Trust the divine timing

On May 5, we will experience the next celestial event this year: the penumbral lunar eclipse.

It is directly related to the solar eclipse of April 19-20.

The solara eclipse ushered in the implementation phase of all that we had gained deep clarity and insight about in the weeks before (what we want to change, how we want to live - what the New World may look like).

Perhaps your physical body expressed the integration of the new frequencies in "sickness" or "weakness", which prevented you from taking the first steps to implement your newfound insights.

Don't harp on your body if integration doesn’t happen fast enough for you. Celebrate your body for its very own way of expressing itself and thereby showing you that integration really takes place....

But maybe you were able to use the wave of energy and became active and got directly into the implementation phase. Wherever you are right now:


Trust the divine timing.


The lunar eclipse leads us deeper into the awakening of a new inner balance. It gives us the opportunity to feel where there is imbalance, where we need balance, and what this new balance can look like.

This lunar eclipse is a special one because it is wrapped in the magic of the full moon. When we gather on Sunday for the Global Energy Transmission, we will be able to feel this magic.



In Walpurgis Night (Beltaine) Pluto went retrograde.

The energy of retrograde gets facinating when we combine it with the energy of the lunar eclipse.

Everything intensifies and in addition to the topic of balance and imbalance, a whole range of other topics come up on the table:


          • Power
          • Death
          • Rebirth/Resurection
          • Transformation
          • Destruction
          • Regeneration
          • Revelation
          • Mysteries
          • and secrets....


Which changes do you feel in the field? Are you allowing yourself to perceive the new?

What are the secrets hidden within you that you have not dared to fathom yet?

What path have you been on? What did you trust in? Where did it lead you?

What information did you believe and accept as your truth? What is the truth, and will you allow it to be revealed?

How has all this shown up in your body and in your life?

What do you want to keep and what can go?



We will all have to take a chance if we want to create a new inner balance.

Mercury is still retrograde until May 15 and helps us to recognize and let go of a possible imbalance in the past. Only through this a new beginning is possible.

And a new beginning always means taking a risk.

By taking this risk, and combining courage, love and truth, we express our divine essence.

I wish you a wonderful and magical time.

May the humour be with you,




May 5, 2023: Full Moon at 7:34 pm CET (UTC+1)

May 5 - 6, 2023: prenumbal lunar eclipse starting at 5:12 pm CET (UTC+1) and ends at 9:34 pm CET (UTC+1)

The eclipse will be visible (or partially visible) in Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Antartica.

May 7, 2023: Global Energy Transmission at 6 pm CET (UTC+1)

May 19, 2023: New Moon with peak at 5:53 pm CET (UTC+1)

Pluto declining from May 1 until October 11, 2023

Mercury declining until May 15, 2023. 15.05.2023


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