,Ride the Galactic Superwave'

We can already feel and witness the new energies of the triple eclipse passage intensively although the first partial moon eclipse will only happen on June 5th. The amplified photon light of the great central sun (Alcyone in the Pleiades) is already streaming to earth, infusing our planetary field.


      • I saw it in my dreams last month as a gigantic wave, but it didn’t feel of threatening at all. The giant wave of transition into New Earth is about to reach its maximum size before it breaks, and we will ride right on top.


Holding the balance can be fascinating, intense, adventurous, challenging and exhausting, but yet makes us feel very alive. And then there are these moments when we almost lose our balance, that can make us feel angry, sad, disoriented or scared.

Reaching this unknown shore on New Earth upright, safe and dry on our surfboard and then leaning casually at the 5D beach bar ordering a cocktail 'stirred not shaken' has quite worked out yet. We are still training to remember the password that grants us excess to that beach club. Therefore, WE feel 'stirred AND shaken' at moments.

So we might want to sit down in the sand instead and close our eyes and take a few deep breaths. The triple eclipse passage has many layers. One of it is that it serves as a grand inspection of our own life. The new frequencies stir and shake up the cocktail of your own being. Total transformation is the new current state.

      • Maybe you witness the call for renewal (ascension) so vividly that it makes you feel like a wild horse on a leash. You tied yourself up somewhere in a previous life and now you are bound to only run in circles. So far you have complied since the big herd of hackneys with blinders can be intimidating. But now is the time when your need for freedom and change has become unbearable. The new frequencies make you rip and tear and wrench. You rear up and fight for your liberty. Your body is tensed and shaking. Sweat is pouring of you. And sometimes you get frustrated, you bite and you kick. You can no longer understand and stand the stoic behavior of those domesticated hacks with blinders all around you. (No judgement here, just decernment).


The frequencies of these upcoming weeks will be increasing, changing, renewing everything and carrying lots of surprises on the shore. There is a smoother and easier way then tearing the leash apart with rage and impatience, one that will cause less inner and outer injury.

As a wild horse with healthy natural instincts you stop and stand. Your heart is still pounding, you are alert and very present, you listen very carefully, to your subtle inner calling. You can hear the chanting of your soul family and your divine team, the divine mother. It is time to return to your original home, to return to paradise.

And while you gather your own wits and relax you realize that there is so so much more for you out there ~ and inside your own universe. To access that MORE and to go for it, you must first assess where you currently are. You have to analyse your whole life and face your current reality with honesty, courage, intransigence and humor. (No blame or judgment) You approach the place where you once tied the leash. You allow yourself to have a close look at your artfully braided knot.

You approach the place where you once tied the leash. You allow yourself to have a close look at your artfully braided knot. You carefully start to bite through it trusting your Higher Self, your divine team and source itself. And in the meantime, you analyse the different flavors of your present life:


      • How do you feel and are you honoring all of your feelings?


      • Where are you on your ascension journey?


      • What roles are you still playing and where are you hiding your true self?


      • What can stay and what can go?


      • What brings you joy and laughter?


      • What do you not dare to do? Or to be?


      • Where are you still holding on to the victim mentality? And what do you gain out of it?


      • What steps did you take already into your new life?


      • What are you dreaming of and what/who did you always admire?


      • And what did you not even dare to dream of?


Allow your fear of the unknown and new to arise. Likewise, the fear of survival, not to survive. This is a strong fear in the collective consciousness. It is stored in the body's DNA. Hidden deep. Remember that your body has its own consciousness and that manipulated DNA can be healed and brought back into its original form. Fully activated DNA is your birthright. With this knowledge, the fear of dying is no longer real. You can convert it and trust the source again. All is well. You are always safe.

Now you have an idea in which direction your new life should go. At your pace, thoroughly, clearly and with ease and grace, you create your vision.

And suddenly you raise your head, listen, feel, blow your nostrils: a new energy breeze comes up, you feel it, even if the herd of hackneys pretends that everything was and will be 'normal' again. It becomes crystal clear that 'back to normal' was never your intention. Normal is not the nature of starseeds.

With a last bite the line is cut, you turn and gallop to freedom, following the song of your heart, your soul family, of divine source.

And when the giant wave breaks and hits the stables, the only thing you left on the old timeline is a cloud of dust ..... and an empty glass with an olive.