After a very strong full moon we already clearly feel the next energy wave, which will reach its peak at the spring equinox in March.

The new level, which became accessible and palpable for us in the last weeks, supports us in dissolving all programs, thought forms, habits and coping mechanisms, that kept us limited and in discomfort. (more about the frequencies in the Energie Report Frebruar)

Many of us experience deep clearings not only during our inner work, but also at night in intense dreams and astral journeys. At the same time, our light body continues to expand ~ which feels wonderful, especially when the limitation is no longer perceptible.

Our physical bodies continue to be completely restructured in the new light. Meanwhile, they are impacted by the constant changes in the Earth's magnetic field as well as the ever-increasing solar activity.



If you haven't yet started a detox, movement and relaxation program for your physical body, now is an ideal time to begin. The next 20 days leading up to the Spring Equinox can be a jumpstart to support your body and put it on a new level to receive the new light.

By this I don't mean a tight and strict program like we imposed on ourselves in the old light. Rather, it is about reconnecting to one's own body intelligence and feeling comfortable in the physical body and light body. 'Well-being' is the barometer ~ not the brief feeling of satisfaction when eating a lot of chocolate to numb yourself down, so you do not have to feel certain emotions.

It is a deep inner feeling of lightness and love towards one's own physical temple. For some this goes hand in hand with the bliss state during the embodiment process of the Multidimensional Self.

Start today with a first small step of your well-being program and then do another one every day until March 20. (or 21, depending on your time zone)

        • What is your starting position when it comes to detox, movement (exercise) and relaxation?


        • How comfortable do you feel in your body on a scale of 1-10 (1 = uncomfortable, 10 = perfectly in alignment)?


        • What is the first small step for you personally to support your physical body in holding more light and receiving DNA activations?


        • What are other steps for the 20 days that will challenge you to become the best that you can be without putting you under pressure?



Wherever you start from is OK. Do not criticize your current state, as this will only increase resistance to change and strengthen your old patterns. Support yourself speaking out loud the following affirmation:

          • I am willing to free myself from the need....... (for e.g. stress/food poisoning/underweight/overweight etc. - please insert ONE term).


          • I am worthy of being the best that I can be.


          • My body and life are filled with love.


Apply the affirmations daily as part of your individual well-being program. At the same time, drop patterns and habits in different areas of your life that have been causing you discomfort. Take extra care of yourself during the 20 days by getting a high quality reading, some homeopathic remedy or gift yourself the Energy Transmission on March 7.

With each baby step you will observe and feel your positive transformation during the 20 days.

March and the Equinox wave will bring great changes, and we need to be able to hold more light to move forward with ease and grace. Let's make it as easy as possible for our physical body to vibrate in New Earth Mode.

All is well,



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