Resurrection, Pluto and Easter Eggs

The Easter Passage is upon us and we can feel the new energies that are expanding our consciousness in a whole new way.

On April 12 there will be the first energy peak and from there we will seamlessly transition into the Easter Passage, which will last from April 13 until April 19.

The full moon on April 16 with peak at 8:55 CET (UTC+1) will amplify the energies of resurrection.

Do you also feel the rapid and constant upgrades of the light body and heart?

Remember that a massive upgrade can also mean the following symptoms of physical detoxification and integration: Cold symptoms, aches and pains, weakness, dizziness and fatigue....

Taking good rests, breaks, fewer appointments and commitments are also recommended, as is dropping anything that sucks energy, tugs at the nerves or is conflictual. Hiding Easter eggs can also be a fun alternative....

Revisit the article April April for detailed information on these current topics:












The Easter passage is a cosmic source of inspiration for creativity, lightness and resurrection. Let's honour this precious time.

Perhaps these questions will help you in your individual process of the death of the Old Self and the resurrection of your Cosmic Self:


  • What inspires me?


  • Do I need a fundamental change and if so in which area of my life?


  • For which ONE step can I use the sources of inspiration of spring and the Easter passage to initiate something new?


Let us use the Easter days to listen to our heart and the call for change and to initiate our own resurrection and that of the New Earth. Every conscious action and every conscious step counts.


May the humour be with you,




PLUTO from April 29 until October 8, 2022 

Pluto supports us to go into the deepest areas of our inner world and the unconscious levels.

As all supposed security structures break away on the outside, only on the inside we can find or strengthen our true integrity, our balance and our peace, as well as access to our primal power and our self-trust.

Another topic of Pluto in retrograde is power and powerlessness as well as self-empowerment. If we put this again in the context of cosmic/magnetic shifts and gamma rays, then we can consciously prepare ourselves for what is coming and deal with it with more ease and grace.

During this phase we have to carefully pay attention to the shadow sides of retrograde Pluto and to deal with it in a self-responsible and adult way. We have to apply it to our personal state of being as well as to global and cosmic events and choose and act wisely.

Sudden and unforeseen revelations and painful changes can bring dissolution of the old as well as renewal, if we do not cling to the old. This applies to personal areas as well as to social and economic structures and systems.


  • Inner resistance to deal with one's own issues.


  • Suppression of deepest desires and needs.


  • Escape into coping mechanisms such as food, alcohol, drugs, medication, TV, cell phones, social media, etc.


  • Anger and aggression toward self as well as self-harm and self-hatred.


  •  Increase in aggression and arguments on the outside in a wide variety of scenarios.


Pluto holds the energy of transformation and power as well as destruction and regeneration. Where do I allow change in my life? Power struggle between those who hold on to old control-structures and those who want to live the freedom-codes.

Examine your own attitude towards 'power'. Radical honesty allows deep insights into your subconscious. Letting go of old victim structures and accepting your own power provides space for the next step of self-empowerment.

Mindfulness: ostrich mentality is reinforced and can lead to inner resistance to deal with one's own issues.

Suppression of deepest desires and needs. Anger and aggression towards self as well as self-harm and self-hatred. Possible aggression against others.

Increased mindfulness in the outside world, the reactions of fear-triggered people are often unpredictable.


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