Some like it hot: Energy Report Fall

Let us enjoy these days until the Fall Equinox on September 23rd (or Spring Equinox - depending on where you are on the globe) by pausing to evaluate the last six months ~ because the autumn is gonna be turbulent!

The last quarter of this year is special ~ as it holds great opportunities, possible breakthroughs and also challenges and new ways for us. We will all be facing major decisions.

Although there are still some special events this quarter, such as the Fall Equinox (or Spring - depending on your position on the globe), the Partial Solar Eclipse and the Total Lunar Eclipse, there will no longer be high 'energy spikes' on specific dates: we are experiencing a permanent extreme intensification and increase in frequency throughout the quarter and beyond.

To ensure that we are well prepared for the last quarter of the year and beyond, we now have the chance to gather strength and clear out the old before we enter the hot phase.



The harbingers of the intensification of energies and the upcoming shifts on Earth and in the higher realms are also expressed by the numerous solar flares. The pressure of solar winds on the magnetosphere triggers geomagnetic disturbances.

As I write the article we have a prolonged blackout of the Schuman resonance.

This means that there is a dip in the resonant field which, in combination with a rigidity from the atmospheres, creates an altered energetic level. This in turn affects our states of being: some move as if in a trance, others perceive it as states of bliss, while others experience almost psychedelic states.

With the changes in the magnetic field described above, and the increased influx of plasma onto the Earth associated with it, there is thus a physical explanation for our altered states of consciousness.





The Full Moon on Sept. 10, 2022, peaking at 11:59:06 a.m., brings us inspiration, expansion and strong love frequencies.

We can use these energies by looking at our experiences and events of the past two years, re-evaluating and letting go of what is no longer resonating with a coherent heart:


          • What path have you been on?


          • Where did it lead you?


          • Which path do you want to continue on?


          • Which timeline did you walk in the past?


          • On which timeline do you want to go further?


          • What information did you believe and accept as your truth?


          • What of it is really the truth?


          • The crucial question in all of this is, did you believe, choose and act out of love or fear?



Answering these questions honestly and thoroughly can bring you healing, relief and a new opening of consciousness.

If you are one of the people who clear the collective fields, then you can use the strong full moon energy to assist you in clearing the huge purging of collective emotions such as pain, anger, grief, etc. more easily.

Together we clear and free the entire field from distortions so that beauty and harmony can be expressed.



Love and fear are the fundamental frequencies that make up the different timelines. With the Fall Equinox, the dynamics of the following processes become stronger:


          • Freedom codes/consciousness and freedom urges versus clinging to old control structures.


          • Divine neutrality versus judgment and blame


          • Conscious action and self-empowerment versus victimhood and blind obedience


          • Love, courage and braveness versus fear


          • Clarity versus denial of truth


          • Will to clarify and courage to face the truth versus ostrich mentality, cowardice and childish denial


          • DNA activation and experiencing new levels of consciousness versus limited perception in the old way through the illusion of our own rigid programs.


At the same time we are in a strong and also gentle wave of healing energy that demands a new cosmic order, which will be intensified until the equinox.

It provides the opportunity for clearing, purification and transcendence on all our levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Practically, this can be a change in diet, a detox program, more exercise and movement, a tidying and de-cluttering of the house/apartment as well as an energetic space clearing.

Emotionally and mentally it can be about clearing illusions, programs, contracts, patterns, limiting beliefs and implants, karmic entanglements, etc.

Are you still holding on to the programs of suffer or are you free for the timeline of being whole?

Are you holding on to patterns and old beliefs of pain (because they supposedly give you comfort) or are you choosing the timeline of joy?

Spiritually, it can be about limiting and outdated teachings and concepts, spiritual arrogance, competitive thinking, ego programs, financial enrichment instead of service for the good of all, death of the old self and old roles: maybe one or the other task as a therapist/teacher/healer you used to fulfill in the last years is now over - or the whole role as a therapist/teacher/healer altogether.

It is very important to dive deep into your own issues and answer these questions to get inner clarity.

This way the metamorphosis into your true self can succeed.

With this new power we can move through the hot phase of autumn with more ease and grace and stay balanced through the increasing pressure. And the pressure will increase rapidly after the Fall Equinox until October.

At the beginning of October, SEVEN planets will be retrograde at the same time. This is a very rare constellation. Remember a clustered retrograde of 6 or more planets during the last two years. At that time many of you asked me: when will it finally get better/easier?

Well, if you have taken advantage of the last few years and kept evaluating your life, you are now on more stable ground. We all have changed. Are you allowing yourself to transfer this change to your perception? Are you perceiving the world and your life differently or still in the old way?

Go with your consciousness beyond the linear resolutions: which changes do you feel in the field? Are you allowing yourself to perceive the new?



The pressure that will build up at the beginning of October and will last until February 2023 can mean tension as well as uplifting and breakthrough - depending on the situation and the level of consciousness.

When everything is breaking down on the outside, connecting to our Higher Self and connecting to Divine Source can give us balance and clarity.

This gives us the chance not to bow to the pressure, but to transform/divert this tension into a personal advantage.



Autumn is about the big decisions - for the individual and for humanity. It is about the collective fate of mankind.

Thus, EVERY decision that the individual makes, receives a very special meaning and weighting.

With the Equinox a special portal opens, which offers us new ways. And these ways would like to be walked on.

What do you want to embody?

Find your inner clarity. From there you can walk this new path and do the steps that are feasible for you.

At the end of October the energy of revelation, disclosure and clearing will intensify. We can take care of loose ends and put things in order that were still unresolved or unfinished. We will also receive fresh power to practically tackle new projects.



Let's revisit what sovereignty or also self-determination means, because learning and living this master quality will take a key role in the coming weeks and months, in order not to fall into the old survival rhythm and into the lower vibrational level.

Sovereignty (self-determination) means being in your mastery.

The embodiment of the True Self and Multidimensional Self can only succeed through personal responsibility and sovereignty.

There is no one above us. Even Galactic Beings, Archangels, or Ascended Masters are not "superiors". Believing in an overarching power is a program.

Our systems, governments, societies are based on such programs. They are built on us surrendering our own power or responsibility, and on remaining victims.

We are all equal sovereign beings of light, unique in our diversity. Sovereignty means giving oneself all the answers to one's own questions, rather than being told by a 'superior authority' what to believe and to do.

Staying in fear and stagnation and clinging to 'savior stories' keep people stuck in the waiting game, supporting the lower timeline. Fear is never a good guide. Fear feeds the role of the victim, the helplessness and powerlessness.

True mastery is sovereignty in action, 24 hours a day.

Sovereignty can only be achieved if co-dependence on something or someone is transformed. It is about trusting the inner knowing and transforming self-doubt and irresponsibility.

All the answers we need are within us. All of them.

With the new frequencies, it is much easier to embody the Multidimensional Self and to receive these answers. We need to shift our focus. We draw all our attention from the outside into our inner planes and FEEL the energies of a situation, a person, an environment, an offer or a thing/object, instead of assessing them through old experiences, patterns and beliefs (or even precepts). We trust our inner guidance, instead of an exterior one. This is a step to true leadership.

Giving power away to others just to avoid having to make a decision is still a decision. Truth is, we never leave the decision to others, we always make a choice.

True power does not control. Controlling and intimidating people and situations is always based on fear. It always involves abuse. True power and self-determination means acting on the basis of consciousness, justice, love and respect.

Giving away authority to others is simply a bad choice. A new choice must be made at every moment, a better one. In the new consciousness, it is always the highest choice for the highest outcome and for the benefit of all involved.

We are here to learn to become our own masters in everything and to live that in thought, word and deed. We need completely new ways of true coexistence and cooperation, which can only be created through sovereignty.

This conscious transformation can bring much joy. With enthusiasm and creativity, we can develop something completely new based on love, courage, respect, freedom and empowerment.

That's what matters and these qualities need to be fully embodied.

If you put all your focus on that, you will feel a tailwind and things will fall into place.


May the humour be with you.





September 9, 2022: Full Moon at 11:59 am CET (UTC+1)

September 23, 2022: Fall Equinox at 3:04 am CET (UTC+1)

September 25, 2022: New Moon at 11:54 pm CET (UTC+1)

October 10, 2022: Partiel Solar Eclipse at 12:49 pm CET (UTC+1)



Jupiter: July 28 until November 24, 2022

Re-evaluate plans & beliefs, let go of expectations.

Review and clear old beliefs and patterns.

Have you been underutilizing your potential and settling for less instead of recognizing and integrating your divine self? Big expansion on all levels and growth is possible.


PLUTO: April 29 until October 8, 2022

Pluto holds the energy of transformation and power as well as destruction and regeneration. Where do I allow change in my life? Power struggle between those who hold on to old control-structures and those who want to live the freedom-codes.

Examine your own attitude towards 'power'. Radical honesty allows deep insights into your subconscious. Letting go of old victim structures and accepting your own power provides space for the next step of self-empowerment.

Mindfulness: ostrich mentality is reinforced and can lead to inner resistance to deal with one's own issues.

Suppression of deepest desires and needs. Anger and aggression towards self as well as self-harm and self-hatred. Possible aggression against others.

Increased mindfulness in the outside world, the reactions of fear-triggered people are often unpredictable.


Saturn: June 4 unil October 23, 2022

Saturn asks us to focus on the essentials in life, otherwise we may perish.

It will be very turbulent with regard to the global financial system.

Intensification of fears, guilt and boundaries and the possibility of resolving them. Since these emotions can intensify in all people, it is important to be careful and mindful in dealing with them, especially when dealing with authority.

Saturn holds the opportunity to gain clarity on all levels, especially about relationships. Anything based on drama will dissolve. Goodbyes are to be expected.


Mercury: September 10 until October 2, 2022

Revelation of the disowned component in our awareness, communication, and interaction with others and with the world around us.

Good time for introspection and to become more aware of your own patterns...and to change them.


CHIRON: July 19 until December 23, 2022

Great Opportunity for deep inner healing processes. Also a good opportunity to receive clarity that our strongest pain points in life hold our greatest treasures ~ recognize one's own abilities and strengths in them. These potentials can then be lived.

Mindfulness: sudden and immediate emotional outbursts can sometimes be unsettling or irritating, especially if you don't have much experience with emotional clearing or are newly awakened. Seek professional help if necessary.

Lightworkers stabilize the collective field by staying calm and at peace! For therapists of all kinds: pay attention to sudden emotional shifts and outbursts in your clients.


Uranus: August 28 until December 31, 2022

A laser will be shined on everything old: on outdated structures, belief systems, patterns and unconscious ways of acting. All will be shaken loose. Holding on to the old becomes very uncomfortable. Letting go is a key to maintaining inner balance. The impossible now becomes possible, also, as the activation of the freedom codes increases the longing for independence. Good time for change.

This phase supports introspection and insights, on the basis of which changes are initiated. Therefore, professional projects may become less important during this phase, as the focus shifts to our innermost self. Simply postpone them to a later time instead of trying to push them through with great willpower.


Mars: October 30, 2022 until January 13, 2023

Mars becomes retrograde only appr. every 26 months. It supports self-determined action. Another important aspect is the clearing of old issues and of everything that has been left undone.

Mars in retrograde asks us to use our powers wisely and not to overspend. Moderate and conscious action is appropriate.

Mindfulness:It takes disciplin to hold the focus and not let the mind scatter. It is helpful not to make hasty decisions and not to rush into anything. It is necessary to first carefully gather all the information, to distinguish the true from the false, and only then to make a decision. This process may take longer, depending on the individual.


NEPTUNE: June 28 until December 4, 2022

Dynamic revelations and holistic visions.

Forms and structures dissolve as well as illusions. On a deep inner level a real breakthrough of creative originality takes place. Creative processes are particularly fruitful. Phase of renewal.

Mindfulness: : Pay attention to the shadow side. Physical and psychological exhaustion become stronger, as do possible disorientation and escapism from the world.


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