November Energy Update: Wave of Equilibrium

On November 11th, very ancient Star Gates opened and an exquisite energy of balance and equilibrium poured towards the earth. That day the magic was clearly felt. The light was soft and contact with the wild animals was unusually close. Our physical body could literally breathe easyly and relax. This was very beneficial in this challenging transit phase.


The strong new moon then brought an energy of clarity for our personal path. Many have used this to gain more clarity about their feelings and strength levels. In this context, we were able to rethink our professional and private situation and make new decisions by putting our own needs first. This healthy form of self-care is very important to us in these challenging times. If you are still looking for more clarity for your personal path, you will find some questions and exercises in the November article.


A 22222 code activation happens on November 22nd (22 + 11 + 2020).

This five-fold code of twos brings another new wave of equilibrium energy. At the same time, this means that even more old matrix programs are being dissolved. Mars, which is still retrograde until November 29, reinforces this scenario. We keep the focus on calm, peace and balance. Gate- and Gridkeepers are stabilizing the light grids.

In the coming weeks we should speak our own truth FREE of fear, in neutrality, gentleness and joy. The topic had already played an important role in October - now it is of permanent importance. If you've been silent for years, now it is a good time to make your voice be heard. It's about adding your energy to the bigger picture and thus changing the frequency of a conversation. It's not about convincing or controlling others. That doesn't work anyway and the boomerang effect will be very strong.

It's time to overcome old fear and to speak up. Our higher perspective should be presented to a larger community. It's about showing integrity and embodying it by making our voice audible. If you are still dealing with past live issues, where you have been killed because of what you said or predicted, you may want to clear them as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will face major inner conflicts since the outer situation is going to escalate more.

Many of you have asked me why the chaos on the outside is getting stronger instead of diminishing despite of all the work we do. When I asked the Higher Councils of the Pleiadians, Arcturians and Sirians this question during a meeting, I was unanimously conveyed that viewed from a higher perspective, the ancient matrix battles must be fought. This is the process of cleanup. Only then can the new energy become visible and higher principles take hold.

However, on a physical level we should exemplify in words, deeds and actions what we would like the world to be in the future.


Compassion & unconditional love

Let us remain in compassion for ourselves and for those around us. The whole situation is challenging for all of us. True compassion is only shown in an open and loving heart.

Do not be too strict with yourself and do not judge yourself if you can only take small steps in the desired direction due to your living conditions and your energy level.

Be gentle and kind. Be friendly and generous to yourself and your fellow human beings, even on days when it feels as if you were not progressing, or even going backwards – especially on those days.

Many Blessings