which you stand. And this raft can only bring you safely through the waves if you do not jump back and forth on it frantically.

Thus, it is not helpful to create chaos or contribute to chaos on the outside. Because the raft will sway until you fall off and sink into the whirlpool of chaos.



On March 6, I transmitted the Energy Transmission from the Sirian Stargate in Austria, also called Fairy Hood.

The Sirian Higher Council of Light had previously informed me that this transmission of new star codes would serve as ideal preparation for the fundamental shift to the Spring Equinox.

And so it was. Here are two wonderful testimonials:


              • The Energy Transmission was very strong!!! During the Energy Transmission I was first guided through the Star Gate and I visited the Golden Temple of Sirius. I then heard that the energies of Sirius, the energies of the Golden Lions, and the energies of the entire kingdom were made available to us. My body received the energy that was streaming through the portal to earth. Thank you Solara for the special opportunity to be a part of this group.” Natalia B.


              • "I saw beautiful star codes of bright pink with silver streaming through the portal to us at the Fairy Hood. They activated my body and my DNA and my entire body was filled with a buzzing vibration. I felt my cells being reprogrammed and I got a huge update. I then saw golden energies pour into the earth activating an organic grid there that had previously been kept secret and shut down. I felt that I was witnessing a very special event...." Ela M.



On March 20, 2023, 10:24pm CET (UTC+1 in the northern hemisphere) will be the peak of the Spring Equinox.

Here the concentrated charge of new energy unites with further cosmic events.

On Tuesday, March 21 at 6:23 pm CET (UTC+1) we’ll have a very potent new moon.

Together with the energies of the equinox it will initiate a galactic moment of creation: a unique opportunity to create something wonderful and entirely new.

This great moment will be joined on March 23, 2023 by an event that occurs only once every 248 years: the planet Pluto is in Aquarius.


What does it mean?

Pluto is the dwarf planet of power, death, rebirth, transformation, destruction and regeneration.

If we make the connection between these forces (Equinox, New Moon, Pluto) and the "chaos phase" (which lasts from March 6 to April 4 - revisit the article 'Stinking Fish & New Shores'), the intensity of this phase becomes very clear.

The beginning of spring in a way gives the starting signal for the final choice: the light or the dark side. Love or fear. The new world or the old.

It is an absolutely once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and the raising of vibration (at best, also a raising of consciousness) will affect every being on Earth.

For some it will be an unforgettable moment.



Let's now make another connection, with the theme of drama and chaos described above in the article. The strong energies outside trigger or illuminate unresolved issues and patterns, as described. If we don't use our skills and tools to resolve them, we create drama and thus strengthen the chaos on the outside (simply put, the dark side).

With this intensity of frequencies, it would be difficult to manage. You would be sucked into the vortex of dissolution and destruction while at the same time "keeping the vortex going". People who do not have the tools and techniques for emotional clearing, will stand out even more than before due to psychic dropouts. Caution is advised.

It has been noticeable for some time that it is becoming more and more painful to get involved with people, environments or circumstances with which there is a serious frequency mismatch. While this was acceptable a few years ago, it has now reached a point where it is not only very painful but life threatening to the physical body.

If people and beings now show a significant difference in vibration, and if they also create energetic cords to attach themselves to the auric field and body of others and suck out life energy, the danger becomes severe.

I have observed this more and more in the last weeks and had to do much more clearings and disconnect the cords from my clients and also colleagues than before.

With the chaos phase since March 6, this is steadily increasing. With the energy vampires we can roughly distinguish between two groups: one does this with full intention. Here it concerns e.g. manipulative humans (also psychopaths) and dark entities, which conclude contracts - thus a trade - with the "host". They can also be nature beings like goblins, who are simply looking for support in the chaos, because they are too weak to find their way back to their group on their own.

The second group are mostly people who create cords unconsciously or out of fear, cowardice and convenience (beware: often they are the supposed "victims"), since this is of course an easier and less painful way to get energy than to dissolve their own issues and generate the life force from within.



Due to this peril it behooves the potential "hosts" (all with higher vibration, also spiritual teachers and therapists etc.) to increase their awareness, to set clear boundaries and to focus on a strong aura protection. This is imperative and will become even more important in the coming weeks and months.

Our physical body shows us very clearly when something is out of alignment and when we have let others step over our boundaries. (Personal responsibility! Someone doesn't just cross someone else's line but permission is always needed) Anyone who has ever paid the piper knows what I'm talking about.

This is also where self-care (self-love) comes into play, as we carefully consider which vibrations we want to connect with. A “NO” can be a blessing.

Overall, staying clear, calm, level-headed and retreating into quiet and stillness is helpful during this phase. Perhaps you have already been feeling this need more strongly for some time. Then give it space.

Taking on less is more during this phase.

By taking care of yourself in this way, meditating, going out into nature, and checking your inner visions and wishes, you can make the most of this unique moment of creation. In doing so, you are contributing to the greater whole and a change towards the light.

Remember that we are currently still in the phase where ALL planets are moving forward. We still have this momentum behind us to make a decisive step forward.

What world do you want to move to?

May the humour be with you,



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