It’s a mad mad mad mad world

Blessings Beautiful Soul!

After the strong triple eclipse passage we are now entering a period of intense magnetic shifts while the timelines are drifting apart. Everything comes to a head in September and then to the crescendo in December / January. (More on this in upcoming articles). We need some time for integration and also to embrace and understand which gifts, visions and activations the triple eclipse presented.

If you feel very tired and exhausted because you received many downloads and activations simplify your life to make space for self care: postpone everything that is not absolutely necessary to a later point in time or simply drop it entirely, especially if you are a healer, spiritual teacher or therapist.

The body needs rest. The body needs our care. Even if many of us now have vacations, remember that we are still in the greatest global upheaval situation that has ever existed.

      • We are morphing in all kinds of ways and it does not feel very elegant at some points. It reminds me of a big sea lion trying to move around quickly on the shore ;-) We have to take ourselves in our arms and laugh about it.


We are going to make our way to the new earth water ..... it is just uncomfortable to rise out of the old light until we can swim in pure joy and love.

The 'old earth' is no longer our element, or never was, especially when you have not come from here in the first place. It may feel bizarre to watch non morphers (and other species) lying on the beach chairs (with masks of course) keeping the 5 feet/1,5 meters distance, while you are trying everything to make it through the morphing state. That's the timeline shift in action.

      • In which state of your metamorphosis are you: sea lion, seal or already otter? Are you already moving in the water, on slippery sand or dry blunt rocks? Always keep an eye on the goal, knowing the new earth sea, this is your home, your element. It is natural that you move there.


And don't try to push it ...... have you ever seen a sea lion running over rocks? Sometimes it makes more sense to sneak, roll, sleep, move a tiny bit forward with your fin.

And sometimes the best move is to lift your eyelid a little, blink, then decide to just turn over and go back to sleep.

Here are a few tips for getting on the move and getting more elegant. If you practice, it will soon be able to make a triple loop jump;-) (These are tips that I tried for myself. You take full self-responsibility for implementation and results.)


      • Your physical body has its own consciousness. Communicate directly with it by giving clear commands and say them out loud: 'Body consciousness - relax, open up, you are safe, all is well.'


      • Enough hours of sleep in a quiet and dark room.


      • Lavender oil to calm the nervous system: smell it, put it on your skin or at night on your pillow for a relaxed night sleep.


      • Ionic magnesium helps to release muscle pain almost instantly. Because our body is changing from carbon based to crystalline we can have muscle pain (back pain) when certain frequencies are activating our system.


      • If you feel a bit dizzy (if you just received a lot of energy), put your right hand with palm down on the crown chakra for immediate help


      • For dizzines that does not go away for several days you may want to have your neck and back checked by a qualified chiropractic or Feldenkrais therapist. Because of the stress the muscles can become so tight that a nerve is affected that is then causing the dizziness.


      • Drink plenty of pure and activated water.


      • Vegetable soup without solanaceous herb is great for grounding and supports the light body


      • Take a bath with 250 g Natrium Bicarbonat/Baking Soda and 500g unrefined sea salt for max. 30 minutes. Rinse before you let the water out of the bath tub. This mixture is not only alkaline, it 'binds' certain negative energies and helps balance the magnetics in the body. From my own experience, you can do this as often as you feel you need it.


      • Foot bath with magnesium salt (D6, Schüssler salt for example) helps grounding.


      • Activated charcoal for quick detoxification without side effects. Do not take it longer then a week because it also binds minerals. Make sure you have a mineral source that you take.


      • Silk fabric for clothes and sheets helps to balance the magnetics and also neutralizes certain radiation from the ground wich is not supportive for the human body.


      • Go outside into nature, especially if you live in a big city (find a park) and go early in the morning or at sunrise. Less people are up and the field is not so loaded with their low frequencies that have an effect on your own energy field.


      • Lay flat on the ground in nature to ground and compensate for body magnetism (due to the strong frequency increases we 'jump' between old and new earth, which can lead to physical imbalance).


      • Embrace a tree with your whole body or lean against a tree while sitting. Trees are multidimensional beings and balance your multidimensional energy bodies.


      • And last but not least: maybe a nice fresh herring will serve you best. For vegetarians & vegans and breatharians: maybe a sip of salt water?;-)


The suggestions above also help to relax and to disconnect from the global field of fear. You may have noticed that your body reacts with anxiety, while in your head & heart you know that you are safe and all is well. You can change that so you do not let the stress, fear or anxiety take over and throw you out of balance.

Laugh, laugh, laugh! Even if you are the only one ~ it is allowed and more important than ever. The sea lion on the picture makes me smile. I am gonna think about him when I try to make my next 'elegant' move in my own morphing process.

Many blessings


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