Cocktails with the Sirians

Today, on July 26th, a new galactic year begins.

At the same time, a potent window opens to create the new.

This window also includes the Lion's Gate on 8.8.22.

The Lion's Gate is a powerful portal guarded by the Royal Lions of Sirius.


These great Light Beings, also known as *the Lions of the Past and Future*, hold the sacred space for New Light encodings and the templates for Earth's evolution.

When the portal opens on 8/8, these Light Codes activate the New Light Grids to the next level. These light grids hold the New 5D Earth.

Everybody who consciously chooses a higher level of consciousness, will receive the corresponding activation of their light bodies in this time window.

On 8/8 there will be Worldwide Mediations to connect in Unity Consciousness (Christ Consciousness). We will receive the diamond light encodings & blessings through the divine light.

This is a conscious choice. If you wish to do so, meditate and speak your request aloud.

The key is to keep your mind as clear as possible and your vibration as high as possible. Do not allow events on the outside to put you in anger, fear or anxiety.

If you are not one of the lucky ones who can afford a vacation at the beach, mix yourself an iced fruit cocktail, get comfortable and manifest/visualize whatever you want to create - including your own personal spa time out.

Since the entire time window from July 26th - August 12 (closing of the Lion's Gate portal) contains a strong creation energy, your visions and wishes will manifest quickly in the Quantum field.

May the humour be with you.


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