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about Solara Vision



Solara is is known for her pure and powerful channeling ability. She provides channeled messages and divine frequencies from the highest Light Beings such as the Ascendet Masters, Archangels, the Higher Councils and divine Source.

about Solara Vision

1:1 Healing & Reading


Through her clearvoyant gift as a transformational seer, Solara will provide information and guidance to help you see the bigger picture. Together you will transcend what holds you back and your whole system will be recalibrates and much more...

about Solara Vision



Book your session directly in our Shop. After booking you will receive an order confirmation. We will also send you an email within 24 hours after booking to schedule your session.

Alle Sessions finden via Telefon oder online statt.

Please read booking and rescheduling details at the bottom of this side.

Laser~Session – 30 Minutes

Apersonal reading focuses on clarity and realignment.


We talk about the topic you would liek to work on and about which you have questions.


You can ask about all aspects of the topic in this reading so that you receive new information and background knowledge that you did not have before, e.g. areas such as: partnership, health, business cooperation, new place of residence, spiritual decisions, money issues, etc.

A reading helps you to make decisions for your highest good based on the new information, clarity and dicernment.


Note: If you need a more comprehensive session to work on more complex issues, upgrades and DNA activations, a 45/60 Minute Healing & Transformation session or a Channeling is the right choice.

Intensive~Session – 45 or 60 Minutes

In this session we work in depth on the topics wich are important for you. Guidance from your Higher levels will present and I share what is in alignment with your highest divine plan.


I will do a reading, clearing and healing on all levels (aura, energy bodies, physical body, carmic issues, past life, future life, paralell realities, foreign energies...).


This session will support you in raising your vibration and bringing into balance that which is not in alignment with divine Source.


I may provide DNA recalibration and crystalline light code activations if appropriate. Since I work with very high frequencies a session will most likely accelerate your transformation.


If you whish to move into the next phase of your embodiment of the Christ consciousness, this is the right session for you.


A personal Channeling is a unique experience. It is the possibility, embedded in the frequencies of unconditional love, to look at one's own life and the current situation from a higher point of view. You receive clarity and loving guidance from the highest light beings to expand your consciousness and to move forward on the spiritual path.


By channeling the higher beings, such as the ascended masters, archangels, and source itself, Solara provides individual messages to you. The simultaneously transmitted high frequencies of light can lead to activations, initiations, healing and transformation on all levels.


You have the opportunity to seek clarity and guidance in all areas: your ascension journey, health, prelationship, profession and mission, ways of development, finances, friends, place of residence, children, business relations, incarnation, the shift in consciousness.... . These messages from the highest light beings are always in alignment with your Highest Self and your divine plan.


Dauer des Channelings: 45 Minuten


Recording of the Channeling will be provided 24-48 hours afterwords.

Each session is unique, as is every human being. Your free will is always honored. We always work in harmony with your higher self, your highest divine plan and the well-being of all concerned.

For all the seriousness of the matter, humor is important to me. Joy is known to be one of the highest vibration frequency in the universe! Time and again, I experience how joy and laughter release a great healing power and can change lives.



You are already on your path and you have experiance in spiritual healing. You have the deep understanding that you create your entire reality yourself and are responsible for your own life. Honesty, personal responsibility and the will to change and spiritual growth are crucial. I do not use my gifts to satisfy sensationalism with predictions, eliminate symptoms, or remove foreign energies without addressing and clearing the causes.


If you want to unload a quick solution or even your responsibility with me, and your entire focus is directed to the outside, please do not book a session. You will not be happy with the experience, and we do not offer any refund for the precious time it took to help other clients.


Be ready to step into your power to realize that living in freedom and sovereignty as a Multidimensional Master is possible.



Book your session directly in our Shop. After booking you will receive an order confirmation.


We will send you an email within 24 hours after booking to schedule your session.


When the appointment is confirmed you will receive the details for your session.


All sessions are held via telephone or online. In case of a channeling you will receive an audio recording 48 hours after the session at the latest.


RESCHEDULING:: If you need to change your appointment due to an emergency, please contact us at at least 72 hours before the day of the appointment at


After that, the appointment expires. Due to the amount of preparation work from the time of booking, we do not offer refunds. Thank you.


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