Almost there...

The energies are intensifying and continuing to build up like a big wave right before the equinox. We can feel and see it. Now it's time to take a deep breath, keep calm and stay balanced.

Many people reported that they feel drained, frustrated and demoralized. No wonder, after a year under these dire conditions. When I look at the collective field, I see a new massive distortion due to worldwide mass injections.

New very high frequencies are streaming to earth around Equinox, amplifying both, the negative and unresolved as well as everything positive at the same time.

Many clients, collegues and friends reported that they reached the limits of their strength. I also felt this way at times. I had more requests for personal sessions (often emergencies) and coachings than ever before. I could not help all of them, but was able to refer some of them to some highly skilled colleagues. Having learned to honor my self and my boundaries the hard way in the past, I was able to make better choices this time.

We all have to listen to ourselves very carefully to recognize our limits and honor our boundaries in order not to exhaust ourselves. Staying clear and balanced mentally, emotionally and physically, as well as keeping our vibration high and keeping moving forward (even if it is only tiny steps) means walking a very narrow path right now.

Do not underestimate that the collective field is filled up with fear, panic and anger and has become very strong due to the global situation of suppression. If you are connected to the negative collective field, you feel a strong impact. (Read more about this in the Energy Report March ) This impact can be so strong that it can cause distortions in perception. A participant of the monthly Energy Transmission (the ET includes the disconnection from the mass consciousness), had the following experience, which gives us one good example of how a distortion in perception can look like:


        • "Thank you for the wonderful energy transmission. It was so clear for me, because I was shown that I am moving forward on my path, although I felt I was totally off track." S.B., Norway"




There are some simple tools when you feel a sudden strong shift in your field that brings you out of balance. Go into nature and fill your lungs with fresh air. Breathe deeply and ask your Higher Self: are the negative emotions mine or are they foreign energies that I have absorbed from others?

Spontaneous relief can spring from the clarity that they are not your own negative emotions and patterns. Tell your Higher Self that you are ready NOW to release all negative energies ~ and then release them from your field with each exhale. Hold a clear intent. Focus. They may look like gray clouds, and you may feel an instant relief. If you have access to flowing water (standing on a bridge is ideal), do this clearing there. Flowing water supports the clearing process.

Personally, I have been enjoying the symphonies of blackbirds that just started singing again recently. These wonderful beings are directly connected to the 7th dimension and offer us their generous gifts several times a day. And the symphony of each bird is unique. They harmonize our field and balance its sacred geometries.

These last days before the equinox challenge us very much. Solar flares, changes in the magnetic field, and geomagnetic storms will be amplifying in the coming days. Take it easy in every way and avoid anything that lowers your vibration.

Revisit the webinarsThe Summer of Change' and 'Navigating the Unknown'for additional support. The meditations in the webinars are very supportive and you can practice them daily to feel better and to manifest a positive outcome.

Remember to ask your higher team for help, especially the angels and archangels. They are just waiting for your requests to step into action.

Whatever helps you in keeping your vibration and mood high, do it NOW.

Every little gesture counts, every smile, every moment of gratitude for everything good, loving and beautiful in your life. Every kind word, every encouraging message, every gesture of compassion, every loving touch expresses New Earth.

Remember: You are not alone. We are all in the same boat. And only together can we make it through the rough sea to the New Earth shore.

I wish you a wonderful spring equinox.

All is well,