The world needs you

you and your unique abilities!

A VIP Mastery Mentoring with Solara is uniquely tailored to you. Just you, me, and our higher teams with laser focus for your optimum results:

Mastery Mentoring Solara Vision


and Vision

Receive clarity about your mission, your vision, your goals and higher possibilities.

Mastery Mentoring Solara Vision

New Ways of


Master challenges in a lighter and creative way.

Mastery Mentoring Solara Vision

Clearing of


Clear blocks and obstacles, so you can move forward with ease and grace and live your vision.

You whish to receive

individual and uniquely tailored VIP support so you can jump with joy on your next level.


You are already on your Ascension Path for a while and would like to create a new vision that you can manifest.


You want to gain access to your full range of abilities in alignmet with your Multidimensional Self.


You want new impulses and expand your consciousness.


Are you already working as a healer, coach, therapist, consultant or spiritual entrepreneur and you are blocked.


Your service work is not in alignment with the New Light. You are experiencing the death of your Old Self and want to birth your New Self.


You sense that you have great potential, but do not know what the right form of expression is for you - in harmony with your Miltidimensional Self.


You want clear guidance from the highest orders of light so you can see your live from the highest perspective an unfold your creativity and full potential.

If you said YES to one or several topics the

Mastery Mentoring is perfect for you!

I am looking forward to talk to you about your Ascension Path, your vision and your current challenges. The call takes place via Zoom and lasts 30-40 minutes. Together with me you will find clarity about what you really want and which resistances and blocks are still holding you back. I will show you energetic and practical ways to get clarity about your vision, your path and how you can move to the next level.


Please only sign up for the free consultation if you are seriously interested in working with me. Your time, ours and that of the other applicants who also wish to book a call, is precious.

I am looking forward to meeting with you.