Yes, I want! November 11, 2014

Yes I want to live in love and peace!

We are completing the year 2015 on earth - a year of powerful influxes of Celestial Light and Gamma Rays from the Cosmos, miraculous healings and profound shifts of consciousness for many of us. A lot of people are experiencing paradigm shifts, an opening of their full sensory perception and manifestations in 3D often within minutes!

At the same time news reports about wars, misery and global catastrophe are also delivered to us in an intensity that makes it sometimes hard to stay balanced.

        • How can you keep your frequency up, stay grounded and move forward in your life - feeling love and compassion for earth and the people?
        • How can you observe all that is happening without attachment to the negative energies and adding your own negative feelings onto the world issues in a dramatic way?

It is helpful to be very conscious and clear before you listen to the news. Protect your aura with the techniques you know.

You can be the neutral observer by visualizing your miniature Higher Self within your third eye BEFORE you watch or listen to the news.

That way you are detached and can hold the feeling of inner peace and compassion instead of attaching to the collective field of fear and giving away your life force.

If you hold love and compassion for the people in a difficult situation you support the best possible outcome of it how ever that will unfold.

You may also observe your thoughts and change the negative energies with powerful positive affirmations such as:

"I can't make it" into "I bless myself. I have enough strength in every moment."

Or on a global level change "The third world war started" into "There is love and peace on earth. I bless the earth and all people."

The more often you think the positive affirmations and say it out loud the more powerful is the outcome.

Keep your aura clean and keep your energy up with downloads of the highest frequencies.

Some of these suggestions are not new, probably some are. Sometimes we just need to be reminded in a loving way.

The more that we love ourselves, the more love we contribute to the collective.

Thank you for being the best that you can be!