2022 ~ A Beetle On Its Back

In my previous article "RETROSPECT AND CREATION 2022" I showed a way for you to say goodbye to the old year, and lay the foundation for the New Year 2022.

We are training our creator skills, moving further and further into our self-empowerment.

Of course, we can't create the entire 2022 with a single ritual at the beginning of the year. In fact, research shows that 95% of so-called "Good Intentions" which are set at the beginning of a new year are not carried out. We need continuity to create our vision in the physical reality.

Personally, I'm going to put my main focus to physicalize my vision over the next 2 months. I have made space in my calendar, because this is the only way I can accomplish my plan.



From the overall quality 2022 is rather a year of introspection. It is about deepest self-awareness, the further exploration of our inner universe. And it is about the practical implementation of what everyone recognizes for herself/himself in his visions and then wants to create. Waiting and watching how the old breaks down is not an option.

If we want to follow this path consistently, in 2022 we will not be able to waste even 1% of our precious life force on the old fear based systems. NOT ONE PERCENT. ZERO. NIENTE. NADA. RIEN. NOTHING.

So let's clear all our remaining fears and focus on our vision, our personal plan. In the Global Energy Transmission on Jan. 2, the participants let go of A LOT of old patterns and blocks, and created brand new visions that were so strong that we as a group unit formed a gigantic galactic sphere. It was incredibly beautiful and powerful to watch. Thank you to all participants.

Next, let's use the special energies of the first Full Moon this year on January 18th at 0:48 AM CET (UTC + 1) This Full Moon is the prelude to numerous celestial events this year.

The first Full Moon of the year is also known as the Wolf Moon. The Algonkin, a tribe of North American natives, heard wolves howling outside their settlements during that time, so they gave it this name.

Since the Wolf Moon shines in the zodiac sign of Cancer, it supports us in getting to our deepest and previously best-hidden feelings. If we apply this amplification to our vision and our personal plan for 2022, we can use this energy now:


        • What are the feelings and symptoms showing up in your body as you channel, write down or work through your vision?


        • Is resistance coming up?


        • Where does the resistance show up in your physical body and your emotional body?


        • What is then the consequence of this, what is the next step you can take in order to go beyond?




When I was channeling my vision and working on it between the years, my body suddenly reacted with pain. Knowing my body well, I was aware that it usually communicates with me this way when I am in a situation that is not beneficial to me, but I do not see an immediate solution or way out.

So I felt deeply into the pain and observed when it arose and worsened, as well as when it weakened. It wasn't easy, because the deeper I engaged with my vision, the more stubbornly the pain persisted. Sometimes I could hardly walk.

Although it had stayed with me for several days now, I was determined on getting to the bottom of it. I did my stretching exercises on the floor, but ended up not being able to get up on my own.

I would have liked to laugh at myself as I lay on my back like a beetle, however, all I could do was cry from the pain. I felt that the new frequencies were about something else, something deeper, and that the old concept for my body's reaction was no longer applicable here.



I just had to keep at it and not let the resistance get the best of me. In other words, I could have stayed in my comfort zone, gotten a shot or another treatment, and then just kept going as before.

But that wasn't an option. I knew I had to find a new way. The old way would not have been a solution; it would have led me to a dead end. In other words, I could not start the journey to the New Earth with my old baggage.

The pain became worse and worse and had now already lasted for 10 days. I worked with my Higher Self and my Inner Child. I went deeper into communication with my Higher Team, the Pleiadian Higher Council of Light, the Arcturians, the Sirianic Archangels etc. - I asked them ALL to come to my higher conference room to the round table. It became more and more crowded. And as often as I asked what the pain wanted to show me: Everybody looked at me and their answer was silence. I had never experienced anything like this before.

I had to find the explanation within myself, all by myself.

And so I went even deeper inside, felt all my feelings, researched, looked at everything that came up, what was still unseen, hidden, forgotten. I left no stone unturned although I have turned many stones in my life already.

And at some point after I hit rock bottom I found the answer. It was crystal clear in front of me: I had to do absolutely everything not to let the pain bring me to my knees - I had to break through this resistance, no matter what!

I had to keep going, no matter how much my pain body rebelled, raged and resisted, and no matter how many times fear and ego tried to play tricks on me. Only in this way would I be able to reach the next level in my ascension process, to continue to expand, develop and grow like never before. The beetle had to get up on his legs again all by herself.

I had to keep moving on.

Staying small was not an option. Letting stones be unturned wasn't either.

Expansion at all levels was the choice I made.

A few hours after I made the decision, took a deep breath, took practical steps and also got professional support to implement it, the pain went away. I had hit the bull's eye.

Since then, I am filled with deep peace taking one step after the other towards my vision. Continuously and at my pace. And it feels good and it feels light.

Hopefully my story will help you on your own path. In the new earth frequencies, many old systems and concepts no longer apply. Sometimes we have to turn everything around, upside down, do the opposite of what we did or learned 'before' to make a quantum leap.

I want to encourage you to take your own quantum leap. It is worth it.

May the humour be with you.



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