Energy Report December

Blessings Beautiful Heart,

these weeks, from the Partial Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon on November 19th, have been intense, pushing some of us to our limits.

As I described earlier in the November Report, the pressure is increasing exponentially, as are the triggers and the revelations.

In many countries, in the big cities, the collective madness is putting a strain on our energy fields.

Therefore, an even more careful daily spiritual routine (aura clearing etc.) has become essential for survival.

We can only go a self-determined way if we use our precious life force in a wise and appropriate way.



Physically, this intensification of duality is triggered by the changes in the magnetic fields. When plasma flows onto the earth, the magnetic fields change. We see it in the increase in solar activity. As huge waves of crystalline plasma will continue to flow onto the earth into February, the split will intensify.

At the same time, deep positive changes are possible through the vibrational uplifts in all those who are consciously on their path.

Since everything is amplified by this frequency increase, this also applies to all dualistic programs, structures, beliefs, patterns and thought-forms. These are 'blown up' until they collapse. And this phase of 'blowing up' can be unpleasant and exhausting, especially if you are in a big city, with a strong and low vibrating collective field, and dense EMF radiation.

You will have to spend much more time and discipline to keep your field pure, clear and stabilized than if you live in power spots in sparsely populated areas. The difference right now is huge. So be kind to yourself, and don't think that you are weak or incapable just because you're in a low vibrational environment that makes it very difficult for you.

In this phase it is important that we avoid stagnation and stay in motion to evolve. For example, if you don't have a plan B yet to move to a healthier environment, use the Total Solar Eclipse on Dec. 4 and the Worldwide Energy Transmission on Dec. 5 for your own personal manifestation of a new place, home or environment that has a good high vibration and supports you on your path.



If we succeed in freeing ourselves from this dualistic way of thinking and dissolve our own programs, we will realize that there are infinite possibilities besides good or evil. And in the next weeks we will enter a completely new phase of manifestation: namely a completely new way of HOW we manifest.

The sooner we bury the old ideas and beliefs, the better.






December 4th ~  Total solar eclipse from 6:29 to 10:37 a.m. CET (UTC +1)

Peak at 08:33 o'clock a.m. CET (UTC +1)

The solar eclipse will not be visible in most parts of the world, but this will not change its effect on everybody.

There will be an intensification of the energy wave of crystalline plasma - and also an intensification of polarity. Keep the focus on your vision of how you want to unfold in the new crystalline frequencies of the New Earth. Focus on the feeling of freedom ~ in every area and in every way! ~ regardless of what further bizarre control measures the narrative invents. Be creative, to follow your own self-determined path.

In terms of the bigger picture, eclipses initiate evolutionary change, new cycles, resets, letting go and closure, and deep inner transformation.

This eclipse in the constellation Sagittarius completes an eclipse cycle this year. Thus, the massive new restrictions may well be seen as a final reinforcement. Knowing this, we can use them wisely to no longer make ourselves a pawn, but to strengthen our self-empowerment.


December 4th ~ Newmoon at 8:43 am CET (UTC+1)

Amplifies the mystical and divine feminine energy.

Combined with the Total Solar Eclipse (the next one won't happen again until 2023), this is a crossover point. We decide in which direction we want to continue our ascension path. Focus, clarity and unwaveringness are imminent. Know the divine truth and expose the illusion. Then it has no power over you through your ego. Your I Am presence always sees the big picture.


December 5th ~  Global Energy Transmission

Appropriate to this important passage, in the December~Transmission we will clear old restrictive programs.

There will also be a special detachment of astral entities and a clearing of foreign energies, for these have increased massively in recent weeks, as the unconscious levels rise to the surface in the collective, and the vast majority have no tools for clearing and purification. In addition, the veils between dimensions are becoming thinner and thinner.

Another focus will be on receiving the New Source Frequencies and the wonderful opportunity they contain for developing your personal vision for the coming weeks.

This is the last Energy Transmission this year where we can recharge our batteries to bring this year to a successful close for us personally.

As a group we will connect our heart energies and with united focus flood the light grids with new visions, new ideas, new paths, with love and freedom.


December 9th ~  The 12.12 passage opens.

We can expect another frequency uplift.


December 12th ~ Stargate with master number 1212 and transit through the Galactic Center.

Ideal time to manifest for the upcoming weeks. Meditate, breath, exercise, drink plenty of water, and support the physical body as well as the nervous system.

The transition to the passage of the Winter Solstice is smooth: maintaining inner balance or inner equilibrium is one of the most important tasks we have at this time.

Go within yourself and write down the insights and downloads you have received since the eclipse. This is valuable information that you can draw upon in 2022.


December 19th ~  Full Moon at 05:35 am CET (UTC+1)

This Full Moon will be very potent as it is already in the Winter Solstice passage. Prepare best by keeping your activities to the minimum in order to create space for this precious time.

Take a look back at the last few months:

  • What have you enjoyed and been excited about?
  • What NEW things can you bring to these activities/projects/environment etc.?


Find a single thing you want to change, and then implement that over the Solstice Passage. It only needs to be a tiny step. Every movement counts a thousand times to break the collective stagnation.


December 21st ~  Winter Solstice at 4:58 pm CET (UTC+1)

The winter solstice is one of the most sacred passages in the year. It is always a time when true and deepest transformation can take place.

Take advantage of this precious opening: go into nature. Feel into your heart, notice in which way these strong energies touch you:

  • Do they bring to the surface old programs and patterns that need to be cleared?


  • Do they give you momentum to create something new, creative and positive?


  • Do they act like a laser of revelation, showing you what was illusory, what you can let go of?


Always remember: everything you transform for yourself, you also clear for the collective.

Mindfulness: everything low-vibrational and negative, in which you remain or which you create, also affects the collective.

Meditate, take your crystals out into nature and open yourself to receive the new crystalline codes. Expand your field. Connect with nature beings, the plant and animal world and with Gaia. Ask for messages and listen, open your heart. Much is possible in this wonderful frequency window. weit Connect with the nature beings, the plant and animal kingdoms and Gaia. Ask for messages and listen, open your heart. Much is possible in this wonderful frequency window.





NEPTUN is retrograde only until December 1st

Since Neptune stands for dynamic revelations, holistic visions, as well as the dissolving of forms, structures and illusions, I receive the following information about the effect: If you have put pressure on a structure or construction for a long time and then all of a sudden let go of it, it starts to falter or collapse.

This is exactly what we will experience in December in many areas dominated by old and hardened structures and systems. This will continue through January and will not subside somewhat until February.

Now that you have received this information, you can act accordingly.


VENUS from December 19th to December 31st

Venus retrograde heralds a period of stillness and going within. Now it is important to observe your own behavior and reactions with heightened awareness and still get involved.

  • How is your relationship to yourself, your Higher Self and your I Am Presence?


  • Which hidden aspects are there to discover within you?


  • What are your deepest, most personal needs?


  • What about your private and professional relationships?


The energies of retrograde Venus bring like-hearted people together so that we can form new relationships and deepen fruitful existing ones.

Mindfulness:In unconscious people the Venus energy can trigger the following behaviors: Criticizing mistakes in others, blaming others, lack of self-assessment or self-overestimation to loss of reality. Conflicts are intensified. People with low self-esteem may lash out because they cannot cope with these massive changes.

Spiritual teachers, healers and therapists should pay special attention to strong and clear boundaries and choose their clients carefully. A "NO" can be a very healthy response.


CHIRON: until December 19, 2021

Use these last weeks for deep inner healing processes of your biggest pain points and old core issues. In combination with the passages and frequencies described above, this is a unique opportunity to finally clear, heal and let go of a great deal.

Lightworkers continue to stabilize the collective field by remaining in peace and quiet! For therapists of all kinds there is still increased mindfulness with regard to clients (reactions).


URANUS: until December 31st, 2021

All outdated structures, belief systems, patterns and unconscious ways of acting will continue to be shined on and shaken loose with a laser! In connection with the Neptune effect described above, it becomes unfortunately very turbulent and challenging.

Holding on to the old now not only becomes very uncomfortable, it can also become dangerous - we see it most clearly on the outside!

Letting go is a key to keep the inner balance.

Amplified by the winter solstice energies, the impossible becomes possible. The activation of the freedom codes and the longing for independence becomes greater for many people. Good time for changes.

I hope that all this information will help you and make your path a little easier.

Last but not least I am reposting a quote from my favoured German comedian and writer named 'Loriot'. He lived from 1923 until 2011 and was a brilliant mind and a wise being. Since we need a lot of humour right now I hope I can contribute to it.



May the humour be with you,





<<Heute beginnt die Eklipse Passage (in german only)