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Strengthen your

Energy Field!

Bath in the purest frequencies directly from source, each month for 30 minutes.

Enjoy and


Participants experience activation, clearer visions, increase of their high sensury perception, more strength & life force and joy, harmony, blance in their life.

Raise your


Elevate your field to clear and transform limitations. Live your full potential!

Global Energy Transmission

Dates 2024

January 7th
February 4th
from Mt. Shasta
April 7th

May 5th
June 2nd
July 7th
August 4th

September 1st
October 6
November 3rd
December 1st

On the first Sunday of each month

6 to 6.30 pm CET (Berlin, Wien, Rom)
5 to 5.30 pm GMT (Dublin, London)
9 to 9.30 am PST (Los Angeles)
12 to 12.30 pm EST (New York)

No technology required!


with guided


Meditation Deutsch:

Diese Musik ist Erzengel Zadkiels Engelsquellmusik im 432-Hz-Band, der Frequenz der Natur, von dem wunderbaren Musiker Frits Evelein. Die 432-Hz-Frequenz erzeugt Intervalle und Töne, die harmonische Heilwirkungen auf unser Bewusstsein und unsere Energiekörper haben.

Meditation English:

This music is Archangel Zadkiel Angel Source Music in the 432 Hz band, nature’s frequency, by a wonderful musician called Frits Evelein. The 432 Hz frequency further creates intervals and tones that have harmonic healing effects on our consciousness and energy bodies.

Global Energy Transmission

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Global Community:

You are welcome: You do not need to have any prior knowledge or prove any abilities or certain skills..


Do whatever you want to do at this time. If you register, you always get the full positive effect of the Energy Transmission.


It is easy: I transmit the pure source frequency to all who are registered. You do not need to do anything, go anywhere, or call anyone, nor click a link (this is NOT an online event). The special thing about the Global Energy Transmission is that you can simply receive! You can sit in your car, walk in a park, be on a plane..... .


If you wish to meditate during the transmission, meditate alone or with other participants. Breath, ground yourself and call in your Higher Self. At the beginning of the Energy Transmission feel free to say out loud your command or ask for what you would like to receive and manifest during the Transmission. Or simply say: Miracles are happening in my life.
We connect in this way through the Global Energy Transmission not only for personal healing and to receive support on all levels. As a group we help to anchor peace and love for all of humanity.

Enjoy the ongoing support by receiving the highest frequencies from source during the Global Energy Transmission!

  • Activation of the solar crystalline lightbody
  • DNA activation
  • Activation to embody your higher skills
  • Special clearing of foreign energies such as fear and pain.
  • Transformation of collective victimhood and martyrdom programs
  • Clearing of ancient abuse patterns
  • Entitie deposession
  • Clearing of social, global and astral control patterns.
  • Clearing of control implants
  • Harmonization of the body magnetism with the earth magnetic field
  • Activation of the new divine feminine codes
  • Integration of the new divine light codes.
  • Recalibration of the Energy Bodies
  • Calming and strengthening of the nervous system
  • High frequency download for clarity and discernment
  • Deepening the connection to the I Am presence
  • Disconnection from the low vibrational mass consciousness.
  • Get more strength and power

Let's enjoy the

shift together!

Energy Transmission - Procedure

During the Energy Transmission, I channel the purest frequencies directly from source and make them available to the individual participants, the group and Gaia. We 'meet in the etheric space', a special temple of light, which I anchor prior to the Energy Transmission for the participants. It is neither a physical meeting nor an online event, that's what makes it easy and special!


Each participant experiences a significant vibration increase or lift and receives exactly the amount of energy that she or he needs and according to his or her highest wellbeing. Healing can take place on all levels and lower energies (such as, for example, fear, sadness, pain) as well as energies that are foreign or unnatural to his or her being are transformed and detached. During the Energy Transmission, the participants are simultaneously a part of a group and an individual. When several Lighworkers concentrate their energy at the same time, their strength is not only cumulative, but synergistic in power.

Frequently asked questions

1) Is there anything I need to consider during the Energy Transmission? The good news is - no. There are no particular prerequisites and you do not need to do anything in particular. Ideally, you take time to meditate during the transmission, since you can be aware of the Transmission, experience, and feel it. However, this is not a requirement for participation.


2) I cannot perceive a lot, or am not aware of anything during the Energy Transmission. Is it still effective in my case? The individual awareness/perception is dependent on one’s state of consciousness. If you cannot feel anything or feel very little during the Energy Transmission, you do not need to worry that you, for example, do not receive any energy or are doing something wrong. You simply do not have the level of awareness to feel the energy of Source, since this is contingent upon the vibration frequency. Experience has shown that the level of awareness and perception increases during regular participation because the continuous increase of vibrational frequency unfolds the sensory perception. It is also possible for you not to feel anything on the day of the Energy Transmission, however, feel better in the following days, or notice that other positive changes take place in your life. For example, you get a new job, your chronic fatigue vanishes, or you sleep better. There are numerous examples of that reported by others in their testimonials.


3) Can I ask for something in particular, for example, in the case of physical issues? At the beginning of the Energy Transmission, you can explicitly ask for healing. Be specific in your intention.
At the beginning of the Energy Transmission, you can explicitly ask for healing. Be specific in your intention. For example, “I ask for healing of my headaches, backache, nausea, a muscular tear etc.” –or, “I am ready, willing, and able to experience total healing of... “– or, “I ask for inner silence and alleviation of tension” - or, “I ask for a clear answer or vision to the question of...”


4) Can I receive too much energy? This is not possible. You receive exactly the amount of the Source energy according to your highest wellbeing and to the Divine plan.


5) Are the energies during the Energy Transmission detached or dissolved? Due to the elevation of frequencies, lower energy fields (ex. pain, sadness) and foreign energies can be detached.


6) As a spiritual teacher or a healer, can I participate in the Energy Transmission, even if I use a particular technique in my work? Yes! The energy is neutral. You can practice any healing technique, be learning it, or teaching. The frequencies of the Energy Transmission will help you increase your own and reach your full potential. This could mean that you, in practicing your own healing techniques, can obtain better or faster results and that your abilities improve. You can also experience acceleration in your own spiritual development, regardless of the ‘method’ you are working with.


7) I can sense the group of the participants during the Energy Transmission. Am I imagining it? Since you are connected to the whole group during the Energy Transmission, this kind of awareness is absolutely possible and, generally, it is a wonderful experience. Maybe you can feel the group, feel the increased energy through the participants, see the group, or know that you are a part of it.


8) Is the Energy Transmission counterproductive to other spiritual techniques, training, or my being in individual treatment or therapy? The energy transmission is the highest, purest, and natural Source energy. To the contrary, the development and healing process is independent of the technique. Testimonials of the participants show a more efficient progress in therapy, individual sessions, and often in a significant way.


9) If I receive the Energy Transmission frequently in my apartment, does it have an effect on the place? The Energy Transmission can also cause a clearing and energy elevation at the location you are at during the transmission.


10) Can I get the negative energies of other participants into my field during the transmission?
The good news is that no such incident has been known since the first energy transmission in 2014. In very careful preparatory work, Solara sets up the temple of light, in which the transmission takes place, in such a way so that each participant is individually protected and receives only the purest source energy. Solara clears all other energies that the participants release out of the temple.