Energy Report April

Blessings Beautiful Soul,

I hope this message reaches you healthy and with a smile in your heart, while you radiate love, peace and tranquility in your service as light keeper and guide for others. This is the time to stand up for freedom and create change ~ the New Earth in which you and we all want to live together.

There will be no return to the old 'normalcy' after the current event, because everything is being changed and realigned. We create the next weeks and months in this NOW moment.

Toilet paper hoarders of the world unite and climb on the mountain of your bounty, so that you get a better overview on what is really occurring (and always keep the minimum distance of 6 feet) .... Humor is crucial in these times of a complete pole- or reality shift.

      • There are several timelines and realities playing out at the moment. A massive wave of photonic light streaming to earth from the Great Central Sun is accelerating everything. All old systems and structures wich are not in alignment with the highest outcome and the new frequencies (unconditional love frequency) are in dissolution: in all countries, all over the world and other realms.


This is happening rapidly and it will accelerate much faster. Of course, it can be painful when dramatic and profound changes occur in your life and on Earth. And this is just the beginning.

Mindfulness, awareness and discernment of what is really unfolding are key. Of equal importance is your inner clearing practice and your corresponding attitudes and actions in the outside and with each other. With an open heart, we can create and achieve more than ever before.

Disconnect from the constantly agitated field of fear and panic. Do not let yourself be guided by it ~ it will lead you to a lower timeline. As a light worker, you know what fear can do to your energy system and to your physical body. You probably have skills and techniques to clear the fear patterns. If not, get some help from all the beautiful healers and teachers who are willing to support this shift.

Our thoughts, decrees and actions create the outcome. Choose wisely what you create in every moment and what you feed the energy field with.

      • If you are triggered by fear, aggression or tension from the outside (even if you keep the 6 feet distance;-)) then stop, breath, go deep into your heart and re-create a state of calm and peace. Bless the fellow human internally. When you get back home, go deeper. Look at your patterns, your trauma and clear it.... This is one of the most important contributions you can make to creating New Earth.


We are all affected by these profound upheavals. Seen individually, we are in different life situations. Our expression reflects that. Therefore, it may be helpful not to apply the truth of others about the Ascension scenario 1: 1 on your own path, as the absolute truth. Some things may not apply to you because you are in a completely different place and in different circumstances. We all can only see a certain bandwidth, and we all have filters.

Have compassion and help those who are hit hard by the situation! They are usually not even reported on.

A lot of the 'behind the scenes' information is still accessible. Practically there are enough sources beyond the mainstream media to understand more of what is really going on. Work on your intuition and your Higher Self connection. If you do not have a strong and clear connection yet, you may consider taking a class or a workshop to improve it.

There are so many levels in this global and interdimensional process. And to answer a frequently asked question: yes, of course there are many 'fear based' agendas and activities behind the scenes (without the noble intention of creating a world supported by unconditional love):

      • the very clever move to use a virus as a preventable culprit to bring the entire world economy to collapse and, of course, to take advantage of it by sucking out as much wealth as possible.
      • Introduce totalitarian control mechanisms every minute without intending to remove them - on the contrary!
      • Extreme restriction of freedom of expression and interpersonal relationships and information exchange ..... just to name a few


In times of great upheaval, everything has to be done so we do not repeat history.

Be the light, the balance, the love and the peace. Look behind the scenes, sharpen your discernment and guard your freedom and that of humanity!

Because many who are disconnected from the heart will hold on to the old in fear and panic. This is not to be judged, because it is part of their awakening process. We witness some of it already in booming marketing and sales action. In divine neutrality we hold our focus on stabilizing and balancing the ship and to migrate to New Earth.

Yes, of course it is a lot and intense for everyone. That is the nature of a leap in consciousness and ascension in accordance with the release from the old matrix. We called that forth for decades.

      • Relax, meditate, strengthen your immune system and take care of your body. The nervous system and the organs need support during this transformation from carbon base to a crystalline structure. Be kind to yourself and your body, do what you need to keep the stress level low. Fresh air, sun and exercise help. Be creative if you are in a place where there is 'house arrest'.


It is wonderful to finally see a chemtrail free sky (thanks to limited air traffic) with no or real clouds after decades and to have normal temperatures accordingly. The townspeople among you will appreciate the low noise level, the sensitive people the decline in artificial radiation.

My recent trip for gate work that I mentioned before turned out to be a once in a lifetime experience. A wonderful example of how a higher timeline can play out. I am sharing some intel here that I am allowed to publish for now and that might be helpful:

      • With deep trust in my higher team I followed the call and went on the trip at the requested time. I was guided to go to sacred places and to power nodes that are usually packed by thousands of people. Because of the situation, I was there alone with my friend and colleague! We were able to do gate- and grid work to an extent that would otherwise not have been possible. In retrospect, it was only a very short window of time in which we were guided through countries, from one sacred place to the next. The activations and initiations were unique, the energies and new frequencies streaming in pristine. Gaia spoke to us and revealed a lot.


The lower timeline didn't exist because we chose the higher one. We did not let any obstacles of the old forces hold us back and did what needed to be done.

I hope this helps you as a practical example when the fear knocks on your door.

We are in a profound reality shift and choice point. The changes are becoming stronger, faster and more intense. And this is just the beginning. The light codes that we receive from the source itself and that raise our frequency and the associated changes are beyond human imagination.

From April 2nd until April 3rd we receive a wave of light codes from Alcyone in the Pleiades that support the heart opening and our creativity.

4.4. 2020 (= 444) is a big opportunity for a quantum leap in our ascension process. Meditate and focus on unconditional love, peace and freedom and the migration to New Earth.

New Earth is made of unity consciousness, harmony and freedom. Freedom means living in unconditional love and peace and true coexistence. Lets quantum jump together.

Many Blessings