Energy Report March

The first weeks of March have brought us many geomagnetic storms as well as spikes of the Schumann Resonance, which has a direct influence on the Earth's magnetic grids and thus also on our bodies. All of this serves to prepare the light grids to accommodate the massive influx of new frequencies around the spring equinox.

Our bodies can feel either tired and unbalanced or extremely light. As I mentioned in the previous article, the well-being of our bodies is one of the most important issues right now. To be able to cope with the coming changes, this self-care is no longer just an ascension technique, but a matter of survival.

The physical body needs a high vibrational frequency to exist on the highest timeline. The timelines and the worlds are drifting further and further apart. If you are reading this, you are most likely among those who choose the highest timeline rather than the lower and the chaos. Since we still have a lot to deal with in the coming months, we need strength and flexibility above all.

Use the days leading up to the spring equinox wisely. The passage can be a jumpstart to support your body and put it on a whole new level to receive the new light. In the February's article you'll find lots of details on this subject.



The March equinox marks the moment the Sun crosses the celestial equator – the imaginary line in the sky above the Earth’s equator.Tthe sun moves from the Southern Hemisphere of the Earth to the Northern Hemisphere.


According to astronomical definition, this moment marks the beginning of spring north of the equator and the beginning of autumn south of it. At the equinoxes, the earth's axis is precisely at right angles to the sun's rays.

More information about the Spring Equinox energies you will find below under "Important Dates March".


Unlike some others in the spiritual community I do not receive any intel on a sudden change and an "everything is just fine" outcome overnight. Given the slavery system on Earth that has been implemented for thousands of years, an instantaneous change is an illusion ~ even if we now have access to quantum energy. Only with a realistic assessment of the situation can we prepare ourselves well and handle the shifts with as much ease and grace as possible.




Last Sunday we used the Global Energy Transmission as a preparation for the Equinox as well as to support our physical bodies and our light bodies. Besides a profound clearing and I also detached all participants from the low vibrational collective field.

This field is filled up with fear, panic and anger and has meanwhile become so strong due to the global situation of suppression that many find it difficult to even ground themselves and connect to the source as well as to visualize and manifest with ease ~ exceptions apply to those who live on power spots in remote areas and sparsely populated regions. Therefore, disconnection from mass consciousness is from now on an integral part of the monthly Worldwide Energy Transmission.

Therefore, the detachment from the low vibrational mass consciousness is from now on an integral part of the monthly Worldwide Energy Transmission.

I would like to share the personal experience of Oliver T. during the Global Energy Transmission and what is possible when we raise our vibration significantly:


        • "At the beginning of the meditation, I almost didn't notice anything and couldn't see anything. The surrounding was dark and I felt somehow restricted. Then after a few minutes I felt a tremendous clearing of both my body, my aura field and the space. Something was detached and I could suddenly see clearly. And then different light beings came and I had clear conversations with them.... . I got accurate information about my body, my ailments and how to heal it.... ."






        • March 12: Opening of the passage for the Equinox ~ Light Grid Keepers and Gate Keepers are stabilizing the field for the incoming influxes.


        • 13.3.21: Newmoon at 11:23 am CET (UTC +1) ~ ~ Increase of divine feminine and mystical energies. At the same time, energy intensifies and shifts in consciousness are possible.


        • March 20: Spring Equinox with peak at 10:37 am CET (UTC +1) ~ ~ The passage of the equinox goes from 3/19 - 3/21/21. Deep meditations with new visions possible. Receive the new codes through the Sun by going outside. Total new frequencies and light codes bring a dynamic momentum to great possible changes and events within as well as without.


        • March 28: Full Moon at 8:48 pm CET (UTC +1) ~ The Full Moon closes the special passage in March. The new light codes and frequencies can only be integrated if all old baggage, old beliefs and patterns are released. This is crucial to come into inner balance ~ for only then can balance emerge on the outside.


        • from March 29 onwards: Integration phase ~ take as many days as you need to integrate these Quantum Changes and DNA Activations. Less busyness is recommended (appointments, commitments...), as well as dropping anything that takes your energy, tugs at your nerves, or does not resonate anymore.


Let's focus on improving our well-being in every area of life and constantly raise our vibration.

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The days until the Spring Equinox are precious and so is our life.

All is well,