12 Week Program

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Individuelle Einzelsitzungen Solara Vision


more clarity!

This Master Class supports you in accessing your unique gifts and exploring your soul blueprint.

Individuelle Einzelsitzungen Solara Vision


energetic blockages!

Receive energetic clearings and transformation on all levels, layers and realities through new Arcturian Techniques channeled by Solara.

Individuelle Einzelsitzungen Solara Vision


your Creator-Power!

Through empowerment and self-realization you will be able to create a fulfilled life according to the new frequencies.

Are you ready

to live your full potential?

Work directly with Solara and her cosmic team as part of this new channeled program, live & online. The Master class is created to gain clarify and explore your unique gifts so you can create your new spiritual business.

Working with your Higher Self and your healing and ascension team, Solara acts as a spiritual catalyst for high-frequency energies. Solara supports you in activating your creative power on your spiritual path and recognizing your higher purpose.

In the Master Class you go on a vision quest. Through special processes, meditations, channelings and group work, you gain more clarity about your greatest abilities and identify your blockages. The class provides deep clearing and healing processes, which include new arcturian techniques for a transformation on all levels.

12 weeks

that will change your life!

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Program Structure

The live program includes videos with healing and clearing exercises, meditations, channelings and teachings to discover your greatest abilities and gain clarity about your soul purpose:


  • Finding your Mission and purpose: specific exercises, processes and mediations to gain more clarity and explore your gifts and abilities

  • New grounding procedure
  • Clearing of foreign energy such as: negative emotions and thoughtforms, programming, pain, astral parasites, cords, implants....
  • Transmuting the shadow and lower levels of ego, negative emotions and thoughtforms
  • New Arcturian healing Technique for clearing your whole ancestral line
  • Clearing techniques for negative thoughtforms and emotional patterns
  • Connecting with your divine team to receive constant guidance and support
  • Activations and expansion of consciousness
  • Merging with the Higher Self

  • Commands & decrees to align with your higher vision - and to create it
  • Newest Energy Reports
  • From self-hatred to unconditional love
.......and much more