August Energy Update

Blessings Beautiful Heart,

this is a brief update on the extreme energy shift we are experiencing right now:

A tremendous amount of energy is currently reaching our earth system. The sun erupts very strongly with several flares and an unusual corona hole is appearing at the South Pole.

We all react differently to this unusually high amount of energy. Some of us experience an extreme expansion of their aura field, or states of deepest bliss, some receive very clear visions.

We can use this energy to make a choice for our next step, such as moving to a new home, a new job, or supporting our clarity with the help of a channeling or a coaching program...

All of these higher choices can make this expansion work for us, because it can then act like a positive catapult. But it is also possible that the body reacts with great heaviness, exhaustion, and fatigue. Then the body should be well taken care of, and you may yourself some time off.



For more information on geomagnetic effects on the body and psyche, revisit my article HERE At the bottom of the article,

you will find numerous links to websites with new intel.




Everything we do for our benefit and that of our body during these passages of extreme vibrational shifts on the planes is more than doubly worthwhile:

        • Meditation
        • Exersise
        • plenty of sleep
        • sauna for detoxification
        • drinking plenty of activated water
        • eating good organic foods
        • taking baths with sea salt and baking soda
        • massages, etc.


Allow yourself to what you need to enjoy this wonderful vibrational increase, take a step forward and integrate the new for your highest good and the highest good of all.


Detox & clearing old belief: HERE

Embodiment: HERE

For focus and inner balance:  HERE

Strengthening the physical body: HERE


I wish you a wonderful shift and

May the humour be with you.


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