The following article provides a chronological overview of all planets that are retrograde in 2024. It describes their specific energies in the respective phases of the retrograde, as well as which opportunities arise from it for us.

It also describes in which way mindfulness can be appropriate and helpful.



August 29, 2023 until January 27, 2024

September 1rst 2024 until January 1rst 2025

Uranus is retrograde for about 22 weeks of each year.

A laser will shine on everything old: on outdated structures, belief systems, patterns and unconscious ways of acting. All will be shaken loose.

Holding on to the old becomes very uncomfortable. Letting go is a key to maintaining inner balance.

The impossible now becomes possible, also, as the activation of the freedom codes increases the longing for independence. Good time for change.

This is a great time for change.

This phase supports introspection and insights, on the basis of which changes are initiated. Therefore, professional projects may become less important during this phase, as the focus shifts to our innermost self. Simply postpone them to a later time instead of trying to push them through with great willpower.

Mindfulness:: The inner resistance to introspection and self-knowledge can lead to distracting activities on the outside or even show itself in radical behavior, such as breaking out of a situation.

It can also show itself in childish or defiant behavior. Honesty with oneself is crucial here, as is accepting competent help from outside.


Mercury turnes retrogate

December 13, 2023 until January 2, 2024

April 2nd, 2024 until April 25th, 2024

August 5th, 2024 until August 28th, 2024

November 26, 2024 until December 15th, 2024


Revelation of the disowned component in our awareness, communication, and interaction with others and with the world around us.

It is a good time for introspection and to become more aware of your own patterns... and changing them.

Mindfulness:Misunderstandings can arise in communication. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to clarity and comprehensibility, especially in agreements and scheduling.

If possible, you should postpone the conclusion of contracts, travel, major new purchases and project starts. Malfunctions in technical equipment may also occur more frequently.


Pluto from May 2nd, 2024 until October 10th, 2024

Pluto, the great transformer, supports us in the process of moving into the deepest parts of our inner and unconscious.

As all supposed security structures break away on the outside, only on the inside we can find or strengthen our true integrity, our balance and our peace, as well as access to our primal power and our self-trust.

The theme of power, powerlessness and self-empowerment will play a central role in the coming weeks.

It is about the themes of action and transformation as well as transformation in personal and social structures. Where is something allowed to change?

The power struggle between those who cling to old control structures and those who want to live the freedom codes is intensified.

Examine your own attitude towards the topic of 'power'.

Radical honesty allows deep insights into your subconscious. Letting go of old victim structures and accepting your own power provides space for the next step of self-empowerment.

Mindfulness:: The 'ostrich mentality' is gonna play out bigtime in 2023 and so is resintance to do inner work. The consequences will be VERY uncomfortable.

Suppression of deepest desires and needs. Anger and aggression towards self as well as self-harm and self-hatred. Possible aggression against others.

Increased mindfulness in the outside world, the reactions of fear-triggered people are often unpredictable.

Another topic of Pluto in retrograde is power and powerlessness as well as self-empowerment. During this phase we have to carefully pay attention to the shadow sides of retrograde Pluto and to deal with it in a self-responsible and adult way. We have to apply it to our personal state of being as well as to global and cosmic events and choose and act wisely. Here are some ways how the shadow effect can play out:

  • Sudden and unforeseen revelations and painful changes can bring dissolution of the old as well as renewal, if we do not cling to the old. This applies to personal areas as well as to social and economic structures and systems.


  • Inner resistance to deal with one's own issues.


  • Suppression of deepest desires and needs.


  • Escape into coping mechanisms such as food, alcohol, drugs, medication, TV, cell phones, social media, etc.


  • Anger and aggression toward self as well as self-harm and self-hatred.


  • Increase in aggression and arguments on the outside in a wide variety of scenarios.


SATURN Saturn, from June 29th, 2024 until November 15th, 2024

Saturn goes into retrograde for about 4 months of the year.

Saturn asks us to focus on the essentials in life, otherwise we may perish.

Saturn also gives us more strength without feeling overwhelmed.

It will be very turbulent with regard to the global financial system.

Saturn holds the opportunity to gain clarity on all levels, especially about relationships. Anything based on drama will dissolve. Goodbyes are to be expected.

Mindfulness:: Retrograde Saturn can strengthen resistance to inner change. ~ Rather work on your own resistance and transform it instead of going into stagnation.

Saturn intensifys fears, guilt and boundaries and the possibility of resolving them.

Since these emotions can intensify in all people, it is important to be careful and mindful in dealing with them, especially when dealing with authority.


Neptune from July 2nd, 2024 until December 8th, 2024 02.07.2024 bis 08.12.2024

Every year for about 23 weeks Neptune becomes retrograde.

The phase provides dynamic revelations and holistic visions.

Forms and structures dissolve as well as illusions. On a deep inner level a real breakthrough of creative originality takes place.

Creative processes are particularly fruitful. It is a powerful phase of renewal.

Mindfulness: : Pay attention to the shadow side. Physical and psychological exhaustion become stronger, as do possible disorientation and escapism from the world.

Not looking at your own issues that may be urgently transformed.


Chiron from July 26, 2024 until December 29th, 2024

The planetoid Chiron offers an opportunity for deep inner healing processes.

Also a good opportunity to receive clarity that our strongest pain points in life hold our greatest treasures ~ recognize one's own abilities and strengths in them. These potentials can then be lived.

These potentials can then be lived.

Chiron supports us in transforming fear into courage.

Mindfulness: sudden and immediate emotional outbursts can sometimes be unsettling or irritating, especially if you don't have much experience with emotional clearing or are newly awakened. Seek professional help if necessary.

Lightworker stabilize the collective field by staying in peace and quiet! For therapists of all kinds: heightened awareness concerning clients reactions.


Venus is not retrograde in 2024.







Jupiter from October 9th, 2024 until February 2nd, 2025

Retrograde Jupiter supports us in re-evaluating our plans & beliefs, as well as letting go of 'expectations'.

The review and clarification of old beliefs and patterns is favored in this phase.

Have you been underutilizing your potential and settling for less instead of recognizing and integrating your divine self?

A strong expansion on all levels (consciousness!) and growth possible.

Mindfulness:: Not getting into action out of convenience and inertia, or denying one's own inertia and making excuses.

Lack of self-reflection: complacency and spiritual arrogance are neither admitted to nor discarded.


Mars from December 7th, 2024 until February 24th, 2025

Mars becomes retrograde only every 26 months.

It supports self-determined action. Another important aspect is the clearing of old issues and of everything that has been left undone.

Mars in retrograde asks us to use our powers wisely and not to overspend.

Moderate and conscious action is appropriate.


Mindfulness:It takes disciplin to hold the focus and not let the mind scatter.

It is helpful not to make hasty decisions and not to rush into anything. It is necessary to first carefully gather all the information, to distinguish the true from the false, and only then to make a decision. This process may take longer, depending on the individual.