Sovereignty in the New Light

The first weeks of the year provided strong light codes and activations, which are affecting our physical body, our mind and our feelings in an intense way. We have the deep inner desire for positive change and take creative steps, so they can materialize on the outside. Dynamic movement has come into many plans and projects. Some of them materialize almost instantly, even those that have sometimes been worked on for years.

At the same time, there can be periods or moments that feel like a vacuum state, since we have had little opportunity to fully integrate the deep and rapid changes of the past year, especially since they keep continuing. This "vacuum state" can be irritating and uncomfortable.

With the Aquarius energies and portal on the 2.2., all unresolved patterns are laid out on the table. In particular, from January 30 to February 21, when Mercury is in decline, the Revelation of the disowned component will be amplified in our awareness, communication, and interaction with others and with the world around us.

It is about transformation of our victim patterns, about sovereignty and foreign determination.



Sovereignty (self-determination) means being in your mastery.

The embodiment of the True Self and Multidimensional Self can only succeed through personal responsibility and sovereignty.


          • There is no one above us. Even Galactic Beings, Archangels, or Ascended Masters are not "superiors". Believing in an overarching power is a program. Our systems, governments, societies are based on such programs. They are built on us surrendering our own power or responsibility, and on remaining victims.


We are all equal sovereign beings of light, unique in our diversity. Sovereignty means giving oneself all the answers to one's own questions, rather than being told by a 'superior authority' what to believe and to do.

The new freedom codes support the process of self-determination.

In 2020 the collective field of fear triggered a state of shock in many fellow human beings. Since the winter solstice everything has been shaken loose. The division of the timelines becomes more and more palpable.

The awakened are aware of the manipulation game. They see through the veils realizing the plan behind it. Many of the light-workers and way-showers had taken a break to gather strength. Now they are rolling up their sleeves because there is much to do in 2021. And it's going to be a challenging year. Many people will leave the earth, many more than in 2020. The economy and the financial system are collapsing and the consequences will be visible this year and the next.

For us way-showers, pioneers and light tribes, it is important to maneuver the boat safely through the stormy sea and to hold the light high. I am aware that many people would like to hear something different from me and that I trigger some issues with it. I would rather support the transformation of the issues than maintain an illusion.



Others, however, remain in fear and stagnation. They close their eyes to reality and long for a savior, an anchor, in the form of a redeeming person, a substance, or by means of monetary support. Also in the spiritual community many of these savior scenarios are quite popular ~ the 'White Hats' salvation, the landing of extraterrestrials and a golden life which begins tomorrow. Such predictions have never come true in the past, nor will they now. (This is not a judgment, just an observation). They only keep people stuck in the waiting game, supporting the lower timeline.

Fear is never a good guide. Fear feeds the role of the victim, the helplessness and powerlessness.

True mastery is sovereignty in action, 24 hours a day.


          • Sovereignty can only be achieved if co-dependence on something or someone is transformed. It is about trusting the inner knowing and transforming self-doubt and irresponsibility. All the answers we need are within us. All of them.


With the new frequencies, it is much easier to embody the Multidimensional Self and to receive these answers. We need to shift our focus. We draw all our attention from the outside into our inner planes and FEEL the energies of a situation, a person, an environment, an offer or a thing/object, instead of assessing them through old experiences, patterns and beliefs (or even precepts). We trust our inner guidance, instead of an exterior one. This is a step to true leadership.

Giving power away to others just to avoid having to make a decision is still a decision. Truth is, we never leave the decision to others, we always make a choice.

If we choose powerlessness and obey those who control us and others we choose to keep the old program running.



In the new light, we do not just need a much higher consciousness. It is also necessary to develop a completely new attitude.

Sovereignty is a mastery skill that must be embodied to create the New Earth. We are here to remember that we are our own masters in everything.


          • True power does not control. Controlling and intimidating people and situations is always based on fear. It always involves abuse. True power and self-determination means acting on the basis of consciousness, justice, love and respect.


Giving away authority to others is simply a bad choice. A new choice must be made at every moment, a better one. In the new consciousness, it is always the highest choice for the highest outcome and for the benefit of all involved. We are here to learn to become our own masters in everything and to live that in thought, word and deed. We need completely new ways of true coexistence and cooperation, which can only be created through sovereignty.

This conscious transformation can bring much joy. With enthusiasm and creativity, we can develop something completely new based on love, courage, respect, freedom and empowerment.

I am lucky enough to work for a few weeks in Austria, in a beautiful power spot that is deeply snowy. Whenever I have breaks, I take long walks through the forest. The energy is clear and pure, and I love the peaceful silence.

Being in nature and connecting to Gaia, the animals, the elementals and the kingdoms harmonizes and activates our light-body. Nature helps us to integrate the new frequencies and the constant shifts, and we receive the new codes through the sun. The gates to Gaia's living library are wide open and all the information is accessible. At best a wise owl winks at us and reminds us of our humor, wisdom and sovereignty.

All is well,