Higher Octaves of New Light

With the first Full Moon in January and the Stargate Passage (Jan. 22-29) higher levels of new light are streaming into Gaia's realms creating new energetic geometries and structures. Through the ongoing big shifts in consciousness, they land on fertile soil - on a platform that is able to support them.

Much of what used to be is now being not only rewritten but replaced.

This magical new light supports everything that is on a similarly high vibrational frequency. Everything else - all distortions, patterns, energy vampires, etc. are not supported and now come clearly and often painfully to the fore. We can't help but look at all of this and resolve it.

I was psychically attacked a few days ago, which reflected in the physical body. Numerous colleagues around the world got into similar situations. After clearing the foreign energies out of my system, I spoke with my higher team and asked about the bigger picture: What do these occurrences mean in terms of all gate keepers and light workers and the current frequency?

The answer was crystal clear: "In the weeks BEFORE the spring equinox, you all have to release everything old and detach yourselves in the physical from everything old! Let go absolutely everything what brings you no joy, what is not for your highest good and what lowers your vibration in whatever way.

Only when these processes and steps are done, only when these spaces and levels are empty, the new structures can manifest on a new foundation."

For me personally, I was then shown what I may let go. What a gift! The process reminded me of my Feng Shui times many years ago. Only when the clients had sorted out everything leading often to empty spaces in the house or apartment, they could invite something new into their lives.

You can apply this to your personal life stream and find out what this “old” means to you. Write it down and use the tailwind of the energy wave to let go, transform and clear everything.



This process will be supported by the energies of the Snow Moon and the Global Energy Transmission on February 5.

Astronomically seen, a snow moon is first a full moon with the peak at 7:28 pm CET (UTC+1).

Then the earth will move between the sun and the moon. Shortly after 11:30 p.m. CET (UTC+1), a lunar eclipse will begin. However, the three celestial bodies will not be in a straight line (total lunar eclipse).

The moon will move through the penumbra of the earth, that outer part of the shadow where light from the sun still falls. At about 1:45 a.m. CET (UTC+1), the penumbral lunar eclipse will reach its peak. And only around 4 a.m. CET (UTC+1) the moon will leave the penumbra of the earth again.

Energetically the snow moon ties in to the message I received from my higher team. The entirely new sapphire rays of light that are penetrating earth now are shining onto what really is, so we can look at it without denying anything. And it moves us forward in creating our vision by showing us infinite possibilities of what can be.

Our egoic identity will come to the forefront, and so we can put our focus on self-awareness. Who have you been and who do you choose to be? Do you choose to be the best you can be?

A whole new level of peace and tranquility is accessable now, if we open our heart and surrender to our Higher Self and I AM presence. We are then no longer abel to create distortion - neither within ourselves nor in the world around us.

This leads to a deeper understanding of love and how we have loved, what self love is and unconditional love means. Letting go of the old and opening the heart wide to align with the frequencies will open up infinite possibilities. If we allow ourselves to fully integrate them, they will harmonize all levels of existence.

Through the death of the old self and shedding everything that still holds that old frequency, we will be able to manifest and express our Source Essence. The cycle of death and resurrection is elevated through in the new light to something completely different.

May the humour be with you,



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