Full Speed Ahead! 2016

For sure it isn’t easy to be incarnated in this time since we are forced to question pretty much everything. In a new channeling the Pleiadians indicated that we will see worldwide imbalance, unrest and severe changes for the next ten years at least.

It is as if we were sailing through a hurricane, being shaken and thrown from one side to the other over and over again. So where and when will we have a tail wind?

 The Pleiadians say that 2016 is a time of tremendous confusion. You are emerged to get very clear between what your karma is and what you have to change. 2016 is also the time of psychic activation. A sudden activation of your psychic abilities can sometimes even destabilize you mentally: if you open your psychic doorways without being well grounded you are letting in everything and everybody and you are inviting entity possession. Therefore good grounding and a clean aura are essential for your development.

Always remember, that huge turbulence on the outside doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be troubled and cannot be fine. You can navigate your ship through any hurricane!

This year is also a time for spiritually oriented deep insights about your health. If you have an illness use your intention and clearly ask your Higher Self for more revelations to be brought to you so you have a clarity of mind regarding your health. Be clear about what you really want to experience in your life in 2016 and write it down. Full moon and new moon are perfect times for that since their energy is very supportive. Just make sure not to focus on the “how” but on the “what”. You will get what you want:


      • "I am intending to have a wonderful year. Financially I am secure and my income is increasing constantly. I transform my body to optimum health. I attract to myself good friends and people of integrity , honesty, with humor and reliability. I attract to myself only good adventures... (fill in the details)".


So I am navigating my ship in June to Mount Shasta to deepen my New Pleiadian Lightwork and channel new healing techniques, while enjoying the gift of having a tail wind.


Mount Shasta is the Cosmic Transducer Chakra of our planet. The multidimensional download and healing that take place here are very powerful. The beautiful and unique energy field of Mount Shasta embraces you. It is one of the places on earth where transformation is happening easy and on a very deep level.


I am looking forward to theMagic weeksin Mount Shasta with all of you, who are willing and ready and able to remain as captains on their ships and maneuver it to that place to have tail wind.

Many Blessings