Who dares, wins: Energy Report June

June and especially the summer solstice (light frequencies) bring another turning point. Anything is possible and everything we need and want is available to us.

Holding the balance can be fascinating and intense, adventurous and challenging.

It can also be exhausting, but yet makes us feel very alive. This is the time when your need for freedom and change becomes unbearable.

Staying in or connecting to lower frequencies (people, places, events, etc.) has become unbearable, too.

We are all working through the integration of all parts of ourselves right now. In the process, everything that is not authentic is transformed.

This is also where, on a certain level, the chaos on the outside comes from. Because the people who are not aware of this and also do not have the tools to deal with it, are playthings of their emotions and patterns. The purging continues.

As light workers, way showers and grid workers we are the divine higher consciousness of the new earth in action. Moving forward it is imminent to hold our focus on our ascension and the highest outcome. It takes our whole attention, strength and determination.



Now is not the time to slack off. As said before, we are at a turning point again.

Let us not be drawn into fear-driven agendas. Obtaining information in order to know the background and at the same time being a neutral observer is a conscious choice and it needs to be practiced.

Otherwise, the consequences and effects can degenerate, usually without the affected person noticing. The so-called "conspiracy news or scene" is also a program.

If you don't deal with it very consciously and only in small doses, you will be drawn into it unnoticed. To illustrate what can happen, here is an example from my practice:



A new client came into my practice. She felt completely stuck and disconnected because she had gone down this rabbit hole for the past 5 years or so without doing her spiritual inner work.

When I read her field I found so many manipulative cords like I've never seen on a person before ( and I have done thousands of readings) ~ and that was just part of all the foreign energies I found on her.

She told me that she had hardly been able to function in the past few years. That was not much of a surprise. The tricky part was that she could not make the condition between her condition and her consistent engagement with lower frequencies and dark beings.

To help somebody in such a condition means A LOT of clearing and healing work in order to help her regain charge of her own field and body again.

But that is only the technical aspect so to speak. The ego also plays a very important role here: most people do not notice that they are completely manipulated and energetically contaminated in the first place. Others do not want to admit it under any circumstances since it might feel like failure. But now there is no more time for ego-feelings, now we have to act, to tackle, to move forward purposefully.



Let`s face it: we are ALL manipulated. Some more, others maybe less because they have already done a lot of inner work and keep doing it on a regular basis.

And just because someone cannot see, feel or hear something, it does not mean that it does not exist. Therefore it can be necessary to trust those healers who are clairvoyant, clairaudient and clear-sentient, and who know what they are doing.

If you are clear and centered and you get irritated by the chaos and turbulence on the collapsing outside you can always ask: What is the truth here? Your clear, pure and Source-centered heart always knows the answer because our heart functions as the center of the Source within you.

Remember: Allow your fear of the unknown and the new to arise. Fear of survival is a strong fear in the collective consciousness. It is stored in the body's DNA. Hidden deep inside of us.

Your body has its own consciousness and that manipulated DNA can be healed and brought back into its original form. Fully activated DNA is your birthright. With this knowledge, the fear of dying is no longer real. You can convert it and trust the source again. All is well. You are always safe.

Trust the source within you. Connect with your heart to stay in the state of divine neutrality.

Now more than ever it is important to take personal responsibility and to act accordingly. It is necessary to take a leap of faith, to master a challenge. Waiting for something to change can be deadly.

Only if we remain independent and keep focusing on our highest good and our path, we stay in inner balance and co-create the New Earth.



  • Be very diligent in clearing your field and keeping your frequency as high as possible.


  •  Inner work and self-care on a daily basis is crucial: constant meditation, constant clearing, constant healing, constant activation, constant affirmation and alignment to the best possible outcome and highest timeline.


  •  Clarify you needs and wishes. Make heart based choices, not fear based ones. Fear is the absence of love. Act courageously in freedom consciousness instead of cowardly conformity out of fear/lack of love.


  • Trust your inner guidance and act accordingly. Become independent of the outside. For example, if you feel that a move or a job change are imminent, if you feel like saying goodbye to certain people and activities, act on it.


  •  If you live in a big city, get out of the city as often as possible. The collective field is so strong and it affects your own field massively. You may want to connect with Gaia and the new codes when being out in nature.


  • Take breaks and spend as much time in nature as possible. This serves the exchange of crystalline codes between you, the plants and the elemental beings. It helps you to recharge and to find inner balance and clarity.


  •  Spiritual teachers, healers and therapists: you can be there for your clients if you yourself are well. Our work demands more energy than ever before. Be clear about your ideal client avatar. Redefine it if necessary. Also adjust the amount of work according to your energy balance, your personal ascension process and your cosmic work. Set priorities.


  •  Allow yourself to do and accept only what is good for you and what levels you up. Take advantage of all services and help you can get in order to find clarity for your ascension path and your personal life stream as well as to keep your field strong and balanced. Radical Self-Love is key.


  •  Say "no, thank you" to all "two fronts"-conversations: real communication and exchange is possible with like-hearted people who are conscious and have a wide open heart. Anything else is too much of a drain on energy. Friendships and relationships that were just based on drama naturally dissolve.


  •  Anchoring the new frequencies can make you tired. At the same time, you can come into states of pure bliss and a kind of "floating state".


  •  Open your heart wide and treat everyone with kindness, compassion, love, respect and goodness. Just don't accept the old way as reality anymore, because it had come out of your ego. With a wide-open heart, be your own Higher Self aspect and be an example for others.


  •  Seek out like-minded people for supportive heart conversations, solution-focused support, and shared meditations. Being in the company of our star family is healing, relaxing and full of joy. The heightened energy that is created when we connect can help us maintain inner clarity, integrate new frequencies more easily, and make heart based decisions. ~ And it just feels good to connect this way in the midst of the collective madness.


  •  Refine your manifestation techniques. Be a conscious creator.


May the humour be with you.





June 6: Full Moon at 13:51:48 pm CET (UTC + 1):

This Full Moon is also a Pink Moon and a Super Moon! It´s one of two Super Moons this year. The second one is happening in July.

Since we are already in the field of the Solstice Wave, the moon energies help us to make decision wich are only most beneficial to us at this turning point in our incarnation. The energy supports us in then putting that decision into practice.

Whatever you choose, and whatever decision you make, stay tuned and implement it in the weeks and months ahead!


June 21: Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere at 11:13 am CET (UTC+1)

At 11:13 am CET (UTC +1) in the Northern Hemisphere the sun reaches its northernmost point in the sky, reaching the height of its power. The longest day and shortest night of the year occur on this date, marking the beginning of summer.

In the Southern Hemisphere, the June solstice marks the beginning of winter.



The term solstice is derived from the Latin word 'solstitium'. It means: 'sun standing still'. It refers to the point at which the sun’s visual trajectory north or south across the horizon comes to a halt. We can describe it as a balance point of all creation.

There will be a strong activation for the whole world (on all levels).

VERY strong energies are to expect ~a giant and unique wave of light.

Use the light through your heart portal. Open it, receive it and start something new.

Take a leap of faith and do something that you have never done before.


June 29: New Moon at 4:52 am CET (UTC+1):

Great moment to set your intentions for the upcoming weeks and to finetune decisions you made prior to this day.

Make sure your intensions are heart based. Choose only what fills you with joy. Anything wich is not in alignment with love and joy (for example decisions based on financial aspects only) will crumble. The times/frequencies for that are over.



PLUTO: April 29 until October 8, 2022

Pluto turned retrograde on the 29th and supports us to go into the deepest areas of our inner world and the unconscious levels. As all supposed security structures break away on the outside, only on the inside we can find or strengthen our true integrity, our balance and our peace, as well as access to our primal power and our self-trust.

The theme of power, powerlessness and self-empowerment will play a central role in the coming weeks.

Pluto holds the energy of transformation and power as well as destruction and regeneration. Where do I allow change in my life? Power struggle between those who hold on to old control-structures and those who want to live the freedom-codes.

Examine your own attitude towards 'power'. Radical honesty allows deep insights into your subconscious. Letting go of old victim structures and accepting your own power provides space for the next step of self-empowerment.

Attention: The 'ostritch mentality' is gonna play out big times in 2022 and so is resintance to do inner work. The consequences will be VERY uncomfortable.

Suppression of deepest desires and needs. Anger and aggression towards self as well as self-harm and self-hatred. Possible aggression against others.

Increased mindfulness in the outside world, the reactions of fear-triggered people are often unpredictable.


MERCURY: May 10, 2022 until June 3, 2022

Revelation of the disowned component in our awareness, communication, and interaction with others and with the world around us.

Good time for introspection and becoming more aware of your own patterns.... and changing them.

Mind, communication, progression and even onward movement can become unbalanced, sometimes to the point of chaos.

If we put it in relation to Pluto and the overall energy, then the reference to 'going within, transforming and taking a step forward' takes on an even stronger emphasis.


SATURN June 4 until October 23, 2022

 Saturn asks us to focus on the essentials in life, otherwise we may perish. Saturn also gives us more strength without feeling overwhelmed.

It will be very turbulent with regard to the global financial system.

Intensification of fears, guilt and boundaries and the possibility of resolving them. Since these emotions can intensify in all people, it is important to be careful and mindful in dealing with them, especially when dealing with authority.

Attention: Retrograde Saturn can strengthen resistance to inner change. ~ Rather work on your own resistance and transform it instead of going into stagnation.

Saturn holds the opportunity to gain clarity on all levels, especially about relationships. Anything based on drama will dissolve. Goodbyes are to be expected.


NEPTUNE: June 28 until December 4

Dynamic revelations and holistic visions.

Forms and structures dissolve as well as illusions. On a deep inner level a real breakthrough of creative originality takes place. Creative processes are particularly fruitful. Phase of renewal.

Pay attention to the shadow side: physical and psychological exhaustion become stronger, as do possible disorientation and escapism from the world.


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