Lunar Eclipse, Solar Eclipse & New Ways

Since the last two new moons in April and May the strongest frequencies ever hit the earth through the wide-open star gates. As solar activity is also constantly increasing, we are experiencing further acceleration and intensification on all levels.

In addition to intensive self-care, it is necessary to strengthen the inner guidance and intuition. The changes, the processes of dissolution and upheaval have accelerated very strongly and have taken on a new dynamic and will continue to increase. In the next weeks and months everything will happen very, very fast. According to my higher team we will be facing a high point and a low point at the same time in autumn.

A deep introspection is now necessary as well as an honest evaluation of the self and our personal life-stream in order to walk a new way. The new path is already there, and only if we have the courage to choose it and leave the old paths behind, will we be prepared for what is to come.

Our highest divine plan and our highest possible trajectory are stored in our DNA. We can only access them through the portals of our heart. Only if we follow the wisdom of our hearts and make appropriate changes to our life-stream in this now-moment can we handle the coming frequencies and drastic accelerations of revelations, bizarre dismantling and the dissolving of the old structures and constructs. If we do not take conscious action now, things will become painful.

If you do not have a strong and clear connection to your Higher Self and your higher team yet, practice it daily in your meditation. You need to build trust and grow stronger confidence in your inner guidance so that you know what to do at any given moment. Strengthen your intuition so that you can follow it ~ it is the wise heart-guide.

We have entered a phase in which a lot of things that used to be of significance in the past do not resonate at all any more. Shifts in perception are constant now. It is about a new life on a higher level of consciousness in freedom ~ about a quantum leap on the timeline of the New Earth.



            • Be very diligent in clearing your field and keeping your frequency as high as possible.


            • Inner work and self-care on a daily basis is crucial: constant meditation, constant clearing, constant healing, constant activation, constant affirmation and alignment to the best possible outcome and highest timeline.


            • Clarify you needs and wishes. Make heart based choices, not fear based ones. Fear is the absence of love. Act courageously in freedom consciousness instead of cowardly conformity out of fear/lack of love.


            • Trust your inner guidance and act accordingly. Become independent of the outside. For example, if you feel that a move or a job change are imminent, if you feel like saying goodbye to certain people and activities, act on it.


            • If you live in a big city, get out of the city as often as possible. The collective field is so strong and it affects your own field massively. You may want to connect with Gaia and the new codes when being out in nature.


            • Take breaks and spend as much time in nature as possible. This serves the exchange of crystalline codes between you, the plants and the elemental beings. It helps you to recharge and to find inner balance and clarity.


            • Spiritual teachers and therapists: you can be there for your clients if you yourself are well. Our work demands more energy than ever before. Be clear about your ideal client avatar. Redefine it if necessary. Also adjust the amount of work according to your energy balance, your personal ascension process and your cosmic work. Set priorities.


            • Allow yourself to do and accept only what is good for you and what levels you up. Take advantage of all services and help you can get in order to find clarity for your ascension path and your personal life stream as well as to keep your field strong and balanced. Radical Self-Love is key.


            • Say "no, thank you" to all "two fronts"-conversations: real communication and exchange is possible with like-hearted people who are conscious and have a wide open heart. Anything else is too much of a drain on energy. Friendships and relationships that were just based on drama naturally dissolve.


            • Anchoring the new frequencies can make you tired. At the same time, you can come into states of pure bliss and a kind of "floating state".


            • Open your heart wide and treat everyone with kindness, compassion, love, respect and goodness. Just don't accept the old way as reality anymore, because it had come out of your ego. With a wide-open heart, be your own Higher Self aspect and be an example for others.


            • Seek out like-minded people for supportive heart conversations, solution-focused support, and shared meditations. Being in the company of our star family is healing, relaxing and full of joy. The heightened energy that is created when we connect can help us maintain inner clarity, integrate new frequencies more easily, and make heart based decisions. ~ And it just feels good to connect this way in the midst of the collective madness.


            • Refine your manifestation techniques. Be a conscious creator.




The energies of the total lunar eclipse on May 26th have already been clearly felt since the last new moon. Energetically, eclipses are evolutionary gateways that can initiate unpredictable shifts in a short period of time. Since this change can go in any direction, it is crucial what we focus on now.

On May 26 the moon comes into full moon position at 11.14 am UTC Thereby it wanders from 9.45 am UTC to 12.53 pm UTC through the umbra of the earth. A total lunar eclipse occurs.

At the time of the total lunar eclipse the earth is exactly between the two objects, on a line. As a result, no more direct sunlight will fall on the lunar surface.

The part of the moon visible from the earth then will lie in the darkest part of the earth's shadow, which is also called the umbra.

This full moon is also called blood moon, because it will be visible in the sky in reddish color despite the eclipse. Some of the sun's rays are deflected by the Earth's atmosphere onto the lunar surface, filtering out some of the light: the moon looks red.

It is visible in: Southeast Asia, Australia, much of North America, South America, the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, the Indian Ocean, and Antarctica.

In Germany, the lunar eclipse cannot be seen because at that time the moon is below the horizon in Central Europe: "The shadow play remains hidden here." A rogue, who sees a deeper meaning in it;-)


The full moon eclipse opens the interdimensional gate to the source field of manifestation. We get clarity about what may stay and what may go in our personally chosen reality.

The lunar eclipse is also a choice-point to fully engage with a higher trajectory. Holding on to unhealthy and distorted habits and believes becomes very uncomfortable otherwise, as stated earlier.

Use the energies of the Blood Moon eclipse to set new goals. This is the time to curb impulsive actions, block out distractions, and refine your intuition. Meditate and visualize your creative plan and write it down.



The lunar eclipse on May 26 heralds an important and intense passage. Together with the annular solar eclipse on June 10 and the summer solstice on June 21, they form a passage of heightened energy that holds a huge potential to shift on a Quantum level. We will use the Global Energy Transmission on June 6 to prepare for this unique window and I am guided to offer a special clearing. I will send out the details soon.

Since Pentecost Sunday we have been receiving wonderful and completely new divine feminine frequencies. They strengthen the goddess energy within us and provide an inner balance of the divine feminine and divine masculine. The healing of the mail and female split also manifests itself on the outside. To do this, all old control structures must first be dissolved fully.

Connect with these new energies, they feel wonderful ~ nurturing, empowering, warm and tingly and they open your heart exponentially wide.

In the next few weeks we will also be influenced by five planets that will turn retrograde. Remember 2020 when ALL planets were retrograde at the same time! Still, the intensity of last year was just kindergarten training camp. To prepare myself personally as best I can, I pause with most projects in the coming weeks. I spend time away from Berlin at power places in nature in Austria and receive a lot of information for the upcoming changes, not only the global and cosmic ones, but also for my personal journey.

We are all on a new path and have the free choice to walk it with as much ease and grace as possible.

The next stage of activating the freedom codes has already started.

All is well,





Pluto: April 27until October 6

Pluto holds the energy of transformation and power as well as destruction and regeneration.

Pluto supports us to go into the deepest areas of our inner world and the unconscious levels. As all supposed security structures break away on the outside, only on the inside we can find or strengthen our true integrity, our balance and our peace, as well as access to our primal power and our self-trust.

Another topic of Pluto in retrograde is power and powerlessness as well as self-empowerment. If we put this again in the context of cosmic/magnetic shifts and gamma rays, then we can consciously prepare ourselves for what is coming and deal with it with more ease and grace. During this phase we have to carefully pay attention to the shadow sides of retrograde Pluto and to deal with it in a self-responsible and adult way. We have to apply it to our personal state of being as well as to global and cosmic events and choose and act wisely. Here are some ways how the shadow effect can play out:


            • Sudden and unforeseen revelations and painful changes can bring dissolution of the old as well as renewal, if we do not cling to the old. This applies to personal areas as well as to social and economic structures and systems.


            •  Inner resistance to deal with one's own issues.


            • Suppression of deepest desires and needs.


            • Escape into coping mechanisms such as food, alcohol, drugs, medication, TV, cell phones, social media, etc.


            • Anger and aggression toward self as well as self-harm and self-hatred.


            • Increase in aggression and arguments on the outside in a wide variety of scenarios.


SATURN: May 23 until October 11

Saturn asks us to focus on the essentials in life, otherwise we may perish.

It will be turbulent with regard to the global financial system.

Intensification of fears, guilt and boundaries and the possibility of resolving them. Since these emotions can intensify in all people, it is important to be careful and mindful in dealing with them, especially when dealing with authority.

Saturn holds the opportunity to gain clarity on all levels, especially about relationships. Anything based on drama will dissolve. Goodbyes are to be expected.


MERCURY: May 30 until June 23

Focus on verbal and nonverbal communication. Mindfulness is crucial. Misunderstandings can be amplified, so better talk things through several times until there is real clarity.

It is better to postpone signing and handing in important documents.


JUPITER: June 20 until October 18, 2021

Re-evaluate plans & beliefs, let go of expectations.

Review and clarify old belief patterns.

Have you been underutilizing your potential and settling for less instead of recognizing and integrating your divine self? Big expansion on all levels and growth is possible.


NEPTUNE: June 25 until December 1, 2021

Revelations and holistic visions.

Forms and structures dissolve as well as illusions. On a deep inner level a real breakthrough of creative originality takes place. Creative processes are particularly fruitful. Phase of renewal.

Pay attention to the shadow side: physical and psychological exhaustion become stronger, as do possible disorientation and escapism from the world.



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