Energy Report May

Blessings Beautiful Soul,

Since last week completely new frequencies are pouring on the earth and this influx continues until around the middle of this week. In May, we expect strong energies and light codes for the ascending New Earth, as well as an increase in solar activity.

On May 5th, a star gate opens, which, with free will, supports a jump to a higher timeline. Let us look closer at the current energies and events for a deeper understanding, so that we can choose according to our highest divine plan.

      • The current changes on Earth and in our lives are profound, constant and dynamic, because the old realities of the lower timelines dissolve, as well as the distortions that were stored in the Akashic Records in an accelerated speed. The clearing effects can be very complex and intense. We can see it vividly at all levels in societies, politics, economy, the ecosystems and our own lives. The perception and reaction to it varies depending on our level of awareness.


Those who have more fully integrated the Higher Levels already beginning to embody this, experience states of deep peace and happiness. You intuitively recognize the New Earth. The dissolution of the old is experienced as a reason to celebrate.

Many others are currently feeling confused and disoriented in the midst of inner and outer chaos. With the help of the old nautical charts, navigating our ships on the New Earth is no longer possible. We have to create new ones. And some of you may have moments where you cannot even see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Embrace yourself instead of criticizing and judging you. Don't indulge in guilt when you're scared or confused. Each of us is at a different point in our ascension process. No one is better or worse. Since so many things are new and unknown shifting and changing faster than the wind, it is helpful to allow yourself to breathe deeply, to calm down, to allow yourself to recognize your feelings ~ all of them. In this state of calmness and balance take a look at your life and your process: lovingly, neutral, kindly and generous.

Only when we center ourselves and find back into the quiet place inside our heart, we are able to see and feel where we are and what our next steps can be and therefore take proper action. This takes the stress out and also the often unconscious tension that lets you get stuck in the old structures. The polarities are very intense right now. Especially if you are not in a remote place but in a big city, much is needed to stay on track with your ascension process. You can also support your physical body, which needs a lot of strength as it changes. For those healers and lightworkers who also work during their sleep, tiredness can often be overwhelming and feel leaden. Allow yourself to lay down as often as possible, take siestas and naps so that you can regenerate and refuel. Ask your higher team for a break, if it gets too intense.

The three- and four-dimensional structures disappear. The timelines drift further apart. The new light intensifies everything, all of our emotions and thought patterns. This is also reflected in our actions.

The main energy of 2020 is freedom, maximum expansion of consciousness and transformation. How do we navigate the unknown waters while creating new charts simultaneously?

Let us open our hearts, wider and wider in every moment. Let us act for the highest good of all and move beyond our victim mentality into the creator state of being. 

Maybe you need to let go of your expectations concerning yourself. Perhaps it is the right time for you to ,turn lemons into lemonade', maybe not. Perhaps it is time for a fasting cure, a new business model, new emotional and mental clearing techniques, a creative expression of light language, channeling new DNA activation methods.....

Perhaps it is also time to find a quiet place in nature, to close your eyes, take a deep breath, feel your body, become silent and fuse with the consciousness of the New Earth allowing the great mother to hold you.

The core message of the Arcturians and the various Higher Councils of Light is similar these days:

      • ,Don't allow yourself to be distracted from the outside. Remain calm and create inner harmony and peace. The games in 3D and 4D are completely irrelevant. Expansion is important, expansion of consciousness, beyond anything you experienced before. It is about what you are and do as multidimensional beings. This is much bigger than you ever imagined, simply because it was not possible with the previous vibration. Hold your focus on the highest possible outcome. Joy and love are key. The sacred places and power spots on earth are and will be reactivated releasing codes for your ascension and holding the New Earth expression.' 


In my activation work with the sacred places and megaliths in the physical and ethereal realm I hear them sing. (photo: Carnac, France, spring 2020)

Be kind, gentle and generous to yourself and your fellow human beings. Gaia and the higher realms have many love songs for you.

All is well!

Many Blessings