We are still under the 10/10 influx which brought through new Source Codes. Integration is important right now. So much is occurring on a Quantum Level and everyone experiences their own unique journey.

We are under the influence of the 2020 timeline energies already since September, and we can feel the pull and the intensification of our Ascension Process. There are two final gateways upon us: the 11/11 and 12/12 gateways.

  • Expect these to be even more intense. Prepare to move forward with as much ease and grace as possible: Meditation and being in nature as often as possible allows us to balance in this new light.


For the Lightworkers who experience a shift in their service work again, life can be very challenging right now.

Make sure you keep your boundaries and do not allow your business to take over. Follow your heart and make wise choices.

Many are also going through very deep clearings of their Akashic Records. The full alignment with the new light takes all of our focus. Simplify your life, be kind to yourself, get enough rest and allow yourself to get support in the way you need it. Doing everything by yourself is an old light habit, and you may not want to recreate the lower realities.

Unity consciousness means to support each other, to cooperate and to try something new ~ together.

Many Blessings