Solar Flare & Global Energy Transmission


With the penumbra lunar eclipse on November 29-30, we reached the first massive wave of unveiling of the December/January passage. We feel the energies.

In many, they trigger the emotional bodies. The collective field of fear is further charged. At the same time, a new level of consciousness has become available since the full moon last Sunday.

Yesterday a solar eruption occurred, the strongest so far in this cycle ~ luckily not facing earth. These solar energies are reaching our planet these days. Many sensitive lightworkers have been literally knocked out yesterday, as they were the first to receive the DNA code activations.

Rest, sleep and avoid places with low vibrations, so that you can receive and integrate the strong activations with as much ease and grace as possible.

December will be an intense month with unique planetary constellations. The largest cosmic wave of high-frequency plasma energy to date will flow into the Earth's atmosphere, triggering a wave of enlightenment. I will write more in the Energy Report December.

On Sunday, December 6th, the Global Energy Transmission will take place ~ the last opportunity to connect in this wonderful way in this exciting year 2020.

We can use it to prepare for this intense month of revelation and especially for the winter solstice.


Participants from all over the world will meet again on Sunday in the ethereal temple of light to receive the purest frequencies directly from the source. In this oasis of calm, love and the connection to the source, magic can unfold.

You have to do nothing but receive and enjoy.

Gift yourself with 30 minutes of pure energy from source to receive healing, clearing, more strength & life force.

As a special, I will disconnect all participants from the collective field of fear.

We connect in this way through the Global Energy Transmission not only for personal healing and to receive support on all levels. As a group we help to anchor peace and love for all of humanity.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who participated in this 6th year of Global Energy Transmission and helped to anchor the light, love and peace on this earth.

Let us be the change together.

Many Blessings