Ride the wave

With the beginning of September the strongest download of frequencies in decades has been started.

The first waves of light that we received earlier this year hit many people hard. Physical problems such as complete exhaustion, extreme tiredness, weakness, headaches and migraine attacks, difficulty to concentrate and mental confusion/disorientation are some of the most significant challenges to mention.

At the same time many of you are struggling, this third download is also carries the potential for constant personal and spiritual growth and ascent through 4th into 5th dimension.

That means that you have the choice between a united conscious of humanity in love and peace - or the repetition of your old patterns, programs and believe systems which will create more and more chaos and drama in your live.

We are still under the influence of the triple solar eclipse of September 1st and there will be a triple lunar eclipse on September 16th. Both eclipses are supporting a collective shift in consciousness. You can support that by affirming loud and clear: I hold the clear intention for the shift of human consciousness into love and peace. After that you may open up to receive the higher frequencies.

From September 9th to 11th the download of frequencies will increase more.

That has great influence on the sun and the plasma field. That again (in turn) will affect the earth magnetic field - as it did earlier this year - even stronger. Stay grounded, make sure you have healthy boundaries and if you wish so, prepare for a dimensional shift: Hold the intention in clear thoughts and emotions and do the proper actions.

Around the fall equinox on September 22nd there will be an open window to the new consciousness. It will be best to experience for you if you go out into nature as much as possible at that time. Honor earth and nature for everything they are providing to us humans: Hold your clear intention on love, peace, harmony, balance and ascent.

The power of the manifestation of these qualities multiplies by the number of humans worldwide holding the intention. The energy download will come to a peak around the September 26th to 29th. There will be no time left anymore for rest or integration. The frequency will flow steadily. Feel the excitement and joy towards that unique process. You are experiencing something humans have never ever experienced before. Being in joy will make it a lot easier for you to constantly hold the higher frequency. Let go of the old negative drama and trauma by affirming:

“Me, and my beloved ones are always safe and in peace.”

“I bless every human being and I bless myself. I welcome love and abundance in my live at a level I have never experienced before.”

Many Blessings