Some like it hot: Energy Report November

Blessings Beautiful Heart,

I hope my mail finds you with a smile in your heart.

Now we are already in the middle of the "Hot Autumn" and it will get even hotter in the next weeks! It is a phase where many things happen at the same time. First of all, I would like to point out a theme that is running like a red thread through these last and upcoming weeks and is included in all other themes:

Extreme growth possibilities & expansion of consciousness VERSUS collective madness & extreme dissolution

Therefore, I point this out in the Energy Report in the respective topic sections. This is a very detailed and long article with the following topics in overview:

  • activation at the Sirian Stargate
  • gamma rays & expansion of consciousness
  • higher services & soul intelligence
  • partial Solar Eclipse
  • total Lunar Eclipse
  • activation of the higher senses
  • heart opening & trust
  • stewards of the new earth
  • current events, financial system, tips
  • declining planets



The ET (Global Energy Transmission) at the Sirian Stargate at the beginning of October was very special and powerful. The nature beings, devas and Sirian Archangels were so grateful that we gathered there ethereally in such large numbers that tears ran down my face throughout the whole ET.

The healing, activation and transformation that happened took on a new level at that stargate.

It was beautiful to witness the new light flow through the grids to the participants who were all over the globe and who then anchored the light to their location. Thank you to all the participants!

The activation at the Sirian Stargate was especially interesting because everyone's Higher Self has a Sirian aspect. This Sirian aspect unlocks the 6th dimensional frequencies within, so to speak. This allows the God Consciousness to be activated, eliminating and transcending all existing distortions.

And now it becomes even more interesting if we relate this to the energies in the fall.



On October 9th, the strongest gamma ray ever measured hit the earth.

Technically, gamma rays activate the DNA and light body of each one of us. This has been happening for a while and has collectively triggered the acceleration of consciousness expansion.

If we now come into contact with a so far "strongest measured gamma ray", we can assume a massive acceleration process, the unfolding of which we now go through and experience.

This shows itself e.g. in activations of numerous special power places of Gaia - as described above with the ET - which is now possible bit by bit by the cooperation between us and the light beings. The possibilities and effects are beyond our imagination.



This acceleration process also has a very positive effect on all those who now have the courage to take on a new challenge and, for example, move into a leadership role and/or start new projects for the benefit of all.

The Sirian aspect of our Higher Self is the doer, it is the one who tackles and gets things done - ending the waiting and stagnation.

Everyone who steps into action NOW can take advantage of this tremendous momentum and very consciously offer a higher service through this newly released inner power.

Anyone who steps forth now can fulfill through immense inner power and new levels of soul intelligence that were not there before.

That is exactly what is being realized at light speed and ease in the Mastery Mentoring program. Not only have the new participants gotten off to a flying start! One client cleared a deep trauma she had been working on for years right at the beginning and opened up to abundance. Immediately, existing and new clients are booking her services.

Another client developed and sold her new VIP product the day after our first meeting and is restructuring her entire business in no time. And the beauty of it is that we laugh a lot and solve deepest pain points with new ease and joy.

If we have the courage to open ourselves to change, new ways and new approaches, then infinite opportunities become available. "Extreme growth possibilities & expansion of consciousness" "Extreme growth opportunities & expansion of consciousness".



Another highlight is the partial solar eclipse that can be seen in the sky on October 25th. From the northeast of Germany, like from the island of Rügen, you can observe an occultation of the sun up to 35 percent. Check for your timezone.

The beginning and end of an eclipse occur at different locations as the moon's shadow moves across the Earth's surface.

Stage local time in Berlin
Partial eclipse begins 25. Oct, 10:58:21 am CET (UTC+1)
Peak at Oct 25, 1:16 pm CET (UTC+1)
Partial eclipse ends Oct 25, 3:02 pm CET (UTC+1)



On the same day - October 25th, we also have New Moon with peak at 12:48 PM CET (UTC + 1).

The energy of the New Moon in combination with the Partial Eclipse heralds a new beginning which will operate for the next 6 months, until April 2023.

All change and all new structures, projects, co-operations that we tackle will be supported to the highest degree - the basis for this must be love of course. "Extreme growth opportunities & expansion of consciousness".

Absolutely everything that is based on fear will now stumble and collapse to the highest degree. Since all control systems are based on fear, the spotlight (gamma rays!) is now being held mercilessly on everything that involves deception, fraud, lying, wangling, defraudation, etc., on an even larger scale than in years past. "Collective Madness & Extreme Dissolution"

These next few months will be the most intense of this year. (See also Energy Report: Hot Autumn).



On October 27, Jupiter also becomes retrograde (see Declining Planets below).

Jupiter remains retrograde until the end of the year. In combination with the energies described above, here lies a wonderful opportunity in the extreme expansion of our consciousness.

This increase in perception and expansion of the higher senses through the new frequencies has never before been possible to this degree.

It offers all those who already have open clairvoyance / clairaudience / clairsentience / claircognicense, completely new possibilities to experience this level as well as the higher levels and also to act with it. We gain access to new realms and bandwidth.

Related to the physical plane and the 3D life, it also means to deal very deeply with the issues of truth and lies. Most current issues that fuel fear in the collective, are based on lies while the TRUTH, the facts really are AVAILABLE to everyone who is open to them.

You may simply look for it - or you may continue to believe the propaganda lies. "Extreme growth possibilities & expansion of consciousness VERSUS collective madness & extreme dissolution"

And here it can get even more uncomfortable and challenging in this eclipse passage from October 25 to November 8 - Total Lunar Eclipse - now:

Where are you lying to yourself?

To ask yourself this question over and over again requires a lot of courage and perseverance, because it is one of the most uncomfortable questions for the human ego. And lying to oneself through the ego is so incredibly deeply embedded in us that we are completely steeped in it.

This is where the theme of judgement, so popular in the spiritual scene, comes into play: instead of finally taking self-responsibility the blame is placed on others. This is self-delusion and judgment.

Now, of course I could simply stop judging someone or something. But without having taken the previous step of uncovering my own self-delusion it will just a platitude - or a pretty coat of paint on a moldy wall.

I am fully aware that I am now trigging some of you with this. The human ego is expert on not admitting to mistakes or wrong (aka lower timeline) decisions.

On a large scale we observe it collectively in the current issues, where e.g. a large group of people made the choice of genetic manipulation in the last 2 years and are now blaming possible consequences or side effects of it on something else. They prefer to keep lying to themselves instead of facing the truth and taking responsibility for their own actions. "Collective Madness & Extreme Dissolution"

The Eclipse Passage is the time of deep cleansing and transformation, on all levels and also on the higher spaces.

Besides the expansion of consciousness and our spiritual growth, relationships are also in the foreground - of course the relationship with yourself and your body, as well as the relationships with other people, with your partner, with your family, with nature, with Gaia, with the galactic beings, with source etc.

All this may be considered carefully, because everything that is not based on love but on fear and control comes under tremendous tension during this phase. (financial system!)



And this tension increases further, because about two weeks before or after a solar eclipse there is always a lunar eclipse.

In this case, it is the Total Lunar Eclipse on November 8, with peak at 11:59:11 am CET. (UTC + 1)

The eclipse will be at least partially visible from: Northern/Eastern Europe, Asia, Australia, North America, most of South America, Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Arctic, Antarctica.

The lunar eclipse will not be visible from Berlin/Vienna/Zurich because the moon will be below the horizon.

We are all called out and challenged in these weeks. If you have a strong base and an open heart, and have done your inner work on your spiritual path, then you can withstand these immense tensions more easily.

This strong base and an open heart, that is the base of love or light, the I Am Presence (whatever term you choose) will carry you through the dissolution process - no matter how chaotic and insane it gets on the outside. "Extreme growth possibilities & expansion of consciousness VERSUS collective madness & extreme dissolution".



A new strengthening and a connection to one's own trust showed up in all the people I either talked to or worked with during this phase.

It is the primordial trust, which only becomes accessible when the heart opening is so wide that it transforms all pain. When we expand our cosmic heart beyond all limitations and feel and radiate the inner love so strongly that the heart chakra becomes larger than the physical body, we can again perceive and connect with the trust underneath.

When we go through this process, we move beyond fear and the illusion of limitation. Then it is a natural process to show up, to let your light shine, to embody the next level of your I Am presence.

This is self-empowerment - because everyone can only empower themselves, no one can empower anyone else.

We need that heart connection, that heart trust, because therein lies our compass that always leads us to the right place at the right time even during this chaos. From the higher perspective it's knowing that we can accomplish our purpose in life and courageously keep our eyes on the goal as we move through the total breakdown and chaos. "Extreme Growth Opportunities & Consciousness Expansion."

This is an inner process of consciousness and development. It has nothing to do with the popular phrase in the esoteric scene: Everything will be fine! "Collective madness & extreme dissolution"



Each and every one of us is challenged in this hot autumn to keep the goal of humanity's ascension very clearly in mind and to fulfill our part to help make it happen.

Here, each and every one of us has different tasks. it can be your own healing of deep traumas, or the next level of embodiment, or teaching something, or creating something, or communicating with higher beings..... the possibilities are infinite.

The planet Mars supports us here in our goal-directed actions. In this phase everyone may choose for himself what is most important for him personally.

For all of us, however, it is important that we carefully manage our energy level, in order to glide as elegantly as possible through the chaos of the coming months.

May the humour be with you,




Jupiter: July 28 until November 24, 2022

Re-evaluate plans & beliefs, let go of expectations.

Review and clear old beliefs and patterns.

Have you been underutilizing your potential and settling for less instead of recognizing and integrating your divine self? Big expansion on all levels and growth is possible.


NEPTUNE: June 28 until December 4, 2022

Dynamic revelations and holistic visions.

Forms and structures dissolve as well as illusions. On a deep inner level a real breakthrough of creative originality takes place. Creative processes are particularly fruitful. Phase of renewal.

Mindfulness: : Pay attention to the shadow side. Physical and psychological exhaustion become stronger, as do possible disorientation and escapism from the world.


CHIRON: July 19 until December 23, 2022

Great Opportunity for deep inner healing processes. Also a good opportunity to receive clarity that our strongest pain points in life hold our greatest treasures ~ recognize one's own abilities and strengths in them. These potentials can then be lived.

Mindfulness: sudden and immediate emotional outbursts can sometimes be unsettling or irritating, especially if you don't have much experience with emotional clearing or are newly awakened. Seek professional help if necessary.

Lightworkers stabilize the collective field by staying calm and at peace! For therapists of all kinds: pay attention to sudden emotional shifts and outbursts in your clients.


Uranus: August 28 until December 31, 2022

A laser will be shined on everything old: on outdated structures, belief systems, patterns and unconscious ways of acting. All will be shaken loose. Holding on to the old becomes very uncomfortable. Letting go is a key to maintaining inner balance. The impossible now becomes possible, also, as the activation of the freedom codes increases the longing for independence. Good time for change.

This phase supports introspection and insights, on the basis of which changes are initiated. Therefore, professional projects may become less important during this phase, as the focus shifts to our innermost self. Simply postpone them to a later time instead of trying to push them through with great willpower.


Mars: October 30, 2022 until January 13, 2023

Mars becomes retrograde only appr. every 26 months. It supports self-determined action. Another important aspect is the clearing of old issues and of everything that has been left undone.

Mars in retrograde asks us to use our powers sparingly and not to overspend. Moderate and conscious action is appropriate.

Mindfulness:It takes disciplin to hold the focus and not let the mind scatter. It is helpful not to make hasty decisions and not to rush into anything. It is necessary to first carefully gather all the information, to distinguish the true from the false, and only then to make a decision. This process may take longer, depending on the individual.


Mercury: December 29 until January 18, 2023 29.12.2022 – 18.01.2023

Revelation of the disowned component in our awareness, communication, and interaction with others and with the world around us.

Good time for introspection and becoming more aware of your own patterns.... and changing them.


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