Energy Report February ~Part 2


since the 2222 passage, completely new energies are available for us. The frequencies that we experienced during the Energy Transmission on that day (Sunday, February 2nd) and that we are receiving since that day are unique. Seeing and feeling them was a truly magical experience. They brought completely new geometries and color spectra ~ mother of pearl shimmering energies in the brightest pink, sparkling white gold and diamond light, were flowing around the group and each individual like liquid starlight. There is no better way for me to put this indescribably beautiful experience into words.

Such an extraordinarily strong clarification and DNA activation took place on Sunday and has continued since then. The storms and winds we are currently experiencing testify to this.


      • Since the gateway we could and can FEEL unconditional love like never before. This love is no longer something for special moments, a concept or an ideal. It opens our hearts so wide and brings the soul food that is so urgently needed. In times of deep transformation, we all have different experiences.


Sometimes it seems too easy for me if things are only described 'from the highest perspective', especially when clearing and transformation effects are evaluated as a level of the state of consciousness. It also does not take into consideration that we are all living in different circumstances. For those who are hit hard by the new energies, it may not be helpful.


We can certainly see everything from the highest perspective. At the same time it is important to respect the intermediate stages of our ascension journey and also that we are incarnated in a physical body. Since many people are leaving and will leave this year, I am sending you love, dear soul, when that concerns people around you. A compassionate heart does not remain unmoved when it testifies to the suffering of loved ones or people in general.


      • The death of the old life and of the old self challenge us and push some of you to their limits. Many of you feel that absolutely nothing makes sense anymore. It can present itself as complete emptiness, similar to a feeling of depression. Some cry frequently, and these tears seem to appear suddenly and out of the blue. Some mourn what's going on, what was, what could have been.


Some provide clearing on behalf of the collective. The tears are also redemption and detoxification from all the old traumas that humanity has gone through. Let it flow, this brings you deep healing. (see Energy Report February, Part 1)


Many of you are experiencing a state of complete exhaustion because of the enormous inner transformation work and the anchoring of the new light. And those of us holding a huge amount of light here on the planet are usually just as exhausted. Even if pioneers and wayshowers are not currently making any public projects or appearances, we are still always on duty behind the scenes.


At the same time, we are in a phase in which it is necessary to stand up and take our skills, our services, our lives to the next higher level. The strong female energy that is accessible now supports women in particular to claim their divine power in the here and now! So much is possible and the divine mother keeps giving me the message: so much more is possible!


      • It is imminent that you are deeply honest with yourself regarding your current energy level. It is perfectly fine if you are not in 100% top action mode. And it's perfectly fine if you are. Do not allow comparisons and evaluations in your space. Take a deep look at yourself: how do you feel, where are you on your asension journey, and what is your deepest truth?


Even my colleagues and I support each other more intensively than usual. It can be a blessing to get competent and loving help, which includes a neutral view of things. Self-love means being good to yourself. It also means understanding that all the time and money you invest is always invested in yourself. So ask yourself 'how do I value myself?', especially at moments when you refuse helpful support due to fear, resistance or lack consciousness.


In the new light our old stories do not make any sense. If you are in a phase ~ congratulations, you jumped on a higher timeline. In the new light our old stories cannot exist. Allow yourself to pause, and stop feeling guilty. You most likely worked so very hard in this life and previous lifetimes (especially if you are a pioneer and wayshower) that this form of wayshowing also gives others permission to take care of themselves.


      • The passage from February 20 to 23 will provide more DNA activations and a strong clearing energy
      • We have another quadruple date (2222) on the 20.2.2020 and a quintuple (22222) on the 22.2.2020 plus a strong New Moon on the 23rd
      • Stay calm and do not make decisions if you are in an emotional unstable state. Awareness, discernment and calculated risks are key to make choices for your highest good. Be aware of the heightened potential of conflict.
      • This passage is gonna support the letting go of old projects/circumstances/services/old spiritual concepts that do not serve you. It brings fresh impulses, innovation, opportunities and surprises.


Wherever you are on your path, beloved soul, all is well and my heart is with you in the divine cycle of death and rebirth. We can only take one step at a time. And even if you can't even take a step and stand still for a while: in the stillness you may find it all.


Many Blessings