Moon~Magic & Celebrating Anniversary

Blessings Beautiful Heart,

Yesterday’s full moon was very strong and opened a passage of deepest healing. Are you feeling the intensifying of the transformational energies?

Use these potent days until May 5th and allow yourself to really get to the bottom of the causes of your deepest wounds and shadows. Even patterns and programs that we have been working on 'for an eternity' can now be finally dissolved.

It is possible to personally reach a completely new level with the following issues especially:


            • From control by others to self-empowerment


            • From injustice to justice


            • From helplessness/victim mentality to sovereignty


            • From confinement/restriction to freedom


Our dreams are more lucid now and we come into contact with previously deeply hidden memories of our earliest childhood. This can bring an aha effect for the dissolution of personal patterns.

Suddenly we get the missing piece of the puzzle, the key we have been searching for to understand certain coping mechanisms and programming. Now we can recognize, dissolve and heal them. We unlock the door to this inner prison, open it wide and walk into freedom.

Since unresolved patterns also manifest in the physical body as symptoms (e.g. pain, tension, deformation...) instant release and healing is possible. This includes chronic health issues. The current energies are supporting us on a quantum level.

Use these energies wisely, because the more you dissolve, the more light your body can hold ~ and the more unaffected you are by the collective madness. Revisit the article ,Ride the Galactic Superwave' to deepen the inner healing by working with the questions.



Pluto turned retrograde on the 27th and supports us to go into the deepest areas of our inner world and the unconscious levels. As all supposed security structures break away on the outside, only on the inside we can find or strengthen our true integrity, our balance and our peace, as well as access to our primal power and our self-trust.

The theme of power, powerlessness and self-empowerment will play a central role in the coming weeks.

April 30th is Walpurgis Night, celebrated traditionally in many parts of Europe, and if you have not yet resolved your karma as a “witch / sorcerer” from previous lifetimes yet it should become number one on your to-do list. Our freedom codes can only be fully activated when we are free from the old blocks and limitations.

You may also revisit the article April, April for more information about the influence of Pluto and use the tools provided in there.




I can hardly believe that we are celebrating 7 years of Worldwide Energy Transmission on Sunday May 2nd.

I am deeply grateful to have been able to hold space for this wonderful group since 2014 and to witness the personal healings and changes in the participants, as well as the global and universal achievements and co-creations of our group as a whole.

Thanks to all of you who participated and will keep participating.

For the anniversary on May 2nd, the Special package for 6 Transmissions is available in the shop ~ details and registration can be found on

Since the event date on May 2nd is exactly in the passage described above, one focus of the energy transmission will be on


            • Lightness


            • Freedom


            • Self Empowerment


And of course, disconnecting from the low vibrational mass consciousness continues to be an integral part of the monthly Energy Transmission.

Join us on Sunday, enjoy and refuel.

All is well,


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