Energy Report November ~ Part 2


How can we stay balanced and hold our focus on love, peace and ascension? In order to keep our inner balance, we need to learn to master our emotions like adults.

In the classical mystery school teachings this is a sign of mastery. It takes practice and discipline and prepares us for the December / January passage. We will be able to handle the big incoming energies with more ease and grace.

As highly sensitive lightworkers we need inner balance, especially when the shock waves from the collective (triggered by events, orders and revelations) hit our field.



Clearing and protection ~ We need to keep our aura field clear, hold our vibration high and work with protection techniques, if needed. Having this daily routine helps us, to avoid going into resonance with foreign energies. We can stay calm and neutral. Choose the tecniques you have learned or look for new ones. You may also use minerals, etheric oils and incense.

Heart alignment: Exercise ~ Put a hand on your cosmic heart (in the middle of your chest). Close your eyes. Feel your cosmic heart and direct all of your attention to it. Withdraw all your energy from the outside and into your cosmic heart. Feel your heart. Say to yourself: I am safe! I am love and peace! All is well! Allow yourself to feel the shift. This is not a mental exercise. It's about the feeling. If you do this exercise on a regular basis and several times a day, you will notice how you get into inner balance quickly. With some practice it only takes minutes. Especially in November, but also in the next few months, painful truths can emerge on a personal and social level. Mastering your own emotions in this situation is a key to keeping your inner balance.

Emotional mastery ~ Especially in November, but also in the next few months, painful truths can emerge on a personal and social level. Mastering your own emotions in this situation is a key to keeping your inner balance.

Emotional mastery: Exercise ~ First, allow yourself to perceive your emotions and go through for yourself (without throwing them at others). Then repeat the o.a. Exercise. When you have settled down, seek the message in these truths. When you identify, accept and understand the message, this will help you to find a new perspective. Then clarify the old beliefs and realign your behavior. - We open our hearts. We stay in love and compassion. We look at everything through the eyes of our higher self.

Love and compassion ~ We keep our heart wide open so we can hold love and compassion no matter what. We deepen our Higher Self connection to see through the eyes of our Higher Self.

Divine neutrality ~ We do not judge the sensitivities, reactions and actions of our fellow human beings. We stay neutral. We are in this big shift together. All of us are facing inner and outer challenges, and we are juggling many more balls than ever before.

Letting go of judgement. Exercise ~ If you catch yourself judging or having negative thoughts and emotions towards your fellow human beings, then stop them immediately by saying inwardly: Peace be with you and / or I bless you! Repeat this until the negative thoughts are gone.

Dissolving conflict energy ~ We are wary of immediate reactions, especially in the chaotic November energies. If we feel triggered when we engage with people and situations, or we feel anger rising up in our emotional body it can be best to leave the situation. We then process our emotions and issues in private and do not impose them on others. The energy of conflict is strong right now and impulsive reactions can intensify the conflict and without contributing anything positive to the situation. We are always aware that all of our actions add to the bigger picture.

Being fully present ~ The endless loops of 'fear of the future' or 'suffering from the past' can only be dissolved if we come fully present in the Here and the Now. Only in the present moment can we make new and better choices.

Self-care: Exercise ~ Ask yourself: What do I need in the moment of imbalance to calm myself down again? Moving my body? A hug? A conversation? A bath? Fresh air and deep breathing? A meditation? My crystals?..... Be honest with yourself to identify coping mechanisms such as TV, sweets, alcohol, shopping, drugs etc. which just bring you the quick fix. (Do not judge yourself for coping mechanisms, just make a better choice moment ny moment) True self-care usually brings nourishment and happiness.



October 31 - November 14:

Opening the transit passage from 3D to 5D or from old to new. Powerful time for clearing and healing old beliefs, karmic programs and ancestry lines. Good time to clear victim issues and to move into the next level of self-empowerment.

Therefore, the November 1st Energy Transmission involved additional processes of clearing, realignment, and liberation. Here is an experience from a participant:

        • "I enjoyed seeing the participants in the temple of light. It almost felt like a meeting among friends ....... It was as if the sky opened above me and a huge golden waterfall poured into the sacred temple. The golden diamond liquid was filled with new sacred geometries and new freedom codes, and we all received exactly what we needed. The energy of liberation was so strong that we sent it out into the new light grids. When we very clearly demanded freedom, love and peace and asked the highest beings of light for help, this request was heard by the legions of light, which flew over us seconds later (as if they had received the order to operate). It was amazing." A. T. Germany


We command our freedom as sovereign beings and activate the freedom codes in our DNA.

The November energies provide new clarity about personal power and empowerment.


November 11:

Cosmic portal with sacred ascension code 11:11. This code activated the neural pathways in the brain, so it can access higher dimensions. We are able to download new frequencies from the light grids with more ease. Meditation. Our ascension process is supported by a massive influx of the energy of clarity and discernment.

11:11 also provides the energy of balance and equality. Good day to work on that issue to overcome polarity and division. Merging with all aspects of self. Transformation from the physical into the divine.


November 14 till November 30:

Intensification of the frequencies. Changes in the magnetic field. Mindfulness is important, as are calm and balance in order to compensate for the state of overwhelm.


November 15

New moon at 6:08:54 am. Good time to pause and re-evaluate your life. For therapists/healers/teachers: Where are you still carrying the responsibilities for your clients? Especially around the new moon, people may show up who do not take responsibility, but prefer to unload their problems. Good time to end such toxic relationships.

A focus should be on personal healing, inner balance, wisdom and creative development (writing down ideas). We set new intentions and decide what we want to manifest next.


November 22, 2020

22222 code. Meditation and work with the High Council of the Sun. Gatekeeper and Gridworkers stabilize the collective field and balance the process of transformation of the New Earth.


November 29 - 30

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon on November 30 at 10:29:42 CET, Visible in: Much of Europe, Much of Asia, Australia, North America, South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Arctic. Supports plans and negotiations. Dealing with previously hidden shadow issues.



Mercury went not of retrograde on November 3rd. This brings some ease to communication and planning.

Declining planets

Until November 14 ~ Mars: Acceleration on all levels, change (attention: sudden aggression may flare up), be patient. Work mindfully on projects, don't rush or push it. From November 15 onwards, it is helpful to work with the Higher Council of Mars on healing our solar system.

Until November 29 ~ Neptune: Revelations! Also, holistic visions can be strong. Beware of the shadow side: Disorientation and escaping mechanisms from the real world (flaky, non grounded, ostrich mentality) need to be faced and transformed.

Until December 15 ~ Chiron: Deep inner healing. Blocks and issues, on which you have been working for many years already, can be finally cleared right down to the core.

Until December 30 ~ Uranus: increased intuition, awareness of freedom, independence, rebellious behavior, projects can come to a standstill.


We do everything to keep our balance, stay calm and to radiate love and peace. This is how we stabilize the collective fields in order to master this giant shift together.

May the humour be with you.

Many Blessings