A turbulent year that has presented us with numerous challenges comes to an end.

We say Goodbye to 2021 and welcome a New Year. I always use the days around the turn of the year to review all the things I have accomplished in the old year.

It helps to write all of it down and have the list in front of you, because sometimes we forget all the things we've created.


What will you write on your personal list that you have accomplished in 2021?

My next step is to turn to the now, the moment:

What and who do I NOT want to continue with in the New Year?

What or who was difficult and cost me my precious life force?

Who and what are you letting go of now?

I also write this down and then burn it, at the same time releasing the matching pictures, contracts, beliefs, and patterns.


I go into deep meditation and vision and afterwards write down everything I want to create in 2022.

In doing so, I ask my Higher Self and my Higher Team for support. You can also give this list to the karmic board members of the Pleiadian Higher Council of Light. They will support you in this process.


What would you like to create in 2022?

A good and thorough preparation for 2022 seems important to me since this New Year will bring many surprises and challenges. Training and using our self-empowerment skills and creative power is crucial.

I wish you a peaceful end of the year and a New Year full of magic, joy, love, and abundance on all levels and in all spaces, times, and dimensions.

May the humour be with you.


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