Energy Report February ~ Part 1



Since the winter solstice and the eclipses we have been transitioned through a profound period of changes and activations. Our inner transformations are fundamental, very quick and so deep that it takes a lot of patience, openness, awareness and vigilance to grasp all of this.

      • Many experience physical symptoms such as weakness (lots of sleep and leisure helps), muscle pain (magnesium), ascension flu, headaches (drinking lots of living water) and dizziness.


The weeks since the winter solstice have been emotionally and psychologically intense and the death of the old self is now a constant state of consciousness, no longer just a period of a day or two. For many, this expresses itself as a strong sense of indifference, total detachment and neutrality in most of the activities or stories of our lives. This is not depression:


      • If you experience this state permanently, then you have reached a point in your ascension process that you are completely detached from the old stories, energies and the 3D world. This condition is not easy to endure. Because when you come from a place of neutrality, how do you make choices? What do you want to create?


The new frequency and the new light grids that hold new earth function in a complete new way. Our old belief systems crumble and dissolve on all levels, fast and profoundly. Since there are no references to the new light, this is a completely new and challenging period and many feel uncertain. Even for us pioneers it feels like we are still pilots flying through the dimensions and worlds, but our flight experience and skills are of no use to us because the new aircraft type is so new that nobody knows how to steer it. For me personally and also for some colleagues, it feels like from now on we have to fly without a vehicle at all.

One step at a time, we learn to navigate the New World with patience and diligence. On this point, the newly awakened have an easier time: they learn everything again without asking why the old is no longer applicable or without forgetting the process of the old.

Trust is important, trust in yourself and in your feelings. Pay close attention to which stories in your life you have no resonance to anymore. And what creates a feeling of joy and enthusiasm in you? Make notes in your journal every day, so you start to create your own new flight technique.

On Sunday the 2222 portal is fully open:

This 2222 energy is very powerful! It supports vision, spiritual growth and evolution. I am always fascinated by the coherence with which my cosmic team defined the data for our Global Energy Transmission.
Our creative powers have increased enormously in the past few weeks. Therefore, it is important to watch carefully where you put your attention and what you create. The New Earth realms are already there: what would you like to contribute? 2+2+2+2= 8. 8 is the number of manifestation and prosperity. Use this beautiful energy to create your vision for your life on New Earth. February can be a month full of magic. Trust, laugh and love and invite the magic to create your new life.
Many Blessings