Spiritual Teacher, Channel,

Quantum Healer



Solara is a Spiritual Teacher, Channel and Quantum Healer. She supports the shift in consciousness and has been working with clients from all over the world for over 16 years now.

Solara Vision

Although Solara was born with fully open psychic abilities and had visions early on, she tried to ignore these gifts during her first career as a fashion designer, working in the corporate world, designing her own collection and running a private fashion college in London, England.

During that time she constantly received the call from Spirit about her real mission on earth. She went through a deep transformational process that was initiated by severe illness and it had its peak when Solara did not sleep for an entire week.

Solara began 'a new life'. She now allowed her natural healing and channeling abilities to fully blossom. Solara started working with private clients and companies.

Solara channeled her own healing and ascension system called 'New Pleiadian Lightwork' and tought that for many years. She is also certified in Feng Shui, Magnified Healing, Reiki and Pleiadian Lightwork by Amrorah Quan Yin.

Her multidimensional work is characterized by humor and deep compassion. As a visionary and spiritual catalyst, one core of her work is to assist people in their ascension process and to live their higher purpose.

As a channel, Solara receives not only visions and information from her guides and higher light beings about the coming events on earth and in other dimensions but also regularly new healing and transformation techniques, which she incorporates into her work.

For all the seriousness of the matter, Solara loves humor and laughter. Joy and love are known to be the highest vibration frequency in the universe! Solara says: Joy and laughter can release a great healing power and change our lives.


Solara is currently based in Berlin, Germany.

Solara Vision