2020 ~ Energy Report January




Happy New Year Beautiful Soul,
we are still integrating the new frequencies and activations from December. Many have experienced the ‚ascension flu‘, the body needed rest for days and sometimes weeks for the deepest clearings and restructuring.

2020 is the year of profound changes!

I will share a piece from my New Years Channeling from the Ascended Masters and their perspective on 2020: ‚…If you haven’t had time to rest yet, they strongly recommend taking a break now. Our physical bodies will need more detoxification and rest in 2020 then in the years before due to the new level of light our bodies have to hold in order to move on to the next level of our evolution.…. .

It will be one of the strongest qualities of 2020 that we choose very wisely who or what we dedicate our precious life force to! What do you want to create?

There are so many new areas to discover and new creations to start with in 2020. We will all evolve if we so wish, and there are many wonderful things waiting for us.  More and more people will have a spontaneous awakening, they need experienced healers, therapists and light workers to support them. Many are needed to lead people across the bridge from the old world to the new. It is time to step up onto the stage with your service work if you have not yet.

The pioneers and wayshowers are called to create a new level of service, the further anchoring and co-creation of the New Earth and the work with the Galactic and Solar Higher Councils of Light’… .(more intel in upcoming newsletters)

We are going through a deep shift and especially these weeks of January will be profound. Archangel Micheal pointed out that it is imminent that we hold the focus on the highest outcome and CONNECT in our intention, in meditations and in our service work.

Through this connection we gain much more power and the impact we have on creating a new reality will be much much stronger compared to trying to do it all by ourselves (one person only). Here are some upcoming dates you may want to use to make the best out of January:

January 10th – 11th 2020: full moon at 8:23 p.m. CET and partial penumbra eclipse from 5:05 p.m. – 10:14 p.m. CET (UTC+1) on the 10th, visible in Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa.

Initiation of the powerful planetary constellation on January 12th 2020: New divine feminine energy will be available for the Earth. New Code activations will prepare us for the upcoming deepest inner (and outer) changes.

January 13th 2020: Opening of the new star gates, expect hightened energies

January 1st – 31st: a powerful field of tension in which old structures collapse and new ones emerge created by a new male energy (that will rise to create harmonious new structures out of the divine mother energy).


‚It is time to radically create a new way of being and thinking: you can not create New Earth out of old perceptions, thought forms and the illusion of knowing what it will look like. It will only be the same old creation in a new costume. Remember your vast creativity and use it.‘ The Arcturians


Many Blessings