2020 carries the energy of clarity. We all see, feel and testify to it. On the outside as well as on the inside. We are still in the August passages with an intensified frequency influx. The frequencies act like a laser. They intensify the dance of light and shadow. They also deepen the levels of transformation and soul embodiment for many of us.

How do you feel right now in the midst of the greatest transformation of humanity? How does your physical body feel? How does your emotional body feel? And how does your mental and spiritual body feel? Take a moment to go deep inside, allow arising whatever wants to. Feel it without any judgement.

I have spoken to many clients, spiritual teachers and channels, colleagues and friends over the past few weeks. Many talk about an overload on a mental and emotional level, also on a spiritual level. And of course the current upheavals have a major impact on our energy field.

Let's go into more detail about those who are beginning to fully integrate and embody the Higher Levels. If you are in this process, you have already gone through several stages of your ascension process and done your homework (deep and thorough clearing work).


There is a moment during this integration when the Old Self literally dies. There is a shift in consciousness and a lot of things and aspects in life then appear pointless. Often this happens suddenly, from one moment to the next.

In the current phase of planetary ascension, many spiritual teachers and light workers experience this in a new quality.

It can feel similar like some kind of deep depression but not quite. Their way of life and service work, that has often been carried out for decades, suddenly no longer seem to make any sense. Or in the way it is expressed or in the content in which it was previously carried out seems no longer in the highest alignment. Another aspect is that suddenly a feeling can arise that activity xy is now complete.


A strong death craving can arise, the desire to leave the planet. (This has nothing to do with the 'never wanted to be here' theme or a severe depression). At the same time there is an awarness that leaving the body now is not what you agreed to prior to your current incarnation. This phase can be confusing.


For some it may occur as: 'I've done everything, gave everything, it's good. I am done.' Or: 'I can no longer go on like this. I can't give anymore.' Perhaps there are also doubts: 'I have worked so hard with many others for the ascension of mankind, and when I look at this dire situation I have doubts that it will work out fine, and even if so, the price humanity pays will be far too high. '

This can have a particularly powerful effect on empaths and seers, because they perceive a lot the upheavals and those that are still to come (including the painful ones). Sometimes this is almost unbearable.

On the physical level, there can be the deepest exhaustion and tiredness of the body and the nervous system. It can feel overwhelming. Despite adequate sleep (often 9-12 hours plus Siestas/naps during the day), there is no feeling of recovery.

If all the above applies to you (and other causes have been excluded) then you are most likely in the embodiment phase of your Higher Self and in a kind of transition phase to your next higher level.

The clarity alone brings relief to many. You are not crazy and nothing is 'wrong' with you.

The most important step now is to acknowledge it. All of it. Then open your heart and allow yourself to feel the joy that you have come so far on your path!

I know you worked very hard for it, beautiful soul. Breathe deeply. Yes, in this stage often fear may arise. This all-encompassing emptiness can trigger fear.

Breath, relax, this is part of this process. It is a phase and does not stay forever. How can you support yourself in this deep integration process that will change your entire being forever? How can you make gentle adjustments in your life, move forward with more ease and grace?



How can you move through this process with more ease and grace? How can you love and care about yourself?

      • First, get clarity about the phase of your process. If you do not have a clear connection to your guides, get support.


      • Then take a day or two to consider your current life and service situation thoroughly and honestly. Writing it down helps to get an overview.


      • Drop all activities that you don't necessarily have to do. At this point in your journey and depending on your physical condition this can literally be a question of survival.


      • This may sound 'extreme' to some of you. My recommendations also only apply to people in the embodiment process. And when you are in this phase, you know that your physical and mental well-being can depend on making 'radical' changes. The Higher Selfes knock on your door, first gently, then louder ... they cannot be brushed off.


      • You are incarnated to experience the ascension process. It has been your free choice. Just allow yourself to perceive all your emotions and feelings. Do not judge or repress any of it. All is well and you are not doing anything wrong. You are only going through a wonderful transformation right now, beloved soul.


      • Pause!


      • Allow yourself enough sleep, even during the day. Our sleep rhythms are no longer regular. Don't put negative emotions into it. It's just what it is.


      • Check the constitution of your physical body. If you have physical complaints, including chronic ones, which are now intensifying in the new light, find the cause behind the symptoms. If you haven't received any conclusive diagnoses for this, ask your Cosmic Team and your Higher Self for answers and clarity. Trust that the relevant information will come to you. Be open and mindful. Let them know how you feel. Communication should flow in both directions, it is not a one-way street.


      • Also check your Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Bodies and proceed similarly as with the Physical Body.


      • Create a written healing plan for all levels.


      • First write everything down without wanting to do EVERYTHING at the same time. The body needs a lot of rest because the activations and changes are constant.


      • You can now take a small part of the overall plan to implement it as a first step.


      • Then create a daily plan that you want to implement every day.


      • Recommended contents are: healthy nutrition, meditation, exercise, time in nature, clearing and healing work, sleep as well as the light grounding of ideas and creative projects for future implementation (this phase is not about doing and busyness - any pressure/stress is toxic on your system).


      • Take baby steps! Start with small changes, especially when it comes to diet changes and detox. One by one, because you don't want to exhaust the body anymore.


      • Implement your plan in a way that it brings you joy. For example, if you live as an empath in the city and suffer a lot from the negative collective field outside your own activated and shielded house, then go outside into nature very early (at sunrise). Enjoy the silence and go for a walk, meditate or do yoga.


      • Enjoy the states of deep peace and bliss.


      • Get guidance on whether xy of your work is too much for you or whether you can continue to work as before. Pay attention to the answer and implement it accordingly.


      • If you are dependent on the income, but absolutely need this integration break, then use the following affirmation several times a day: 'I am a magnet for money. I am open and receptive to all the wealth in the Universe'. Trust the Universe that you are taken care of. If you are still dealing with a strong lack mentality and deep patterns, this is the time to clear them. Allow yourself to get professional help. We are all here to live in full abundance.


      • Allow space for silence, peace and quiet. Be your best companion. Even if you live in a partnership or family, you can arrange quiet time for yourself. Let them know that you go on a retreat (it can be an hour daily or a whole day, whatever is best for you). Your energy field can only be clear and unaffected when nobody is around you.


      • Make notes of the changes and positive effects of each baby step you do and refine your daily plan or the basic structure according to what works best for you.


This will bring you relief, beloved soul. And always remember, you are not alone in this phase! Celebrate that you have come so far on your path.

Supporting yourself best during this phase is an act of self-love.

Regardless where you are on your ascension path, the following applies to all of us:

Let's keep our focus on the highest outcome for all concerned at every moment. Let's activate our blueprints of the highest potential of all life through the heart of divine love.

Show this in thought, word, and deed. This is the most important contribution that each one of us can provide.

Many Blessings,



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