Summer Solstice

After a period of deepest clearing and healing, we are ready for the next energy wave: the Summer Solstice on June 21.

The passage (June 18-22) opend yesterday, and new diamond light codes will stream from the Sun to the Earth during the next few days.

You may feel tired from the clearings and activations of the last few weeks, and your body might be rather heavy and exhausted. Allow yourself to rest and communicate with your body intelligence. Then do all that is conducive to your recovery, so that you come back into balance.

Remember: The term solstice is derived from the Latin word 'solstitium'. It means: 'sun standing still'. It refers to the point at which the sun’s visual trajectory north or south across the horizon comes to a halt. We can describe it as a balance point of all creation. There will be a strong activation for the whole world (on all levels).

It is precisely this balance, both internally and externally, that is the key to us going our way calmly and clearly. These days provide a pause to go deep within and to contemplate the personal changes that have occurred in the past weeks. Through this contemplation we are able to re-align ourselves with our path on the new earth.

Jupiter turns retrograde on June 20 and supports us in re-evaluating our plans and beliefs. He helps us to let go of old expectations. Big expansion on all levels and growth is possible.


Summer Solstice: June 21 ~ depending on your location

At 5:32 am CET (time converter) in the Northern Hemisphere the sun reaches its northernmost point in the sky, reaching the height of its power. The longest day and shortest night of the year occur on this date, marking the beginning of summer. In the Southern Hemisphere, the June solstice marks the beginning of winter.

Very strong energies are to be expected. Use them by receiving them through the portal of your open heart.


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A deep introspection as well as an honest evaluation of the self and our personal life-stream are the main themes during this passage. The new path is already there, and only if we have the courage to choose it and leave the old paths behind, will we be prepared for the upcoming shifts, which will be very dynamic. Read more on that topic in the in-depth article

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Let's not get caught up in fear-driven agendas, which are getting more bizarre every day. Let's keep our heart wide open and stay in a state of divine neutrality.

All is well,


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