Spiritual Leaders and Visionaries share insights from their

personal stories on how they create a successful life!

Thank you for attending our incredibly successful summit ‚Riders of the New Earth Energies‘ and for your enormously positive feedback! All of this exceeded our expectations by far and makes us very happy.

To celebrate this I’m inviting you for a special FREE LIVE EVENT

on Sunday December 29th 2019



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The summit has ended.

This free and exclusive event had provided insights, tools and inspiration

…to find the courage to move forward with ease and grace in order to thrive in the New Earth Energies!

…to walk your own path by learning from spiritual masters how they have overcome obstacles along the way and created a flourishing business in the new paradigm.

…to overcome self-doubt, fears and limitations and appreciate yourself & your soul gifts as well as receiving insights & forecasts for 2020!

…to clearly see your way towards a life of joy and abundance according to the new frequencies.

…to liberate yourself from the limiting 3D paradigm and to shift your consciousness to the highest timeline possible.

Sandra Walter

Ilona Selke

Ariella Indigo

Celia Fenn PhD

Lori Spagna

Freddy Silva

Janet Miller

Kasey & Brad Wallis

Nalini MacNab

Pam Oslie

Elizabeth Wood

Sky Kubby

Sky Kubby

Asa Idoni

Acurda Melchizedek

Annie Zummo

Anne Berube

Karen Parker

Don Jose Ruiz

Allie O’Shea

Tammy Braswell

Sara Landon

Meet your Host


Solara is a Spiritual Teacher, Channel and Quantum Healer. She has worked with clients around the world for over 15 years supporting them in finding their divine purpose and giving guidance for their ascension process. Although Solara was born with fully open psychic abilities, she tried to ignore these gifts during her career as a fashion designer and running a private fashion college.


She constantly received the call from Spirit about her real mission on earth. A severe illness that peaked with a week of no sleep initiated a deep transformational process.

She then allowed her natural healing and channeling abilities to fully blossom and began „a new life“. Solara started working with private clients and companies and created her own healing & ascension system called „New Pleiadian Lightwork“.

Solara is certified in Feng Shui, Magnified Healing, Reiki and Pleiadian Lightwork by Amrorah Quan Yin. Although Solara works multidimensional, she is grounded with a great sense of humour. As a Channel she receives visions and information on frequency shifts and upcoming earth events. She also brings through new healing techniques which she teaches in her classes and programs. Solara is currently based in Berlin, Germany.


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