Energy update: Star Portal and Super Moon

Blessings Beautiful Soul,

on May 5th, a Star Gate will open, which supports a migration to a higher personal timeline. On May 1st many global mass meditations took place, supporting the shift. We can feel a subtle change in the energies, and we witness that the timelines are drifting further and further apart.

At the same time, we can feel a gentle and yet strong energy. It helps us to review all areas of our lives to find out what is not in alignment.

What does that mean specifically? As we are currently playing the final ascension game, the dense and dark energy of the other team has increased significantly since the beginning of the year. To put it bluntly, that team knows that the game is actually decided in favor of the A-Team (A = Ascension).

Therefore, they try everything to pull people back to the lower timeline of control, slavery and dis-empowerment. They keep up the illusion that the A-Team will lose the game ... And the strategies and moves they show, dismantle their whole malicious game. However, the moves and new regulations should be carefully observed, questioned and if they are not based onlove and free will, simply not followed. Newly awakened souls are often in shock when they realize the cruelty of the matrix. At this point in the game, you should be very aware that EVERY action is ALWAYS supporting one team or the other. Choose wisely.

        • Beloved soul, I know it can be tough, challenging and exhausting at times. I also believe that we should watch ALL of the changes very carefully. We cannot sit back and hope that the referee will fix it for us. We should watch the subtle changes as well as the obvious ones and take proper action. That overrides the control mechanisms, strengthens our field and deepens the Higher Self connection. The more you trust your Higher Self the easier it is to stay in the highest state of consciousness and keep your vibration high.


I send you my deep gratitude for doing the good work and holding the light high. And thank you, if you were part of the Energy Transmission on Sunday. It was quite an experience. I am always fascinated by how it shifts with the new levels of light and consciousness. We have been a very strong group and beautiful transformation and healing occurred. Here's a glimpse:

        • 'The Light Temple was flooded with new healing energies from source. The color range was a beautiful violet-purple-pink with streams of golden light. Some released huge amounts of fear and trauma. Because everybody in the group was so open, I was able to channel so much light, that we stabilized the whole field of the planet, creating a strong sacred geometry.'


We achieve a lot more together as light tribes than if we try to do everything by ourselves. And we can only win the game as a harmonious team that cooperates and respects one another.

The Pleiadian Emissaries of Light, the Arcturians, the Sirian Archangels, as well as the Andromedan Higher Council of Light and many other light beings have supported us yesterday and are still present for this passage through the Star Gate.

Ask them for help to recalibrate your energy bodies, and to make the appropriate shifts in your life. For example if you are strongly affected by the dense collective fields and thrown off balance and you compensate that by eating unhealthy food, or by other actions that dim your light, this is the moment to shift. The current energies support you. Don't judge yourself for the past and let go of shame, blame and guilt.

Even, if you scored an own goal. Light ground your ideas by writing them down. Make a plan for a healthy diet change (or whatever you need to change) and implement it in the next 6 weeks until summer solstice. Be practical and pragmatic. Giving up and going on the lower timeline is not an option. We need every single player in the A-Team.


      • We are all thrown out of balance once in a while. We are all in the same boat. What counts is to find your way back to inner balance. Remember, when you were a kid, you learned to ride a bike: you didn't give up until you could ride it. You fell, got bruises and stood up again. On our ride to paradise lets focus on the final destination and let's not get distracted.


This is about our freedom, our self-empowerment and our remembering to love ourselves again. It is our birthright to be Beautiful Divine Beings again and to express it ~ We are the Golden Race. Everything else is an illusion.

The earth was once a paradise based on unconditional love, and we all carry this memory in our DNA. We all came her at this point in evolution to create that again. Freedom can only be created through an open heart. Open your heart wide and apply multidimensional awareness to everything. In this state of consciousness you are unstoppable. Ask yourself: What would a person do who really loves herself? ...and apply this question to your own actions and the actions of the other players in the C-game. Clarity is not always comfortable but pretty easy to achieve if we dare to ask the right questions and are courageous to hear the answers.

The Ascension Mission is a gigantic multidimensional operation. If you look at the big picture it may help to not take yourselve so seriously. The Pleiadian Emissaries of light, with whom I am working for many years now, say: We can only evolve if you humans evolve. It is a mutual process.


      • 5.5.2020:Star Gate opening. Soft and nourishing energy come from the Great Central Sun, as ideal support for a time line jump. Meditate and allow a deep contact with your star family and your galactic aspects. Visualize the highest outcome.
      • May 7th 2020: Super moon and full moon, also called flower moon. Intensification of energies that bring clarity, enlightenment and the ability to see through the cobweb of lies. Further dismantling of control structures. Meditate and connect with source. Opportunity to realign your ascension path, strengthen your willpower and recognizing the deepest truth.


Use this passage, minimize the busyness as much as you choose: Create your freedom and a free space for creating your highest possible reality. We all create the rules to play in joy and unconditional love on New Earth together.

I send you light, love and courage!

Many Blessings