Energy Update July

Blessings Beautiful Heart,

I hope this article finds you with a smile in your heart!

After an intense beginning of the month, tomorrow we reach the first peak: it's New Moon.

At the same time, this day also concludes the eclipse and solstice passage.

The processes of dissolution and revelation have again taken on a stronger dynamic.

Everything has changed again, also the magnetic field and the crystalline light grids. A new and very strong expansion of our consciousness and field is possible.

When we connect with like-heartet people through the Stargate of our heart, we form a beautiful light formation and stabilize the light grids. This also balances us, so that we are not pulled into the giant vortex of 3D dissolution. This is the final game.

In depth article with important dates, planetary constellations and tools:

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Many reported a sudden dissipation of the light during or right after the mediation and have asked how to stabilize their field and hold the high frequencies:

Be dilligent with your spiritual hygiene. Use your tools to keep your field clear and balanced. One of the main reasons right now for disbalance and dissipation is the connection to the low vibrational collective field. In its distortion it is very strong. Make sure that you are disconnected and check in often. If you do not have tools, get professional help or try the monthly Energy Transmission (wich includes the disconnection from the mass consciousness).

In the Global Energy Transmission last Sunday A LOT was cleared, resolved and transformed. I was surprised myself about the amount. Thanks to all participants: it was amazing to witness how much joy and light was anchored!

I wish you a magical New Moon.

All is well,


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