Energy Report November

Blessings Beautiful Heart,

I hope this article finds you with a smile in your heart.

This energy report is one of the longer ones, although I still couldn't fit in all the information.

So grab a cup of tea and get comfortable while reading the most important aspects:

The transition from Samhain (Celtic New Year) on October 31rst to All Saints Day on November 1rst brought us extremely powerful light codes. In my vision, they streamed to us as diamond-gold brand new geometries in the form of waterfalls, activating our next level of self-empowerment, which expresses itself in clarity, power, courage, discernment and impeccability.

At the same time, the division of worlds or timelines has taken on a new quality. The low vibrational old world is sinking into rigidity, fear, misery and death energies. It no longer has any power over the New World.

While it was easier in the past to be drawn into chaos and the lower timelines, this has changed now: A physical manifestation of the New World is tangible and forms a structure, a ground, which gives us a solid basis.

The old has lost its power, for all those who constantly and by free will choose the higher timeline and their freedom.

November still has much in store for us, as do the coming months. They will bring surprises, challenges, revelations and novelties, and we need all our focus and strength to stay on track on our ascension path.

November shows us very clearly what old stories we are still telling ourselves. Through the divisions of lifes and time lines, we experience personal and interpersonal losses. Our old life no longer exists. And that can be painful.

Allow yourself to feel the pain that lies beneath the stories. Also allow yourself to grieve for the people you love who made the choice of the lower timeline. The decision for or against a DNA~manipulating injection seems, from the information I am receiving from the higher levels, to be the clear choice for or against ascension. It is not reversible. It is what it is, and the free will of each individual is to be respected.



The pressure from outside and from within increases greatly in the coming weeks and is shining the light on everything that is not in alignment with your highest divine plan.

I have written in previous articles that we are now entering a phase where holding on to the old and low vibrational hurts. Well, now it has become very painful and there is no other option but to face the personal issues, clear them and heal them. Otherwise, you risk breaking under the pressure and tension. (see also "Uranus" in the section "Declinig Planets")

This is a time of deep and very quick healing if we are willing to look at our issues and stories, transform them and let them go. It is also a time of deep revelations and realization of truth. Allow yourself to accept any form of support that makes it easier for you to move forward.



November 4th at 10:15 PM CET (UTC + 1) ~ New Moon:

Important point of reflection that can help you develop your own potential more fully. What is old and can be closed? What is the new that your heart longs for?

Be grateful for all the good in your life so you can let go of the old more easily. Beware of outside pressure ~ strengthen your energy field to hold your space. Highly sensitive people can react with restlessness and anxiety to the new moon energies. Identify the triggers, then you can deal with them with more ease and grace.


November 7th at 6:00 PM CET (UTC + 1) ~ Global Energy Transmission:

The November Transmission & the December Transmission prepare us for the passage with the very highest energies this year ~ the Lunar and Solar Eclipses (Nov 19th - Dec 4th) ~ so we can make the most of them! The clearing of the old is supported as well as the activation of the new codes. We enjoy and refuel for the coming weeks.


November 11th ~ Master Number portal 1111 and beginning of carnival

Carnival was celebrated in its very first form about 5,000 years ago in Mesopotamia. Thereby the principle of "equality" was an important part during the celebrations. Workers and rulers were on the same level for a short time. This principle is still part of the carnival today. If we transfer this to the unity consciousness it is THE topic in 2021!

In combination with the meaning of the master number 11 ~ enlightenment, enhanced visions, channel between the physical and the spiritual, portal between intuition and manifestation ~ it results in a special day for the reflection of the concept of freedom and the activation of the freedom codes in our DNA. The master number 11 also signifies the transformation of the physical into the divine.


November 16th ~ Opening of the Lunar/Solar Eclipse Passage and the gateways

We are preparing for the strongest frequencies this year. Ideal time to realign and strengthen your connection to the I Am Presence and the higher realms to gain more clarity for the weeks and months ahead.


November 19th at 8:58 am CET (UTC + 1) ~ Partial Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon at 9:57 am CET (UTC + 1)

Extraordinarily potent window that allows for deep healing, transformation and paradigm shifts that offer different possibilities and opportunities for each of us individually.


November 22nd ~ Gateway closed


Until November 30th::

Allow yourself to pause often and to feel yourself. Rest and allow your physical body to integrate the powerful frequencies.




NEPTUNE: June 25 until December 1, 2021

Dynamic revelations and holistic visions.

Forms and structures dissolve as well as illusions. On a deep inner level a real breakthrough of creative originality takes place. Creative processes are particularly fruitful. Phase of renewal.

Pay attention to the shadow side: physical and psychological exhaustion become stronger, as do possible disorientation and escapism from the world.


CHIRON: July 17 until December 19, 2021

Great Opportunity for deep inner healing processes. Also a good opportunity to receive clarity that our strongest pain points in life hold our greatest treasures ~ recognize one's own abilities and strengths in them. These potentials can then be lived.

Pay attention: Sudden and immediate emotional outbursts can sometimes be unsettling or irritating, especially if you don't have much experience with emotional clearing or are newly awakened. Seek professional help if necessary.

Lightworkers stabilize the collective field by staying calm and at peace! For therapists of all kinds: pay attention to sudden emotional shifts and outbursts in your clients.


URANUS: August 20 until December 31, 2021

A laser will shine on everything old: on outdated structures, belief systems, patterns and unconscious ways of acting. All will be shaken loose. Holding on to the old becomes very uncomfortable.

Letting go is a key to maintaining inner balance. The impossible now becomes possible, also, as the activation of the freedom codes increases the longing for independence. Good time for change.

This phase supports introspection and insights, on the basis of which changes are initiated. Therefore, professional projects may become less important during this phase, as the focus shifts to our innermost self. Simply postpone them to a later time instead of trying to push them through with great willpower.


Last but not least: let's always remember our humor when the collective madness gets too bizzare. It helps!

All is well,


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