Solar Eclipse, Solstice & ET Special

The lunar eclipse brought us strong energies of transformation, renewal, revelation, clarity and creative power. We need them to break new ground.

The results of this laser-sharp manifestation in the now are already showing. A wish or a command is expressed, e.g. "I would like to do xy in my service work and I am open for people who honor and respect my abilities" and within hours or days the first offers come.

Use this strong wave as it continues through the summer solstice. You can find detailed information about this passage in the current article: Lunar Eclipse, Solar Eclipse & New Ways

This passage opens the possibility to dissolve outdated beliefs, habits and distortions on the deepest level. This clearing and transformation is necessary because it helps us to stay balanced to face these coming weeks of drastic accelerations of revelations, dismantling and the dissolving of the old structures with more ease.



The drifting apart of the timelines also shows in the shifts in our relationships. We as conscious multidimensional humans, also called Homo Galacticus ~ inhabitants of the New Earth, feel and experience that relationships with human beings stuck in 3D/Old World making decisions based on fear are dropping away from one moment to the next. This can be a quite painful experience.

My heart is with you, in case you as a star-seed experience this within your family, your circle of friends and acquaintances, but also in the circle of colleagues or perhaps even with previous role models or teachers. You are not alone with these experiences. They affect us all one way or another on different levels and in different intensity.

Let us not be drawn into fear-driven agendas. Let's connect with the heart energy again and again to stay in a state of divine neutrality.

In this case it is helpful to not be attached to the collective field of fear and low vibrational energies, as these are currently very strong and can affect our field massively. At the same time, of course, we are in constant exchange with the people and fields that surround us. We also want to clear their foreign energies from our field and disconnect any attachments so that we can keep our vibration high, keep our heart open, and stay clear and balanced.

If your field is full with foreign energies and you are still connected to the low vibrational collective field, it can cause imbalance, mood swings such as depression, resignation, fear, helplessness, feelings of guilt and shame, aggression and also self-destructive behavior.


It is important to take personal responsibility and conscious action. Only if we keep our freedom, remain independent and focus on our highest divine plan and our ascension path, we can stay balanced and co-create the New Earth.

To support this, I am offering a Powerful Group~Clearing on Sundays as part of the Global Energy Transmission:


          • Special clearing of foreign energies such as fear and pain.


          • Clearing of social, global and astral control patterns.


          • Integration of the new divine female codes.


          • Balancing of the divine feminine and divine masculine parts.


          • DNA activation


          • Disconnection from the low vibrational mass consciousness.


By disconnecting from the negative mass consciousness, and being freed from the low vibrational fields, we can manifest our visions for positive change and initiate our own rebirth as Christed Humans and that of the New Earth more easily.

In the Global Energy Transmission I will transmit the purest source frequencies to further activate your cosmic heart. This will also assist the physical body in the upgrade process, so that the transformation into the solar crystalline light body can happen with as much ease as possible.

Join us on Sunday at this unique moment of humanity's evolution, as part of a worldwide group of like-hearted people.

We need your light.



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